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What race tracks have you been to?


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I saw this thread on another website. Seems it's a cool topic.




San Antonio Speedway (since it opened)

Thunderhill Raceway

Corpus Christi Speedway

Houston Motorsports Park (3/8 oval)

Pan America (off Toepperwein Rd.)

Texas Motor Speedway

Texas World Speedway

San Antonio Raceway (drag)




Five Flags Speedway




I-70 Speedway

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San Antonio Speedway

Thunder Hill Speedway

Corpus Christi Speedway

Longhorn Speedway

Houston Speedway

Texas World Speedway

Texas Motor Speedway

Shady Oaks Speedway

Corpus Christi Dirt Track

Devil's Bowl


Lowe's Motor Speedway

Nashville Motor Speedway

Concord Motorsports Park

USA International

Slinger Super Speedway

Lake Geneva Speedway

Madison International Speedway

Milwauke Mile

Rockford Speedway

Houston Raceway Park

San Antonio Raceway

Alamo Dragway

Texas MotorPlex (Enis)

Texas Motor Speedway Dirt Track(WoO)

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Texas Tracks:


San Antonio Speedway

S. A. Raceway (drag)

Alamo Dragway

Longhorn Speedway

Thunderhill Raceway

Texas Thunder Speedway

Heart O' Texas Speedway

Texas Motor Speedway

TMS Dirt track

CC Speedway

Shady Oaks Speedway

Houston Motor Speedway

I-37 Speedway


Alabama tracks:


Talladega Super Speedway

Talladega Short Track

Also visited Hueytown, AL home of the Alabama gang


Georgia Tracks:


Lanier National Speedway

Peach State Speedway

Road Atlanta

LaVonia Speedway (Dirt)

Taccoa Motor Speedway (dirt)

Hartwell Motor Speedway (dirt)


South Carolina Tracks:


Anderson Motor Speedway

Cheerokee Motor Speedway (dirt)

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San Antonio Speedway

River City (Now San Antonio) Raceway

Alamo City Dragway

Texas Dirt Speedway

I-37 Speedway

Armadillo (Now Abilene) Speedway

That new drag strip in Abilene, whatever it's called


Daytona International Speedway


Myrtle Beach (SC) Speedway

Summerville (SC) Speedway


Boone Speedway (Boone IA)

Iowa State Fairgrounds track (Des Moines, IA)

Fayette County Fairgrounds track (West Union, IA)

Independence Motor Speedway (Independance, IA)

Tunis Speedway (Cedar Falls, IA)



All over the last 40 years...


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Thunderhill Raceway

San Antonio Speedway

Houston Motorsports Park

Longhorn Speedway

C.C. Speedway

Little River Dragway

Texas Dirt Speedway

281 Speedway

Cowtown Speedway

I-37 Speedway

85 Speedway

Abilene Speedway

Dirt Track in San Angelo

Red River Speedway

Texas World Speedway

Lone Star Speedway

Texas Motorplex

Heart o Texas Speedway

Lone Star 1/4 midget track

River City 1/4 midget track

Texas Motor Speedway

North Texas Speedway

Grand Prairie Dirt Track

Greenville Dirt Track

Odem Speedway

Dirt go-cart track in Copperas Cove behind the RC shop

Texas Thunder Speedway

Bellmead Speedway

Battleground Speedway



Creek County Speedway

Tulsa County Expo (Chili Bowl)

Route 66 Speedway

Tulsa 1/4 midget track



1/2 Dirt Track outside Topeka

Topeka 1/4 midget track

Heartland Park




Huntsville 1/4 midget track

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San Antonio

Corpus Christi

Heart of Texas

J&S Raceway




Dirtona (Hugoton)

Dodge City


I have not been to but driven by:








And I think that's it...

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Thunderhill Raceway*

Houston motor speedway*

Longhorn Speedway*

CC Speedway*

Texas Motor Speedway( 1 1/2, 1/4, and 1/5)*

Texas World Speedway

San Antonio Speedway*

Cowtown Speedway

Heart O texas Speedway

Devils Bowl

Memphis MotorSports park

Lowes Motor Speedway*



Mobile International

Five Flags Spedway


Lainer (Gerogia)*

411 speedway (dublin Georgia)*

Golden Sands Speedway (WI)*

State Park Speedway (WI)*

Marshfield Super Speedway(WI)*

Altus (1/2 and 1/4 mile)*

Dodge City Raceway Park (Kanasas)

Sebring International (FL)

