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Things I was quickly reminded of on my trip to Houston


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From the things you do to amuse yourself on long trips alone files.....


If you have good rabbits and time it through downtown Houston just right you make it from Kerrville(508) to Highlands(787) in four hours(one pit stop)....(trip meter said 282 miles) New track record


Not to be out done the trip back Mont Bellvue(797) to Kerrville(508)......3 hours 49 minutes(one pit stop).ummmmm ya.......


Not sure which is the better record---10 miles farther, faster, or with some traffic issues going on Friday.


Colorado County rest stop is a God send...


During lunch break, Harris County Sherrif's don't even bat an eye at +20


Sealy area DPS and Sherrif's eat at Subway about 1:30


Road construction in Houston never ends


People who build glass buildings shouldn't do it in hurricane prone areas(still lots of IKE damages, and @#$%loads of new construction)


Four traffic lanes = 50mph, 60mph, 70mph and Autobahn limits......not always in the correct order or same lanes all the time


Grass and trees are actually supposed to be green


Always a classic and my favorite.......across four lanes of traffic to hit the exit at speed


Stink-adena(a Houston area joke)


How many times does Hwy. 90 cross I-10?????


A Porshe Carrera turbo can kick my V-6 Mustangs ass......but traffic and lane choice are great equalizers


When the fast pack hits a slow pack......my brakes work good


The Arrow and KLBJ are the same frequency......but WHY does it always change in the middle of a good song?


If you keep a safe following distance some slowass will always dive in in front of you


Do parents sticking their kids in Bluebonnets for pix realize there are snakes out there???


People can't read road signs.....Left lane for passing only, Slower traffic keep right


People with TWO dogs in their lap should NOT be on the freaking road


Mini vans round off and roll though the bar ditch quite well


After viewing a rollover accident main traffic mean speed slows by 10mph


The steps at Battleground are bitch to walk up and down all day/night......and are slicker than snot when the evening dew settles in


The black gumbo is sticky/tacky.....and makes for a bad fast race track, plus trying to take your shoes off


Finally after leading/following the same road partner for nearly 3 hours when you exit at home you feel like you've lost a friend


YA, YA......I know......get busy on the damn WoO Late Model story/recap......just needed to unwind a bit first. BRAIN CRAMPS!!!!!

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As long as you enjoyed yourself ,hope you liked the races, you should have tried to walk the steps at Battleground a few years ago ,I personally had a streak of 4 weeks in row of landing on my #ss,before the current owners added the hand rail . Also I think the owners deserve a great big pat on the back for working like ants right up to the last minute ,and also Tommy Stanley for working the track surface into a first rate ,very fast ,tacky ,wide racing surface. B)

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Reading this thread reminded me of something I'd read sometime ago in a book about Texas racing. It is alledged in this book, the record for a trip from Austin to Houston was 1 hour and 13 minutes set by a veteran road racer in a 1937 Ford back before WWII.


As I sit here typing this post, I'm wondering ........ "Sounds awfully fast. Is that even possible?"

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