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2010 Track Champions


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Heres my pick (Wish List) for 2010 Champions. I know there are still racers out there that have moved up in class and new drivers just starting off but these are the one's I pull for each week. What is your choices for 2010?


Grand Stocks


65 Floyd Reed




Thunder Stocks


50 Aaron Brungot




ASA A-Line Super Stocks


28 Shawn Paul Lehman




Pro Modifieds


61 Cory Lovell




Pro Trucks


3 David Lewien




Allison Legacy's


07 Rusty Mirth




TSRS Late Model


4 Levi Krauss



Mini Stocks



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I dont know who will be driving in that class yet. Id like to pull for you but Ive seen how you handle a bra so Im still on the fence. What # will you be? Ill put it with the rest of the list.


It will be the #5 or as I call it the high-5. It is the former lil 01 from TBS racing. I'm not sure if I'm going to run the full season or not. It will be hard announcing and racing full-time. At last check Rodney and I will both be trying to do that. That other problem is if I find enough sponsorship to run the whole season.


It seems that I did race the lil 01 better that one time than I did the one time I tried to put on the dress at crashfest.

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Im suprised there isnt a contingency next to my name, something like "if chrome wheels are present"

Thanks PAPA, its nice to know I have A fan. :lol:

I did however, install a secret weapon for this year. ;)

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