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Live Updates from THR, 8/30/08


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Partly cloudy, humid but not scalding hot today in Kyle. Looks like a great night for racing. I'll try to keep you up to date, but I'm a slow old fart on a slow old computer so if I get behind you'll know why.


TSRS qualifying is up first with 16 cars lined up on pit road. Jesse Salazar and Cory Lovell were here but both had some mechanical issues and will probably not be able to race tonight.



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TSRS Qualifying results (unofficial)


1. Heath Stewart, 15.385

2. Brian Moczygemba, 15. 484

3. Cody Smith, 15. 509

4. Robert Barker, 15.526

5. Chris Schild, 15.540

6. Jake Kruger, 15.684

7. Cary Stapp, 15.724

8. Lloyd Alexander, 15.761

9. Adam Haugh, 15.771

10. Dillon Spreen, 15. 825

11. Allen Alexander, 15.831

12. Bobby Teer, Jr., 15.866

13. Chad Menard, 15.902

14. Mike Cullen, 16.038

15. Mike Reininger, 16.375

16. Leroy Farmer, 17.545



TPS Qualifying heat race number 1 (10 laps) has Lisa Sandoval on the pole, Tom Johnson, Jesse Sandoval, Sergio Hexsel, Jason Krueger, Lanny Young, Kevin Hallman, J. Burrows line up behind her.


Single file start for the TPS cars. Jesse Sandoval and Johnson split the poll sitter on lap one and brought Hexsel with them. Johnson and Sandoval look like they're going to have a good battle, but Kevin Hallman spins solo in turn four to bring out the first yellow at the end of the first lap.


On the restart it's Johnson, Sandoval, Hexsel and Lisa Sandoval up front.


Johnson powers off at the start, but Jesse Sandoval catches him in turn one as the top three are nose to tail. Sandoval looks to the inside on the next lap but Johnson holds him off as the top three continue nose to tail. At halfway it's the same story.


Sandoval finally gets the inside line but Johnson fights back to retain the lead. Johnson shows puff of blue smoke but hangs on to win over Jesse Sandoval by less than a car-length. Hexsel a very strong third. Jason Krueger and Lanny Young round out the top five.


TPS Heat #2 has Bob Sherland, Mike Knotts, Lalo Leal, Mike Merrell, Areil Arredondo, Candi Hogan, Harry Osburn, Jr., Adam McCosh and Bruce Mabrito taking the green


Sherland jumps out early with Leal and Merrell reeling him in. Leal makes quick work of Sherland and takes Merrell with him on lap 2. Merrell not as quick as Leal on the straights, but able to make up ground in the turns.


At halfway, Merrell makes a strong move to the inside down the back straight but Leal is able to hold him off. The rest of the pack is pretty much strung out as Leal does a great job holding off Merrell for the win.


Sherland, Osburn and Candi Hogan (in her popular yellow VW bug) round out the top five.


The 8-lap NasKart heat race up next. Since I don't know who's who no sense trying to report this one....


Super Stock heat one has nine taking the green. Ken Tyler and Brent Reeves up front. Bobby LaFont and Tracy Tschoerner....


The field goes two-by-two early with Tyler taking a slight lead at the end of lap one. Bobby Lafont gets under him in 3-4 and brings McKim, Duane Toyne and Clint LaFont with him


Cary Stapp picks off a few spots each lap from his last place starting spot and catches the top five on lap 5. Stapp works under Clint LaFont for fourth as Bobby Lafont and McKim lead the tight five-car freight train to take the checkers. As the checkered flew, Toyne gets sideways in turn four allowing Stapp to finish 3rd and Clint Lafont fourth. Toyne finishes fifth.


Second 8-lap SS heat has Robert Mayberry and Chris Birmingham up front with Greg Rohmer and Rodney Rodriguez in row two. Levi Krauss and Terry Tschoerner in row 3 with Keith Garrett and Jeff Smith at the rear.


Birmingham may have jumped a bit at the start to bring out the caution.


Mayberry, fighting a very loose race car, takes the early lead with Rohmer and Krauss putting on a lot of pressure. Garrett got a great start and was in fourth after only two laps in the books.


Mayberry finally lost it solo down the back straight after hanging on to the lead for four laps, allowing Rohmer and Krauss to take over the lead front spots.


