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Dinsmore doubles again, Torres, Jones, Henley & Carroll take 1-37

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I-37 Raceway, 3/19/11

By J M Hallas


Pleasanton, Tx.,(March 19th, 2011) Full moon racing, and a Super Moon at that, can usually bring about some strange occurrences. But the racing Gods were good Saturday night as I-37 Raceway(Pleasanton) resumed action with their second night of action on the ¼ mile, semi-banked, dirt oval just south of San Antonio.


Racing action saw two drivers continue their dominance in three classes, while two other drivers, who are no strangers to the Winners Circle, and one different pilot were first to the checkers.



Dinsmore Continues Dominance in Modified Main

Kerrville's Greg Dinsmore once again showed the IMCA Modified field nothing but his tail panel during the 20-lap main event. Dinsmore got by early leader Dennis Taylor and led all but one lap on his way to victory. Dinsmore was chased on restarts by defending champion Bill Pittaway, but easily out distanced his fellow Harris Chassis team mate. Rounding out the top five were Jamie Campbell, Taylor and rookie, Jon Halstrom


At the start of the Modified main, Taylor used the top side off turn 2 to get the point on lap 1 followed by Dinsmore, Robert Liese jr. Pittaway and Campbell. As Taylor dropped to the bottom, Dinsmore stayed topside and blasted past Taylor for the lead on lap 2. Billy Meyer, racing in memory of his fallen friend, crew member and sponsor, had his night end early rolling to stop on the tracks edge for a lap 4 yellow.


Dinsmore jumped ahead on green, with Pittaway side by side with Taylor for second, and Matt Fox getting around Campbell for fourth. Fox moved in on Taylor for third with the two making some contact in turns 3-4. Coming to halfway it was Dinsmore, with a big lead, Pittaway, Taylor, Campbell and Liese in top five while Fox spun in turn 4 for a lap 10 caution.


As Dinsmore tried to rebuild his lead, Campbell got along side Taylor for third. Campbell made the pass on lap 12 only to spin and bring out a caution. Dinsmore broke away again on green while Campbell quickly worked his way back to challenge Taylor. At the checkers it was Dinsmore in the racetechinfo.com, Ryan Bard Safety Foundation, Sundowner RV Repair, Wells Designs, Cen-Tex Motorsports, Good Ol' Days Garage, Lowery Plumbing, JB Hotshots, Wells Race Engines, Harris Chassis by a huge margin grabbing another win.


“The car was a little tight up on top,” commented Dinsmore, “Everyone was running from the middle out so I was up top. I'd have to snap it loose after the tires cooled down on the cautions, it would have a push. I just drove it conservatively so I wouldn't spin it out. The car was just working itself and I was just driving it. It would get up on the bar a little too early sometimes, but it had a lot of forward bite.”


“Our plan is for Candace to have the baby on Sunday after a Saturday race, and go back to racing the next weekend,” added Dinsmore jokingly. “No really, I'll take some time off and see how things go from there.” (This from a couple that got married and went racing the same day.)



IMCA Modifieds

8g Greg Dinsmore, 37 Bill Pittaway, 29 Jamie Campbell, 38 Dennis Taylor, 67j Jon Halstrom, 53x Matt Fox, 67 Robert Liese jr, 99 Billy Meyer, 13 Gilbert Amezquita


IMCA Modified heat; 8g Greg Dinsmore, 67 Robert Liese jr., 37 Bill Pittaway, 38 Dennis Taylor, 52x Matt Fox, 67j Jon Halstrom, 29 Jamie Campbell, 13 Gilbert Amezquita, 99 Billy Meyer



Torres Tops in Sportmod Scramble

Defending track champion Johnny Torres(Lake Hills), thought he was done after an early incident sent him to the pits. With only cosmetic damage, the focused Torres, who restarted at the back, marched his way through the field. Torres then caught and battled with Moe VanKirk grabbing the top spot on lap 12. From there Torres was able to ease away after a late restart for the win. Trailing Torres were VanKirk, Randy Bennett, Randy Yount and Larry Jernigan.


