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Rather than banning the kid, his family should be encouraged to move him up to the next age bracket - but, hey, that's just my opinion.


When my baseball-loving son was eight or nine, he faced one of those nine-year old "fireball" pitchers. That kid must have weighed 140 pounds at age nine. He waddled around like fat kids do, but he sure could fire that ball - unfortunately, all over the place. He beaned about one kid an inning with that fastball, much to the apparent delight of his coaches.


He was notorious and several parent groups from other teams tried to get the league to ban him, but thank God we live in Texas where someone is still free to bean as many kids as they can - all with adult approval.


My son was one of his victims. I happened to be sitting behind the backstop at the time and Alan tried to block the pitch with his left hand, but it just grazed his finger tips and hit him square in the bridge of his nose. From where I was standing it looked just like he had been hit in the face with a tomato. Blood all over. Big cut on the lower forehead between the eyebrows. Broken nose.


As a parent, it wasn't much fun at the time and the scenario is still pretty much etched in my mind: the offending pitcher laughing his ass off; Alan's coach madder than a wet hen confronting the opposing coach; the two Umpires standing in between the two coaches out by the pitcher's mound; Alan on the ground surrounded by his teammates asking him if he was all right; me hopping over the dugout not sure whether to join the fray out at the pitcher's mound and throw some punches or to attend to Alan.


Fifteen years later, the scar is still there and his nose has one of those funny humps/bumps you often see in hockey players or prizefighters.

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my son has played for one or two coaches that have told him to slow his throw down so others can catch it ..i told him to throw what he had .didnt want him to backup to them .i told one coach he needs to do his job and teach those others how to catch him ..... THAT 9 year old has a gift .just hope they dont over throw him and ruin a chance of him ever going far ..the parents need to take over and keep him from hurting him self ..thats if the parents understand what he can and cant do ...seen to many young pitchers go the wayside from over throwing ..we have worked with the coaches with joshua . and it is paying off ...................




Budman i dont think jody can make that suit look as good as you did ....




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