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Saspeedpics.net now open


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Just got done working the bugs out and switched over the website to Saspeedpics.net. I have tried a new way for viewing the pictures that seems to be warmly recieved and I hope you all will like it as well...


Now for the bad news... As of earlier this week I was unfortunately placed in a difficult posistion with my place of employment to the point where I was unable to secure the time that I needed to do photos for San Antonio Speedway. In what I felt was best for the drivers, fans, and the track I decided not to do photography for San Antonio Speedway this year due to an unability to make sure that I could get every night off on Saturday nights. I wish the best for whoever takes my place and I hope to be on hand during some of the races covering stories for LateModelRacer, Rat Traxx and more. I also want to thank Mike Sepich for all the help and advice. Most of all I want to thank all the drivers for being so kind to me even though at the start of the season I didnt know a single one of you. To you guys and girls I wish you all the best...


Marc Roy

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Your pictures are great! We'll take what we can get. Keep plugging along and maybe someday the picture deal will start paying some bills.


You missed a good show in CC this weekend. Maybe you can make a few later this year.


Thank you!


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