As green waved on the field for the 20-lap IMCA Southern Sportmod feature Jeff Nix got the lead, but Pat Lyon got turned in turn 4 collecting Torres, Barry Codling and Ray Doyon III. On the second start, Nix again led through turn 1, but Jernigan dove low in turns 3-4 to get the top spot on lap 1. Nix and VanKirk ran side by side for second while Torres quickly moved up and along side Bennett for fourth.


Nix and VanKirk made contact shooting Nix high up the track loosing numerous spots. Doyon and Chris McLendon hooked bumpers in turn 3 to bring out a yellow on lap 5. VanKirk took a look low on Jernigan when green flew again. The duo were wheel to wheel for the lead on lap 6, while Torres took third from Bennett. Torres quickly joined the battle for the lead getting on the high side of VanKirk. That three-car fight was interrupted on lap 8 when yellow waved for debris.


On the restart VanKirk looked low on Jernigan in turn 2, then high in turn 3. VanKirk crossed over coming out of turn 4 for the lead at halfway followed by Jernigan, Torres, Bennett and Yount. Torres got past Jernigan on lap 10 for second as Jernigan then spun to bring out a yellow. Once back to green VanKirk and Torres broke away from Bennett, Yount and Tom Grothues.


Torres used the bottom to sneak past VanKirk for the lead on lap 12. Michael Hernandez spun in turn 2 with Borlace checking up to avoid contact. Robbie Minten, who had nowhere to go, ran up the back of Codling for a lap 14 yellow. When green waved again VanKirk took a look low on Torres while Jernigan recovered from his earlier spin got by Lyon for fifth.


With two laps to go the top three had separated themselves out while Yount was being pressured by Jernigan fr fourth. Torres held the margin over VanKirk the final circuits to grab the victory in the 24/7 Towing, Tator Plumbing, Screen Pro Graphics, Spreen Race Engines, Driveline Chassis.


“After that first lap I figured I was toast,” replied Torres. “The track was nice and I was able to work my way back for it. I like when the top groove has a little cushion and the bottom still has something. I passed for the lead on the bottom so it was just as good.”


“I just had to regain my focus after that wreck. I figured something was bent so I was over driving it(the car.) Once I got refocused the car was fast. I'm used to starting in the back and just ran the top to get back to the front. I had to get by Moe(VanKirk) a few times, but I had the better car tonight.”


IMCA Southern Sportmods

66 Johnny Torres, 58 Moe VanKirk, 22 Randy Bennett, 66y Randy Yount, 18 Larry Jernigan, 99x Michael Hernandez, 21 Barry Codling, 11 Tom Grothues, 60 Pat Lyon, 4 Robbie Minten, 85 Jeff Nix, 9 Ray Doyon III, 11m Chris McLendon


IMCA SSM heats

Heat 1; 66 Johnny Torres, 22 Randy Bennett, 99x Michael Hernandez, 66y Randy Yount, 11 Tom Grothues, 21 Barry Codling, 4 Robbie Minten


Heat 2; 9 Ray Doyon III, 18 Larry Jernigan, 58 Moe VanKirk, 85 Jeff Nix, 60 Pat Lyon, 11m Chris McLendon



Dinsmore Double Dips Part Deux

In the only race to show any effects of the full moon, Greg Dinsmore again scored the daily double taking Limited Late Model feature that was slowed by numerous spins. Dinsmore got past early Ron Sprayue, who he had loaned an axle plate to, then nursed an overheating engine through the yellow flags on his way the win in the Gary Hunter back-up car.


Sprayue led the field into turn 1 for the 20-lap Limited Late Model feature, followed by Dinsmore and Hunter, door to door for second, Andrew Hessler and Trey Votion. Landon Farquar brought an early yellow on lap 1 when he looped it in turns 1-2. On the restart Dinsmore put the heat on Sprayue getting along side and by for the lead on lap 2. Votion went around on lap 2 for a caution.


Dinsmore jumped out to a good lead on green with Hunter and Hessler side by side for third. Yellow waved on lap 4 for a spin by Chris Jones in front of leader, Dinsmore. Dinsmore edged away as the Hunter, Hessler battled resumed. They were joined by Craig Crawley and Richard Bartosh, the defending track champ when yellow flew again for a second spin by Farquar.