At the restart the top four of Rohmer, Krauss, Garrett and Tschoerner goes nose to tail as Krauss looks to the inside but unable to get by. With two to go Krauss got Rohmer a bit loose in 3-4 but Rohmer hangs to take the checkered followed very closely by Krauss, Garrett (who was right beside Krauss at the flag stand), Tschoerner and Rodriguez.


The 1st 8-lap Grand stock heat it's Kayla Deckert and John Fitch on the front row, Joe Aramendia brings up the rear of the 10-car field.


Fitch and Deckert go side by side for a bit with Fitch taking the lead from the outside. Mike Farish goes by Deckert as well. Carolyn Aramendia and Tommy Hubach get together in 3-4 to bring out the yellow at the very end of the first lap. Aramendia sent to the rear.


John Fitch gets a good jump over Mike Farish and Art Ganss as Cody Smith makes a great move to take over fourth and then under Farish for third.


The pack is tight with lots of action up front. Whoa! Carolyn Aramendia goes off the track in 3-4 but no yellow as recovers and gets back on track. Sportsmanship at its best...


Cody Smith does some heavy duty driving to take the leald with two to go but Joe Aramendia catches everyone and makes a great challenge at the finish, but falls just short at the flag. Fitch finishes thirds with Ganss and Farish rounding out the top 5.


Second 8-lap Grand Stock event has Michael Weaver and Marcia Moore up front with Clint Montanio and Richard Fitch in row two.


Bradley Burke must have hung a throttle and he hit the turn one tire barrier a ton at the drop of the green. He gave the thumbs up and hopefully he's OK. Emergency personnel on the scene immeditely. Good job fire and safety people! His car is hung on the fence and will be left there for the remainder of the night with his roof facing traffic.

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Opps... I had a hung throttle on the computer too... Missed the last of the Grand Stock second heat and the first part of the 1st Thunder Heat... I think the Grand Stock finish had Michael Weaver, Richard Fitch, Homer Pitner, Marcia Moore and Clint Montanio the top five.


Anyway, Cooter Lynch took the lead early in the 1st Thunder heat with Anthony Gordon and Joey Jenkins and Gary Chancellor and Joey Tschoerner the top five at the checkered.


The second Thunder heat had David Sevilla, Jr on the pole with Aaron Leddy outside. Jason Stanley and Aaron Brungot in row two. Steve Joyce and either Brandon Brown or Jody Wayne Stuart in row 3.


Sevilla out first with Stanley following closely as they freight train past Leddy. Brungot coaught on the outside and drops back to seventh. At halfway it's Sevilla followed by Stanley, Leddy, Joyce, Mason Teague, and Stuart and Paul Lipp as Brungot and Jeff Smith bring up the rear.


They stayed single file until the last lap when Stanley made a couple of strong moves to the inside but came up a bit short.


At the flag it's Sevilla, Stanley, Leddy, Joyce and Stuart who made a strong move on Teague on the last lap to take fifth.


Good racing so far tonight. Clean. Lots of hard racing.

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sEighteen TPS cars take to the track for their 20-lap feature.


Tom Johnson, Lalo Leal, Jesse Sandoval, Mike Merrell, Sergio Hexsel, Bob Sherland, Jason Krueger, Harry Osburn, Lanny Young, Candi Hogan, Lisa Sandoval, Nathan Robbins, Ariel Arredondo, Mike Knotts, J. Burrows, Kevin Hallman, Bruce Mabrito and Adam McCosh...


Johnson out first... but contact between Sherland and Harry Osburn down the back straight produces some spinning cars to bring out the yellow before the race completed a lap... Looked to me like someone lost an engine and spun.... Sure enough, there's oil coming off turn two and down a portion of the back straight from Sherland's Rabbit.


Complete restart minus Sherland...


Johnson out fast and first on the restart, but still showing a puff of blue smoke at times... Leal second and Sandoval a strong 3rd. Hexsel and Merrell close up on lap 2 to make it a five car lead pack as Johnson screams around the track with a ton of horses for a four-banger...


Sergio Hexsel into Jesse Sandoval on lap 3 exiting turn two to bring out the second caution... Both Hexsel and Sandoval to the rear under the TPS all involved rule.