Las Vegas Motor Speedway


Pikes Peak Internatioal Raceway*

Whitchita Falls *

Concord Motorsports Park

Anderson (IN)*

Milwauke Mile

Denton Dragway

Kennadale drag strip

Texas Motor Plex

Kennadale dirt track

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Track State

Manznita Speedway Az

Irwindale Speedway Ca

Twin Falls speedway Id

Caney Valley Speedway Ks

Dodge City Raceway Ks

Fairmont Dirt Track Mn

Coastal Plains Speedway Nc

Red River Valley Speedway Nd

Duke City Raceway Nm

Las Cruces Speedway Nm

Sertoma Speedway Nm

Speedway Park Nm

Altus Speedway Ok

Lakeside Speedway Ok

Tulsa Expo Raceway Ok

Tulsa Speedway Ok

Alamo dragway Tx

Alvin Dirt track Tx

Amarillo dirt Track Tx

Battleground Tx

Bellmead Speedway Tx

Corpus Christi Speedway Tx

El Paso speedway Park Tx

Heart of Texas speedway Tx

Hill country Raceway Tx

Houston Motorsports Park Tx

Hub City Raceway Tx

I37 speedway Tx

longhorn speedway Tx

Odessa Speedway Tx

Red River Speedway Tx

Rio Grande Speedway Tx

San Antonio Speedway Tx

Shady Oaks speedway Tx

South Texas Speedway Tx

Texas Dirt speedway Tx

Texas Motor Speedway Tx

Texas Thunder Speedway Tx


I'm Sure I'm missing a couple

curt clegg

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Damn you guys got me beat!


Corpus Christi Motor Speedway

South Texas Speedway/Saratoga Speedway

San Antonio Speedway

Thunder Hill Raceway

Texas Motor Speedway


oh and can't forget the April Fools day Buckeye Speedway!

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Guest The_Greek

Talladega Superspeedway

Daytona Superspeedway

Texas Motor Speedway

Texas World Speedway

Richmond Speedway

Lanier Speedway (GA)

Summerville Speedway (SC)

Birmingham Speedway (AL)

Pennsacola Speedway (Snowball)

Ogelthorpe Speedway (GA)

Angola Speedway (IN) went to a Kendall Super LateModel race there once)


Shady Oaks Speedway

I-37 Speedway

C.C. Speedway

San Antonio Speedway

Longhorn Speedway

Thunder Hill Speedway

Houston Speedway

Saratoga Speedway

Cuttahay Speedway

Riverside Speedway

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Can't wait for Reb to put his list on this thread....bet that list will have a bunch we've never heard of and fill up a page.


As for Texas:

Meyers Speedway(Houston) (ain't seen this one listed much)

Buffalo Park Speedway(DFW) (anybody??)

Pan Am Speedway(SA)

HiWay 16/SAS

Longhorn Speedway

CC Speedway

Texas World

Texas Motor Speedway

North Texas Speedway(Royse City)

Devils Bowl

Kennedale Speedway

Cowtown Speedway

Thunder Hill

Twin Cities(Odessa)



Out yonder:


Five Flags (just about every December)



Jackson, Miss. (some incredible All Pro races there)

I70 Speedway (KC)






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Yeah Jason, I have been to that last 2 races with Billy Ballew Motorsports and Shane. This past weekend in Memphis i spotted during practice and i was the catch can man and mechanic during the race. We had it won but a radio mis Q left us to run 2nd.



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Devils bowl speedway

Buffalo Park speedway (Yes I used to spend every Friday night there before going into the service)

Boyd raceway

Cowtown speedway

Texas Motor speedway

Sportsdrome speedway

Outlaw speedway(now Grand Prarie speedway)

Thunderbird speedway

85 speedway

Superbowl speedway-Greenville

North Texas motor speedway

Rosebowl speedway

Lonestar speedway

Stateline speedway

Boothill speedway

Altus speedway

Heart of Texas speedway

Longhorn Speedway

San Antonio Speedway-and former names

CC speedway


Shady Oaks

Texas Dirt speedway

Texas World Speedway

Battlegrounds -Houston

I-37 speedway

Husets Speedway-South Dakota

Hartford speedway-now I-90 in SD

Jackson speedway-Minnesota

Fairmont-in Minnesota

1/4 mile track in Salt Lake City Utah-Now redone into a nice 1/2 mile track

Volusia County in Fla. - Old dirt track

New Symnra-Fla.

Lawton Speedway-don't remember dad said I was past out drunk in diapers back then

Green Valley Dragstrip-Former

River city raceway-now SA raceway

Thunderhill Raceway-almost forgot

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Can't wait for Reb to put his list on this thread....bet that list will have a bunch we've never heard of and fill up a page.


