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Topless 100 @ Cowtown Spwy. Oct 2nd-5th


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Outlaw22, LMAO Sorry it 's just a race, not 100 topless Hooters girls. :rolleyes:

Lege9mod, I sure wish I could, but I only get so many paid vacation days. I'm already burning two for the Southern Challenge and two more for the Miller Modified Nationals. Between big shows at Cowtown, KSP, Abilene, Houston and McAllen I could use my whole years worth in only 5 weekends. Now if I could find a sponsor for my column.........I could take unpaid days off and cover ALL the shows........hopefully I'd still have job when I got back. LOL My buddy Shannon Young, aka Slider on who?won, will be up there and should give the nightly recaps over on that site. If you go look him up, he'll be in the stands and then the pits afterwards riding around in his wheelchair(with the Henry Witt paint job-LOL).

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