On the restart, Johnson again gets away first, but Leal doesn't fall back this time and Merrell stays with the duo as well... A huge gap back to the rest after only two laps of green flag racing.


At halfway, Arredondo spins solo in turn four to bring out the third yellow erasing the huge lead enjoyed by Johnson, Leal and Merrell. Harry Osburn in fourth and Krueger in fifth. Looks like Hexsel is up to sixth and Sandoval back up to eighth.


Leal suffers a RR flat just before the restart so it's now up to Merrell to catch the flying Johnson. Hexsel now up to third, but has a lot of ground to make up. Ditto Sandoval who is now in fourth.


Johnson pretty much had things his way as he takes the checkered by five or six car lengths. Hexsel a ways back in third with Sandoval in fourth and Harry Osburn back in fifth.

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The 40-lap A-line Super Stock feature is up next.


Nineteen of the fire-breathing SS's are set for their feature. Robert Mayberry, Chris Birmingham on the front row. Brent Reeves and Greg Rhomer in 2, Bobby LaFont and Micky McKim in 3. Rodney Rodriguez and Clint LaFont in 4. Levi Krauss and Duane Toyne in 5. Terry Tschoerner and Cary Stapp in row 6. Keith Garrett and Matt Banker in 6. Jeff Smith and Joey Tschoerner in 7. Aaron Brungo and Ken Tyler in 8.. I know I missed some... Sorry.


This division always puts on a great show.


Side by side for the first turn, but Mayberry gets a tap from Birmingham exiting turn two.. no harm done but the pair fall back a bit.


Reeves gets out early with McKim and Cilnt LaFont battling close behind. Stapp meanwhile moves under Bobby LaFont to take fourth and he sets sail for the front runners.


By lap six McKim is putting a bunch of pressure on Reeves who is turn has his hands full with Lafont. Stapp now right on LaFont's rear bumper.


On lap 7, back in the pack a bit, Rohmer gets into Terry Tschoerner who spins in 1-2. Levi Krauss gets into Tschoerner who sat in the middle of turn two after the spin. Rohmer sent to the rear for initiating the contact. Tschoerner able to continue on and resumes in sixth.


Reeves takes the green with McKim, LaFont and Stapp giving him fits.


McKim almost looses it coming off two allowing Stapp to scoot by for thrid.


Tschoerner gives McKim a tap and scoots by in four to take over fourth. Toyne and Garret come along with Tschoerner leaving McKim to fade back a bit.


Stapp tries the outside on lap 15 and gets beside LaFont but wisely moves back in line in third after giving it a try on the outside for a few laps...


Meanwhile, Tschoerner has faded a bit and Toyne and Garrett catch the lead pack that is stacking up behind Reeves at halfway.


Something will have to give here because the top seven are nose to tail and banging with amazing regularity. They all run nose to tail after settling down a bit for a few laps as everyone cools their tires. LaFont now gives Reeves a few love taps in the turns but Reeves hangs on, at least for now.


With ten to go the top seven are still glued together behind Reeves. Tschoerner gets by Garrett for fifth as LaFont gives the back bumper on Reeves car a real workout..


Suddenly Stapp shoots to the outside exiting turn two as the leaders battle and with eight to goes side by side with the leader and takes over going down the front straight from the outside. And they say you can't pass on the outside at THR.


Stapp now takes off and hides as the pack continues to deal with Reeves.


At the finish it's Stapp by several car lengths, Reeves, who drove a smart race holding of several faster cars, LaFont, Toyne, Tschoerner, Garrett, Tracy Tschoerner...


Stapp shows once again why he's the man in this division. That outside pass of the two leaders was classic Cary Stapp!

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TSRS "Back To School 75" up next. This should be fun!


Seventeen TSRS Late Models on the front straight during intermission..


Cody Smith, Chris Schild, Jake Kruger, Heath Stewart, Brain Moczygemba, Robert Barker, Cary Stapp, Lloyd ALexander, Adam Haugh, Dillon Spreen, Allen Alexander, Bobby Teer, Jr., Chad Menard, Mike Cullen, Mike Reininger, Lery Farmer and Jason Hollander are all introduced one by one as they walked down the grandstands to give high-fives to a line of kids. Great PR move.


