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Favorite Driver??


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Cup - Jeff Gordon - that's right, I said Jeff Gordon!

Busch - not sure

Trucks - Carl Edwards

ROMCO - Colt James

THR SS - Cary Stapp (big surprise)

THR LM - James Reeder

SAS LM - Larry Bendele

SAS Sportsman - Rodney Rodriguez

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CUP - Dale Jarrett, Elliott Sadler, Greg Biffle, and Matt Kenseth

BGN - Jason Keller

CTS - Terry Cook, Carl Edwards, and Rick Crawford

ASA - Casey Smith and Rick Beebe

TransAm - Boris Said

ROMCO - Colt James, Bradley Reithmeyer, and Donnie Wilson

ARTS - Jon Garrett and Josh Freeman

TAMS - Joey Heinaman and Lawrence Maklencak

Lim. Latemodels - Lloyd Alexander and Ronny New

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My favorite driver doesnt go in circles-he's David "RAMBO" Rampy-we grew up together in small town Alabama and still get together several times a year-David won the 1st NHRA national drag racing event he ever raced in and as of today has won 54 NHRA National events-been World Champion 6 times-has been a Car Craft AllStar too many times to count-his dream was to Drag Race and that he has-traveling from coast to coast and border to border making a great living doing what he loves-he turned his childhood dream into a full time job-it's the only thing hes ever done.A man once told him he was a natural driver in his teen years and gave him his 1st national ride at the Cajun Nationals and David won-that man is now his father in law who also was a former World Drag racing champion.As for a short track favorite,it would have to be my son Josh whom I've watched go in circles for the last 17 years and he's only 24 yrs old.His mom and I started him racing at 8 yrs old.

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cup - dale jr

busch - (sentamental) jason keller

trucks - rick crawford

romco - colt 1st, mark chrudimsky 2nd

tsrs - unsure

street stock - crazy horse, cary stapp and when he returns junior medlock

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CUP--Matt Kenseth, Brendan Gaughn, Brian Vickers..


TRUCKS--David Starr, David Starr, Rick Crawford, Steve Park, Joe Aramendia


ROMCO--(no particular order, listed alphabetically) Brandon Bendele, Greg Davidson, Doug Hooks, Colt James, Bradley Reithmeyer, Heath Stewart


TSRS--(no particular order, listed alphabetically) Lloyd Alexander, Charles Buxton, Jamie Fuller, Tommy & Teresa Gural, Brad Huuuuuuu--dak, Jeff Pollard, Mike Yale,


THR---ALL of my drivers! :D:D


ASA--Casey Smith, Casey Smith, Casey Smith

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Cup: Kevin Harvick, Jamie McMurray, and Dale Jr.

Busch: Martin Truex, Jason Mini Me Leffler

Trucks: Ted Musgrave, Rick Crawford, Matt Crafton

ROMCO: Bradley, Robert Richardson, Doug Hooks, Mark Chridumsky

All Pro: JC Umscheid

Southern AllStars: Bubba Naumann

World of Outlaws: Shane Stewart, Daryn Pittman

ARTS: Me (duh), John Denham

Dwarfs: My Father Tommy Freeman when he was running them

Drag Racing: David Rampy, Scotty Cannon, Greg Anderson

USAC: J.J Yeley

Cart/IRL: Paul Tracy

Dirt Late Models: Chub Frank, Rick Ekert

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Cup. Dale Jr.

Busch. Dale Jr.

Trucks. Rick Crawford

Romco. Colt James & Tommy Grimes

ARTS. Robert Walton



THR SS. I Like Them All

THR HS. Tim Leonard.

SAS Late Model. Larry Bendele

SAS Sportsman. Rodney R, Tom Renolds, George Lucas, Keith Garrett.

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Cup- Jeff Gordon

Busch- Martin Truex Jr.

Trucks-Rick Crawford

romco- Bradley Or Colt

TSRS- Leland Wadell

TAMS- Don Banker

THR Hobby Stock: Matt Hodge

THR Street Stocks: Jim Teague

Nhra: John Force

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Favorite all time...tie A J Foyt, Dale Earnhardt Sr.




Cup..............Terry/Bobby Lobonte


Romco.........John Kelly/Rick Rapp


Tams...........Bruce "the hog" Beddoe


Lonestar Legacy's..........Tom "the family man" Harwell



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Cup-Terry Labonte

Bush-David Green(hes married to a San Antonio gal)

Trucks-David Star

Romco-Brandon Bendele

SAS Latemodel-All the guys I race with

Sportsman-vince Treasch sorry for the spelling

TSRS- John Benker (when he runs)

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