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I got this in my email.


Dear user of e-mail server  "Texasspeedzone.com",


Your  e-mail  account has been  temporary disabled because  of  unauthorized access.


For more information  see the  attached file.


For  security reasons attached file is password protected. The password is "01108".


The Management,

  The Texasspeedzone.com team                           http://www.texasspeedzone.com


and another

Dear user, the management of  Texasspeedzone.com mailing system  wants to let you know that,


We warn you about some attacks  on your e-mail account.  Your computer  may

contain viruses,  in  order to keep your computer and e-mail  account safe,

please, follow  the instructions.


Pay attention on attached file.


For security reasons  attached file  is password protected. The  password  is "01108".


Best  wishes,

  The Texasspeedzone.com  team                              http://www.texasspeedzone.com



These emails were not sent from me so do not open the file attached to them. It is a worm and I have no idea who's computer is infected. Has anyone else received these?



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I received them at work at my e-mail address ending in tx.us and at my home address ending in rr.com.


In both instances, the sender tried to make it appear that they were an account administrator. The file they want you to open appears to be a legitimate web page at first glance.


Very clever, but I smelled something funny, so I did not click the link. This is the first confirmation I've seen that it's a virus.


Thanks Jason,



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I receivedone from the spoofed TSZ "administrator" and an identical one from the SBCGlobal "administrator" one right after the other. I deleted them both.


I keep my Norton Anti-Virus up to date on all my puters...


Nick Holt

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I got one along those same lines and it looked like it was from my internet provider too.


Thank goodness they stoped it and it never made it to my in box.


I kinda figured it was a virus because of the zip file attachment.


But, like Chase this is my first confirmation that it was a virus.


Is that the only way you can get viruses---is through emails?


Or can you get them from visiting web pages?

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