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I'm proud to announce that The Motorsports Zone is headed to Daytona from Feb. 10-15...


I'll be sending back reports that will be run on The Zone during the days on Wed-thru-Friday (no times as of yet), then Ric and I will broadcast a special 2-hour Daytona 500 preview show on Sunday from 10-12 Central Time (we'll be on 11-1 p.m. Eastern time, and sign off a half-hour before the race starts)..


I will also update Texasspeedzone in 2 forums--The MZone forum and the David Starr forum with pertinent news from Daytona.


Special thanks to The Tavern, located at 12th street and Lamar in Austin, for sponsoring the trip...The Tavern is combining with Budweiser to put on an AWESOME Daytona 500 Watch Party, complete with The Bud Girls and Prizes! Stay tuned for details on that...

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Shall I give them your regards on any one of a number of subjects?


*Points change

*Provisional change

*Sure-to-be-coming rear spoiler change

*Increase in ticket prices at ISC tracks

*"Hot" passes in pits

*(Insert your own subject here) :D

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