Texas track-wise, it might be easier for me to list which ones I haven't been to, YET! I tried counting them all up once before and between here, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Colorado, New Mexico and Ohio there were around 50! :blink: Man that's a lot of racing.....Sheesh.

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Thunderhill raceway

longhorn speedway

san antonio speedway

cc speedway

red river speedway

twin cities raceway


Texas world speedway

houston motorsportspark

Altus, OK

Dodge city raceway park

irwindale speedway

concord motorsportspark

lowes motor speedway

caraway speedway

hickory motor speedway

coastal plains raceway

sandia motorsports park

south alabama speedway

5 flags speedway

mobile intl speedway

lanier speedway

usa intl speedway

lowes dirt track

tms dirt track

senoia speedway

san antonios dirt track???

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Here is my list--I think it is mostly complete.

Alabama-- Mobile, Opp, Sayre, Montgomery, Birmingham, Talladega, Talladega Short-track


Arizona--Tucson, Phoenix




California--El Cajon, Mesa Marin, Ventura, Petulama, Irwindale


Florida--Pensacola, New Smryna, Orlando, Volusia County


Georgia--Jefferson, Lanier, Senoia


Idaho--Post Falls


Indiana--Anderson, Indy Fairgrounds, Speedrome, and Speedway,Winchester


Illinois--Champaign, Farmer City, Rockford


Kansas--Wichita, Salina, Dodge City


Louisiana--State Fair Speedway (Shreveport), Baton Rouge, Boot Hill


Mississippi--Jackson, Columbus




Oklahoma--Sooner, Altus 1/4






Texas--Amarillo, Austin Road Course (around Palmer Auditorium), Longhorn/Speedorama, Beaumont, Battleground, Bellmead, Big H, Boyd, Buffalo Park, Corpus Christi, Cowtown, Crandall, Devils Bowl, Hi-Way 16/San Antonio, Houston Motor, Killeen, Kyle, Navasota, Odessa Speedbowl, Twin Cities, Pan American, Royse City, Meyer, Lubbock (asphalt), Abilene, Texas Dirt, San Marcos Airport (SCCA), Texas Motor, Texas World, Wichita Falls, Waco (H.O.T.)


Washington--Ephrata, Tri-City, Yakima, Spokane, Wenatchee, Monroe,


Drag Racing--Sears Point CA, Pomona CA, Las Vegas NV, Ennis TX, Baytown TX, Kennedale TX, Temple Academy TX, Marion TX, Alamo TX, Spokane WA.

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Tracks Ive watched Races at:


Thunder Hill raceway


Corpus Christi Raceway


San Antonio Speedway


Heart O Texas


Bell Mead (was rained out in heat races)




Tracks Ive been to but havent watched a race on:





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Ok folks, here it is(I think!) I had to some heavy searching through the dead brain cells of the 70's, and I'm sure I've missed a few. Someone else count them, MY BRAIN HURTS! LMAO :lol::lol:


Texas circle tracks

I-37 Spwy

105/Millican Motor Spwy.

281 Spwy

2105 Spwy -San Angelo

85 Spwy.

Abilene Spwy

Battleground Spwy

Big H Spwy

Bellmead Spwy.

Cowtown Spwy.

CC Spwy.

Devils Bowl Spwy.

Golden Triangle Spwy. –Beaumont

Grand Prairie Spwy

Heart O Texas Spwy

Hill Country Raceway

Houston Motorsports Park

Houston Raceway Park


Kennedale Spwy.

North Texas Motor Spwy.

Permian Basin Spwy.–Midland/Odessa

Rio Grande Spwy.

Saratoga/South Texas Spwy.

Shady Oaks Spwy.

SA Spwy.


TMS Dirt Track

Texas Dirt Spwy

Texas Thunder Spwy.

Texas World Spwy.

Thunder Hill Raceway


Texas Dragstrips


San Antonio



Houston Raceway Park





Alamodome-Bikes/Monster Trucks



Lone Star horse track–Held AMA race, cancelled halfway through after rider was killed



I-76 Spwy.



New Mexico

Southern New Mexico Spwy.



Eldora Spwy.




Galesburg Spwy.

Kalamazoo Spwy.



Slinger Spwy.

Lacrosse Spwy.



West Union Spwy

West Liberty Spwy



Blue Island Spwy

Sante Fe Spwy.

Kankakee Spwy.

Grundy County Spwy.



Baer Field Raceway

Plymouth Spwy

Illiana Spwy.



South Bend Spwy

New Paris Spwy.

South Lake Spwy.

Rensallear Raceway

Winchester Spwy.

US 30 Dragstrip



Daytona–tour only

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