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Towing Safety Checklist

Inspect the tow bar, dolly or trailer for loose bolts and worn parts. Tighten loose bolts and replace worn parts before hooking up. If you have bolts that are consistently coming loose, use Loctite or put on a double nut to keep them tight.


During Hook Up:

1. Hook up on a flat smooth surface.

2. If you have a coupler style tow bar; check the fit of the coupler on the ball. Adjust the coupler if necessary.

3. Hook up the tow bar.

4. Set up the towed vehicle’s steering and transmission to tow.

5. Check your parking brake to ensure it is disengaged.

6. Latch the legs on a self-aligning tow bar.

7. Attach the safety cables. Cross the cables between the vehicles and wrap the cables around the tow bar legs to keep them from dragging.

8. Attach the electrical cable.

9. Check the function of all lights on both vehicles.

10. Locate your spare key and lock the towed vehicle’s doors.

11. Drive with care and remember your vehicle will be about 25 feet longer while towing.


Each time you stop, check the tow bar, base plate and cables to make sure they are still properly attached. Check the tires of the towed vehicle to make sure they are not going flat. If you are using a dolly or trailer, check the wheels to make sure they are not hot to the touch. If the wheels are hot, it may indicate a brake or bearing problem. Each day before you start check the lights to make sure they are working properly. Between trips clean the towbar and cables to keep them in good shape. Also, clean and lubricate the tow bar as recommended by the manufacturer’s instructions.






Never EVER say "Gladys, Look at this idiot that keeps running into the walls." until you are absolutely positive it's not your tow vehicle.

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This is the story I got from Tator. Keith was flying thru a town to be named later in his Pappy's really nice Motorhome, not sure if it was to or from Daytona. In tow was his wife's car. Keith's tooling along and takes a peek in the rear view mirror. He spots and I quote "an idiot" that is bashing into the walls on the freeway, first the left then the right then the left, so forth and so on. He screams to his wife "GLADYS, LOOK AT THIS IDIOT THAT KEEPS RUNNING INTO THE WALLS!!!!!" Gladys runs to the front and looks in the mirror and screams something along the lines of "That's MY car, and I'm secretly in love with Jody Wayne!!!!". The stuff after the last comma may or may not have actually happened. I just spoke to him on the phone and they were looking for a new car for Gladys. So I guess the damage was substantial.

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