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THR Race weekend Canceled!

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We have been watching this weather closely! I do not want you guys to spend your travel money, especially with gas prices as they are, for us to have to cancel after you have already driven with these high chances for such bad weather! Several drowning already here in Texas, even close to Austin!


The possibility of the track being too wet by race time, Add traveling to and from on a holiday weekend, graduations, bad enough with good weather add the predicted bad weather, could be so dangerous for so many! With this being Memorial Day weekend, with as many lives that have been lost with our Military, we all want to race, but is it worth the possibility of endangering you guys our racers/teams, fans, families, Officials and Staff, my answer is no!


Thanks in advance for your support! PLEASE call anyone you might think that is planning on coming to the races this weekend and let's all try to keep them off of the roads! Texas Pro Sedans will be moved to June 9th event and October 13th will be our proposed Championship night, subject to change should we have any additional rainouts!


OK, sending this email out for postings, I know this will not please everyone, so turning my phone off, not reading Texasspeedzone, nor my emails. LOL Gotta go with my gut and live with it, If you go out and see flooding water, turn around and don't drown, we want to see you June 9th! Everyone, PLEASE have a safe Memorial weekend!



Mary Ann Naumann

Thunder Hill Raceway




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