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Cary Stapp continues to lead ASA National Competition


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Thunderhill Raceway's Cary Stapp continues to hold his lead in the ASA National Championship competition. After not racing this past weekend, his point average held at 5.1610. The closest competitor in both the regional and national competitions is Linny White from Orange Show Speedway - with a 4.9477 point average.


We got this interesting information from ASA this morning:


ASA Member Tracks:


I thought that I would bring you up to date on the ASA / Gibbs Oil Member Track Championship – and some strange calls coming into this office.


We received a couple of calls from competitors that stated the “Season was over” / “They had lost” / etc.


Please remind your competitors that the season is not over until midnight – September 28th.




· The points have been changing after every weekend- dramatically in some cases


· It is possible for competitors to lose points – as well as gain…which we have seen happen many times over the last few weeks


· The closeness of the points battle is a tribute to the system – and especially the excellent job that Kevin and his staff at SpeedNetDirect have provided


· The computer “backside” of the points battle confirms that the points battle could take some very interesting “Twists and Turns” as the final points races are completed and tabulated with certain events possibly taking place


Hang on!


Thanks for being part of this historical year….


Dennis A. Huth

Racing Speed Associates, L.L.C. dba, ASA Racing


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Cary. Best of luck on your run to win this championship. You are truly deserving of this honor because of the efforts of your team and you. Definitely a very fine group and most definitely on top of the good guys list. Good luck.



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All i can say is you were in a rock in a hard pace on where to start the super stock feature,

scratch or in your drawn spot.....


You made the right choice.. now its up to the man upstairs and the cards on the table...


Glad to support your efforts and fingers are crossed!!


P.S. If you win a Joe Gibbs ride does that mean someone else gets a shot at the super stock title for once??

Thats what us other fokes are hoping atleast :P:rolleyes::unsure:

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Cary, We're all 'pullin' for ya. Just glad I could be a part of it. Well, today's the day. Terry and me are hoping to be in top 10 for the final ASA standings. That would be cool for 3 drivers to make into the top 10 from Thunderhill. Quite an accomplishment for the track! D. :D

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ASA was requesting photos yesterday for both drivers, and one of their requests was an action shot on the track. I sent them a really cool shot of Cary, you and Levi closely battling each other this past weekend (see below).


I did let them know that the shot included Cary, along with the 2nd place driver and the Rookie of the Year. If Cary wins, all three of you can make history! What's even better about the photo, all three of you have your ASA stickers on your cars.


My thanks goes out to all of the racers for making me feel so welcome for my first full season at THR. This waiting for the final results is really tough.


(photo by Jeff Garvin)


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