Smith and Schild go side by side through turn one but Schild drops into line behind Smith... but it's all coming back as Chad Mendard and Allen Alexander tangle in two-three. Alexander pits with a flat. Alexander rejoins the field at the back as the track crew looks for debris on the front straight.


Try it again...


This time Schild and Smith go side by side for a lap before Schild tries to get back in line but Kruger gets a piece of Schild as he tries to get in line. No harm done as everyone retains their position. Stewart squeezes by Kruger for third on lap five. Top three start to stretch out a bit with Smith, Schild, and Stewart clicking off a few calm, in-line laps. Meanwhile Barker works on the rear of Kruger pretty hard as they fight for fourth. Haugh running strong in sixth.


Mike Cullen spins after some contact with Allen Alexander. Alexander to the rear for the contact.


With 60 to go, Smith gets the jump on the restart with Stewart giving Schild a strong look to the inside for a couple of laps. Schild gets very loose in turn one and Stewart gets by easily. Something not right with the Schild car as he drops back.


With 53 to go, Cullen spins solo coming off turn two to bring out a yellow.


Now it's Smith, Stewart, Kruger, Barker (celebrating a birthday today), Schild, Haugh, Moczygmeba as the green waves.


Schild's car seems to be OK again as he maintains a strong fifth place in the lead pack. Stewart stays right on Smith's bumper for a few laps as Kruger and Barker run third and fourth a car length back. Schild starts to fade a bit once again but hangs on to his fifth place spot.


With 42 to go, Bobby Teer and Dillon Spreen get together in 1-2 with Spreen ending up sideways in turn two. Mike Reininger, with no place to go, slides into Spreen. Spreen OK, but his car is done for the night. Reininger pits and returns with some sheet metal damage to the rear.


At the restart, it's Smith, Stewart, Kruger, Barker, Schild, Haugh, Moczygemba, Teer, Stapp, Allen Alexander, Lloyd Alexander, Mike Cullen, Chad Menard, Mike Reininger, and Jason Hollander. Allen Alexander and Reininger pit under the yellow.


The lap 34 restart is called back when the yellow light did not get turned off as the green waved. So now it's a lap 30 restart.


The field remains nose to tail with Stewart again taking a look or two to the inside of Smith.


Solo spin by Lloyd Alexander in turn two brings out another yellow with 27 to go.


Restart with 24 to go..


Again Stewart takes strong looks to the inside of Smith, but Smith able to hang on. Kruger and Barker right behind enjoying the show and hoping that the leaders will mess up.


Smith's back bumper is getting a workout as Stewart is clearly faster, but Smith knows how to protect the low line, that's for sure.


Schild and Haugh not too far behind as the leaders battle tooth and nail. Now Kruger is challenging Stewart with 16 to go as the top four are all right together lap after lap.


Looks like Kruger and Barker are dropping back a bit from the front pair and the gap widens back to Schild who retains fifth over Haugh and Moczygemba.


It's all Smith and Stewart as the laps dwindle with Smith hugging the inside and Stewart looking for a way to get by cleanly. Barker and Kruger get together in 2 with four to go, but both recover and retain their positions..


Smith is able to hold of a determined Stewart as the laps run out and byo the last lap it was obvious that Stewart would not be able to get by.


At the line it is Smith, Stewart, Barker, Kruger, Schild, Haugh, Teer, Stapp.. not sure after that.


Stewart could have taken Smith out over the last half of the race, but sportsmanship prevailed..

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Seven Legacys took the green with Tom Harwell on the pole and Darius Garcia on the outside pole. Morgan Le Baron and Taylor Brandes in row two. Kris Kerr, Chalres Aikwen and Gavin Boyett make up the rest of the field.


Morgan LeBaron spins down the back straight on the first lap to bring out the yellow. Complete restart.


Brandes and LeBaron both got a huge jump on the rest of the field to end up in the lead going into turn one.. but contact between Harwell and Garcia in turn one bings out the yellow again as Garcia spins.


Single file start this time since they don't seem to be able to get this seven-car field to stop crashing each other before they complete a full lap!


This time LeBaron gets the jump with Brendes right on his tail. The rest of the field look like a different class of car. With 31 to go, Brandes, clearly much faster than the rest of the "identical" spec cars, blows by LeBaron and takes off and hides.


