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  1. Texas Thunder closing..

    GO WALMART!!! No, really. GO Walmart, who needs another one, especially here!!
  2. Read this the same evening I got and read the Sept issue of Speedway Illustrated, which has a story on a couple fatalities. The publisher's opening letter on the subject was quite cavalier on this issue, and I do understand. It needs to be up close and personal before most will take it seriously. Soooo many folks echo the "safety first" phrase, but many just point at others and say "I'm way safer than THAT guy". I had a long chat with Simpson CEO, and wasn't the least impressed, I am VERY glad to see and read this letter from Debbie; it gives me hope!
  3. Safety question

    Full containment seats have obvious benefits, but also have the down side of restricting egress. I wouldn't put one in without real thought given to the window size, driver size and flexibility, and on-board fire suppression.
  4. I-37 RACEWAY

    From GAP I-37 website: http://www.i37raceway.com/index.php?option...9&Itemid=28 Bummer
  5. Sure is a nice place, and it sure has me wondering how advertisers are spending their money now if track billboards etc don't pay off. I see it happening to our home track within a couple years as well.
  6. ASCS Partners With S.T.I.D.A. for Driver Safety

    I'm glad to see the insurance partnership, looks pretty win-win, but don't see the connection to safety. Is it the potential discounts?
  7. Dag nab it..... Just recently talked to him on the phone when he ordered up a bunch of flapper springs for the team. So saddened by this loss to us and his friends and family.
  8. I would appreciate any details associated with the above incident. Reb, I was under the impression that fires and rollovers always happened to "someone else".
  9. Demolition Derby

    Sounds like fun, but it scares the doodoo out of me, especially after reading the rules.
  10. Anybody have time to research a mailing address for this family?
  11. Speculation is basic human nature, at least from what I see, we may never know the whole story. In the past five years there appears to be a growing number of foks who want to learn from the failures and tradegies of others, and perhaps some even do. Ryan Bard's death changed dirt racing, whether you ever heard of him or not. At that time, many were very upset about having to deal with a rollover valve (flapper), they were crap, too expensive, too hard to install, just because some dude had a crappy cap now we all have to put in flappers (well, IMCA people do). Accidents with tragic consequences are the result of at least one mistake. If this youngster or his family made one that cost him everything, they will live with it for the rest of their lives. Not a good place to be. That kind of personal damage can also kill marriages and such. Whether we hear the real hard truth or not, bottom line is us and OUR gear. We know right from wrong, and all the gray in between. Choices. I have had some amazing conversations in the years since Ryan died, all over and around the safety spectrum, and it all comes down to choices. Some things you can't prevent, but we need to do all we can to prevent what we CAN. I am deeply saddened by this family's loss.
  12. Year end race

    ^#^%)# FB %()*#@!$#*!!!
  13. Didn't care about any boo-boos! The heat would be over by the time I tried to type the line-up. I think I even held my breath a time or two while reading. It really IS a sickness, isn't it!!!