When green waved again, Hunter and Hessler were door to door for third while Crawley and Bartosh ran side by side for fifth. Hessler completed the pass, as Votion made his way back up to get past Crawley for sixth. At halfway it was Dinsmore, Sprayue, Hessler, Hunter and Votion getting fifth from Bartosh. Jones had his second solo spin on lap to bring out a yellow.


The top five got away clean on the restart while Matthew Hodge challenged Bartosh for sixth. Hessler's run up front ended on lap 11 when he spun in turn 2. Back to green with Dinsmore and Sprayue puling away and Hodge getting beside Bartosh, now for fifth. As they continued to run side by side for fifth, Votion got past Hunter for third.


Jones' night ended with the three solo spin rule sending him to the pits on lap 13 after going around again. Dinsmore got a good jump on the restart with Sprayue spinning himself from second trying to chase down Dinsmore. Sprayue was able to stay fired and continue without caution leaving Dinsmore with huge lead over Votion.


With Dinsmore now in a zip code of his own, the battle in the pack was heating up. Bartosh and Crawley were able to get past Hunter on lap 16 for third and fourth, respectively. Hodge was next to follow taking fifth from Hunter on lap 17. Back up front, Dinsmore was taking the white flag easily motoring to the victory in the TazRacing, Sundowner RV, Quality Ambulance, Culligan Water Conditioner, Texas Concrete, Climate Control, Hansco Demolition, reworked Dinsmore Chassis.


“The car was super,” said Dinsmore. “We had a couple issues last week, but tonight it was great. It was running hot a little for half the feature. It would go up quick under caution and I thought about pulling off. Once back to green it would cool down, but it had me worried.”


“It all comes back around,” said Dinsmore about loaning people parts. “I'm happy to help people out and Bill(Pittaway) loaned me Darin(Leonard's) motor so we all help each other out. I hope they don't think about that when racing me. I don't want them giving me anything just because I loaned them a part.”


Limited Late Models

14g Greg Dinsmore, 99 Trey Votion, 7 Richard Bartosh, 6 Craig Crawley, 58 Matthew Hodge, 14 Gary Hunter, 42 Ron Sprayue, 49 Robert Danielson, 77 Landon Farquar, 18 Shane Moore, 69 Chris Jones, 1x Andrew Hessler



Limited Late Model heat winners; 14 Gary Hunter, 14g Greg Dinsmore



Jones and Dancer Joust for Street Stock Win

The top dog in the Street Stock class over the past couple years has a new rival this season, AJ Dancer. Dancer, who uses a three-wheeling style, led early giving way to multi-time champ Jones. Dancer stayed on Jones' bumper throughout the remained of the 15-lap feature. Dennis Hilla, Aaron Leddy and AJ Wernette rounded out the top five


Dancer was first into turn 1 to get the lead as the Street Stock feature took the green flag. Jones moved into second trailed by Hilla and Wernette. Mike Lyon got by Wernette for fourth and began to challenge Hilla as the lead duo pulled away. Jones ducked under Dancer on lap 4 coming off turn 4 to get the top spot on lap five, while Leddy worked past Wernette for fifth. Lyon spun on the back stretch for a caution on lap 8.


As green waved again Jones and Dancer pulled out to a comfortable margin. Dancer, three-wheeling through the corners, stayed glued to Jones' bumper. Leddy and Hilla made contact battling for third leaving Hilla stopped in turn 4. The green, white, checkered restart saw Jones an Dancer stay hooked up in the battle for the lead and as the checkers waved it was Jones in the Opiela Mechanical, Mission Racing, SABFI, Jeff's Auto Rebuilders, Camaro holding on for the win.


Street Stocks

41 Wade Jones, 52 AJ Dancer, 2x Dennis Hilla, 93 Aaron Leddy, 37 AJ Wernette, 40 Mike Lyon


Street Stock heat winners; 52 AJ Dancer



Henley Out-hustles Okruhlik for Last Lap Win

The Pure Stock feature was a battle royal in the final few laps as Frank Okruhlik ran down race-long leader Justin Henley. Okruhlik and Henley ran side by side with Okruhlik getting the lead. Okruhlik slipped on the final lap giving Henley the opportunity to retake the lead and hold off Okruhlik for the win. Okruhlik held second while the ladies, Brandy Ramzinski and Janel Hilla finished third and fourth ahead of Mike Harrison.