As they string out it's Brandes way out in front, LeBaron several car lengths back, Garcia a half a lap behind, Kerr a straight behind him, Boyett and Harwell not too far back from him and Aikin slowing dramatically to as the yellow fliles for debris on the front stretch.


So the huge lead by the two front cars is gone as the six remaining cars take the restart green.


But not for long as the front two cars of Brandes and LeBaron take off once again. But this time the leaders are, wisely, running a bit slower than before to make the field a bit more even.


LeBaron, while running 2nd, loops it solo in turn 1-2 but keeps going after being passed by the rest of the field. Brandes has a half a lap on everyone.


So, Brandes makes a shambles of this event with Garcia, Keer, LeBaron and Tom Harwell rounding out the top five.

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Next up is the 25 lap Grand Stock feature.


Up front is Michael Weaver and Kayla Deckert lead the seventeen car field. Marcia Moore and John Fitch in row two, Clint Montanio and Art Ganss.... not too sure after that


Weaver jumps out to the early lead with Marcia Moore a close second. Lots of banging in the field.


Fitch takes over third from Montanio as Floyd Reed follows him through.


Yellow for a spin for Tommy Hubach down the back straight with 21 to go. So it's Weaver, Moore, Fitch, Reed, Montanio, Pitner, Cody Smith...


Reed gets byMoore for third. Montanio follows him through as does James Aramendia with 20 to go.


Lots of banging from fourth through seventh but they all make it without spinning.


James Aramendia finally wins that battle for 4th and takes off after Reed.


Meanwhile, Weaver is cruising with 14 to go with 10-12 car lengths over Fitch and Reed.


Hubach spins solo in turn four to bring out the caution with 12 to go.


Carolyn Aramendia had pitted several laps ago but rejoins the field several laps down.


Weaver gets a love tap from Fitch on the restart going into turn one and spins around. Fitch sent to the rear. Weaver retains his race lead.


Still 12 to go.


These guys and girls are having a blast out there!


Weaver very loose going into turn one on the restart but hangs on over Reed and James Aramendia. Looks like Weavers tires are going away as Reed gives a huge love tap to Weaver in turn three. Weaver having a hard time hanging on as he gets looser and looser giving the lead to Reed.


With 7 to go, Reed looks strong as Aramendia tries to close in and Weaver very loose in the turns.


Reed made it work and took the checkered over J. Aramendia, Weaver, Ganss and Homer Pitner.

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The Thunder Stocks take to the track with Leonard Flores and David Sevilla on the front row. Aaron Leddy and Joey Jenkins in row two. Anthony Gordon and Jason Stanley in row three, Cooter Lynch and Aaron Brungot in row 4, James Huff and Steve Joyce...


On the first lap Aaron Brungot takes a wild ride off turn 1-2. And sparks flew between the Leddy car and the Flores vehicle as Leddy tried the very low line going into the first turn which really caused a lot of evasive action by others with Brungot getting the worst of the deal.


Complerte restart.


A wild start, but everybody made it through. Sevilla has the lead with Leddy in second, Gordon third ...


Opps, on lap 3 Lynch gets into Gordon who spins wildly off turn two to bring out another yellow. Lynch to the rear for the contact.


Up front it's Sevilla, Leddy, Gordon, Jason Stanley, Brungot, Huff, Flores, Chancellor...


A wild melee on the restart with half the field stacked up coming off turn two. Someone in mid-pack got into someone who got into someone else who ..etc, etc until about six or seven cars get involved. Jenkins to the rear. Huff to the pits.


Sevilla gerts a good re-start with 27 to go and holds off Leddy and Gordon as Stanley makes a great inside move on Gordon for third. Stanley then makes another move to pass Leddy for second. Stanley now on Sevilla's back bumper two laps later.


Brungo tries Leddy on the inside as Chancellor moves a great move takes them both for third ahead of Joey Tschoerner who had followed Chancellor through, putting Brungot back to fifth.


Stuart pulls to the infield with 15 to go.


With eleven to go Sevilla and Stanley get together hard in 3-4 as Stanley had found the inside going down the back stretch. Sevilla spins off the track to bring out the yellow. Sevilla pits and Stanley inherits the lead with 11 to go.


Stanley is pulled to the turn one tech area for a quick inspecton for possible fluilds leaking onto the track. Stanley to the pits for leaking fluilds on the track.