Henley and Adam Torres stayed side by side through turns 1-2 with Henley getting the advantage on the back stretch to lead lap 1. Torres, Ramzinski, Hilla and William Cavender fell in line. Rick Snider lost a wheel and spun to bring out and early caution. Henley jumped out front again on green with a three wide battle for third.


Ramzinski got past Torres for second who lost two more spots to Hilla and Okruhlik on lap 2. Once past Hilla, Okruhlik ran down Ramzinski getting the spot on lap 4, but trailing Henley by half of a straightaway. At the mid-point Okruhlik had shaved a bit off Henley's lead while Ramzinski, Hilla and Harrison rounded out the top five.


Henley ran up on, soon to be, lapped cars on lap 13 giving Okruhlik the chance to cut into the lead. Once clear Okruhlik had cut the margin in half and was charging hard. Okruhlik caught Henley on lap 16 and gave a look low. The two were side by side on lap 17 before Okruhlik wrestled the lead away from Henley on lap 18.


It looked like Okruhlik would then be able to run away for the victory, but the race isn't over until the checkered flag flies. Coming to take the white flag Okruhlik slipped coming of turn 4 giving Henley an opening. Henley jumped on chance diving under Okruhlik for the lead. Henley then was able to fend off the last challenge by Okruhlik for the win in the Schmid's Land Services, Henley Construction, Jenkins Racing, Chevy.


Pure Stock

96 Justin Henley, 99 Frank Okruhlik, 88 Brandy Ramzinski, 7x Janel Hilla, 71 Mike Harrison, 15 William Cavender, 9 Phillip Haywood, 11 Joel West, 89 Ryan Doyon, 13 Cameron Smith, 94 Adam Torres, 117 Devin Adler, 66r Rick Snider, 44 Charlie Henley, 68 N/A



Pure Stock heat winners; 99 Frank Okruhlik, 88 Brandy Ramzinski, 7x Janel Hilla



The Front Runner feature came down to a battle between old age an experience(Jimmy Carroll) versus youth and exuberance(Cody Earnhardt). In the end it was Carroll, who took over the lead from Eric Jenkins holding off many challenges by Earnhardt. Jenkins, Hailee Marcx and Cody Smith completed the top five.


Jenkins broke out front as green waved on the 15-car feature followed by Carroll, Nick Hencey, Earnhardt and Roy Easler jr. Easler spun in turn 2 and got collected by Trevor Bettis and Brandon Sowder for a lap 1 caution. Once back to green Earnhardt got by Hencey for third. The top three were now nose to tail with Carroll getting under Jenkins for the lead on lap 4, followed Earnhardt.


Carroll and Earnhardt eased away from Hencey and Jenkins, while Marcx and Joshua Mares battled for fifth. Kurstin Blevins spun on lap 13 collecting Hencey and bringing out out the yellow. Carroll and Earnhardt got away on green to settle the fight, but it was Carroll holding off the charges of the young Earnhardt for the hard earned victory.


Front Runners

67 Jimmy Carroll, 33 Cody Earnhardt, 6x Eric Jenkins, 113 Hailee Marcx, 13 Cody Smith, 3 Joshua Mares, 911 Nick Hencey, 08 Brandon Sowder, 9 Kurstin Blevins , 57 Trevor Bettis, 12 Roy Easler jr.



Front Runner heat winners; 12 Roy Easler jr., 33 Cody Earnhardt

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like to see that strong run in LLM for the 42 Ron! Go get 'em my man!

Thanks Rodney, just got in the turn a little to hot, trying to give Greg a run for his money. Had a great time, didn't feel bad about losing it just trying to win. I guess I could have stalled at the spin but out of respect of the other drivers I didn't. I lost it on my own. What a class act thought, Greg gave me a part so I could race. ( thanks once again Greg ) Broke a drive plate going across the line for the heat win but Gary Hunter I think got me by a foot. Will get a win soon, feel one coming.

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