So the two leaders end up in the pits and Gary Chancellor inherits the lead with 11 to go. Joey Tschoerner in second, Brungot third, Gordon fourth, Duane Sanders fifth.


Terry Tschoerner goes off turn 3 with eight to go to bring out yet another yellow.


We hear from the tower that the race will go green, white, checkered finish due to the time limit having expired...


Chancellor and Joey Tschoerner go at it for the last two laps with Tschoerner trying the outside but Chancellor held him off for the win. Brungot finishes third, Gordon fourth and Tommy Gural fifth.


A wild one for sure!

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hhmmm...nick...why no love for the naskarts?!?! lol get some binoculars so you can see the numbers!! lol


or you just don;t love us anymore?!?!

I have plenty of love for the NasKarts. In fact, I have even provided them with a forum section for their use which saves them the expense and hassle of maintaining their own forum somewhere.


I personally think the Karts are a lot of fun to watch, but I have no idea who drives what Kart since the NasKart folks do not provide that information to me. Also, I cannot type and watch the race through binoculars at the same time. You may have noticed that Kathy scores the NasKarts from the flagstand because she can't see the numbers up there either. Not only that, but if you'll notice in this week's results, none of the drivers' names are published either. It's really up to the sactioning body to provide the media with press material if they expect the press to cover their events.


Here's a suggestion. You come up to the press box before the next NasKart race at THR and be the spotter for me and I'd be happy to do live reports on the NasKart races. Deal?



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Regarding the NasKarts, Roy had provided the driver list to me.  I failed to give a copy to Kathy (or Nick).


But Nick is correct about reading the kart numbers from the tower.  On Friday night, the NasKarts director (Roy) and I discussed a way to make the numbers more visible from the tower.  In that way, it will be much easier for all of us to identify the karts for scoring, scoreboard and media purposes.


I agree that it was great having Nick back to do the live updates!

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hhmmm...nick...why no love for the naskarts?!?! lol get some binoculars so you can see the numbers!! lol


or you just don;t love us anymore?!?!


I'd suggest you come up to the tower during a NASKART practice and try to pick out the car numbers as they go around the track...you can't.


Even if I had a driver's list, I wouldn't be able to call the race, whether I was calling it from the tower or the flagstand.


I did over-hear a conversation where Roy was talking about changing the Car #s so they would be readable.

That would be a huge help.


The NASKARTS put on a great race...

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That's why kathy has to go the the flag stand and put on her NEW glasses. They should just let me film it with my two way radio communicator I use in heat races. :rolleyes:

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TSRS "Back To School 75" up next. This should be fun!


Seventeen TSRS Late Models on the front straight during intermission..



With 42 to go, Bobby Teer and Dillon Spreen get together in 1-2 with Spreen ending up sideways in turn two. Mike Reininger, with no place to go, slides into Spreen. Spreen OK, but his car is done for the night.



Nick, are you sure about that?

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TSRS "Back To School 75" up next. This should be fun!


Seventeen TSRS Late Models on the front straight during intermission..



With 42 to go, Bobby Teer and Dillon Spreen get together in 1-2 with Spreen ending up sideways in turn two. Mike Reininger, with no place to go, slides into Spreen. Spreen OK, but his car is done for the night.



Nick, are you sure about that?

I'm not sure what you are referring to. Did I miscount the number of cars on the front straight? Sorry if I did, but when you're trying to report on the fly there is not much time to sit and double check anything.


I suspect, however, that you are actually referring to the part where it says that Teer and Spreen made contact. I got that off the race control radio at the time of the incident. Perhaps you heard it too if you had your scanner or radio set to the THR frequency. I personally did not see the contact, but I wasn't looking that way at the time. I looked up about the time Spreen slid to a stop and was collected by another car.


I hope I haven't made yet another race team fighting mad at me. I'm just grateful you didn't call me up at 3:00 am and threaten to kill me and set my house on fire like someone did the last time I dared to cover a race live.


If, however, you are dissatisfied with the quality of my race reporting, please feel free to PM or email me.





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Oh Honey, I do not do the sour grapes thing, i thought that you of all people would know that. :lol: I just think you need to check with the track "Track Ruling" before you make that call.

And as for 3:00 AM , not a chance.


Tracey Teer/#2 BT Sis

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