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All American Car Wash Night @ STS 4/21/07 results

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All American Car Wash night at the races, South Texas Speedway, 4/21/07

By J M Hallas


Corpus Christi, Tx. (April 21, 2007) South Texas Speedway, The Dirt Track finally was able to run it’s opening points night after losing one try to Mother Nature. Also included were the Limited Modifieds running for an increased purse added by a anonymous sponsor and the Texana Classic Dwarf Cars. 100 cars rolled through the pit gates to compete on the 1/4 mile semi-banked clay oval, in front a good crowd despite somewhat windy conditions.


Whiteaker Wire to Wire for Modified Win

Defending STS Modified track champion, Steve Whiteaker jr returned to form leading every lap of the 25 lap Modified main event. After suffering problem in the first race of the season, Whiteaker found himself on the pole of the 22-car field. The young Corpus Christi hotshoe, who needs no extra advantage, got out front on green, held off all challengers and then cruised on to the win.


Whiteaker got a good jump as green waved, leaving Danny Brown and Nicky Hardcastle side by side for second. On lap 1 Rowdy Flanagan slowed and stacked up the pack causing a melee that saw several cars spin. On the restart, Whiteaker almost gave the lead away as he slid high in turn 1. Brown took a quick look inside but Whiteaker powered down the back stretch to hold the point. Lawrence Mikulencak and Raymond Tague got tangled in the pack to bring out yellow again.


This time Whiteaker got away clean, while Hardcastle was getting by Brown for second. Steve Majek then moved in on Brown pressuring him for third. The duo kept up the fight while Neal Flanagan, Eddy Ross and R. Flanagan battled for fifth. Yellow was out again on lap 3 when Tague spun in turn 2 at the same time John Hienaman and Bruce Barber tangled in turns 3-4.


Once back to green, Whiteaker began to motor away from Hardcastle and Brown until Joe Barnec had trouble in turn 2 on lap 6. This time Hardcastle was able to stick with Whiteaker and take a peek on the back stretch. Hardcastle again ducked inside Whiteaker coming out of turn 4 with the two making contact on front straight. The contact was enough to put Hardcastle out as he rolled to a stop in turn 4 the following lap.


When green came back out, Whiteaker, Brown and S. Majek broke away from Ross, Dale Flanagan, Mike Riley, R. Flanagan and Bobby Maupin. Mikulencak recovered from his earlier tangle and got by Riley for sixth on lap 10. At halfway the top five were Whiteaker, Brown, S. Majek, Ross and D. Flanagan. Chuck Perry spun on lap 13, while Justin Majek and R. Flanagan getting together in turn 2. Under caution Maupin stopped on the front stretch with a broken front suspension.


Just as Whiteaker got away from Brown and S. Majek on the restart, Mikulencak stopped on the back straight. Whiteaker got away again as Brown and S. Majek raced wheel to wheel for second with Ross and D. Flanagan side by side for fourth. S. Majek finally completed the pass on lap 15, but was some distance behind Whiteaker.


On lap 18 Riley was able to get into the top five passing D. Flanagan after a lap long, side by side battle. Ross was now putting the heat on Brown for third, while up front Whiteaker was inching away from S. Majek. In the final laps all three of the Flanagan’s hooked as they held a family feud for position. Up front, it was Whiteaker in the Texas Service Industries, Jerry Whiteaker, KO Grafix, WW Bodies, Access Ford, Holdsclaw & Herman, T. Roberts Optical, Certain Automotive, Youngs Auto Repair, J-4 Oilfield Services, Hughes Chassis adding yet another win to his young career.


“It took a lot of luck,” replied Whiteaker. “The last time we were here, I was the first one to get knocked, so I got to start on the pole this week. It made it a lot easier. I know the top groove had a lot of moisture up and if I could get up there, the bottom was getting dry slick, and no one could hook up down there. I figured if I could hold the top, I’d be good.”

“I saw the 94, Nicky Hardcastle look inside me, every time on the restart I’d mess up going into turns 1-2. After a lap I didn’t see him again. Danny(Brown) was running good, he and I are like team mates, I saw him once too.”

“When I run the USMTS Series I don’t have the motor or money those guys do,” added Whiteaker. “But I do qualify. Getting to run with them helps me get my car better just to run in the top ten. My main focus is on running the USMTS Southern Series this year and I’ll just run here when I can. I’ll run at Pleasanton (Tri-City Speedway) a little bit, because I like to race as much as possible. Now that the Southern Series is close to me, we’ll see how that works out.”



1 89 Steve Whiteaker jr

2 82 Steve Majek

3 55 Danny Brown

4 35 Eddy Ross

5 8 Mike Riley

6 58 Rowdy Flanagan

7 57 Dale Flanagan

8 5 Neal Flanagan

9 4 Justin Majek

10 17b Bruce Barber

11 174 Max Helms

12 87 Lawrence Mikulencak

13 7x Bobby Maupin

14 15 Chuck Perry

15 94 Nicky Hardcastle

16 38 David Schurry

17 32 Raymond Tague

18 26 Darin Leonard

19 97 Joe Barnec

20 44 Joey Hienaman

21 9 Derrick Flora?

22 86 Dale Myers

7 Lupe Gomez---DNS

721 Doug Cameron---DNS




Hudgeons Hot in Special Limited Modified Main

With an added purse of $800 to win for the Limited Modified, 16 cars would take the green for the 25 lap main. Cuero’s Aaron Hudgeons would get the lead late in the race and be able to pull away for the win and the increased payday.


Jerry Majek and Bobby Maupin led the field to green until Majek and Lawrence Mikulencak spun in turn 2. On the next start, Maupin got out front with Mickey Helms, Majek and Hudgeons almost going three wide for second in turn 4. Hudgeons let discretion be the better part of valor and backed out, a move that would prove to possibly be the race winning one.


Steve Whiteaker made an early charge getting by Majek for third on lap 1, then around Helms for second on lap, with Hudgeons in hot pursuit. Hudgeons and Helms were side by side for third on lap 3 and Hudgeons taking the spot just as Robert Williams backed into the turn 3 wall to bring out the yellow. On the restart Maupin and Whiteaker got away, with Hudgeons getting back by Helms for third as Johnny Torres and Russell Salinas ran wheel to wheel for fifth.


Whiteaker’s run to the front ended on lap 6 when Hudgeons and Helms both got by and further problems forced Whiteaker to pull off on lap 7. The top three then separated out with a big gap to Torres, R. Salinas and Devin Adler. As the race neared halfway Hudgeons was reeling in Maupin. At the crossed flags Maupin had Hudgeons on his bumper, Helms, Torres and R. Salinas in the top five spots.


Torres and R. Salinas had their own scrap going for fourth as they swapped the spot for several laps. On lap 16 Maupin and Hudgeons caught lapped traffic forcing them to go three wide past the slower car. Hudgeons capitalized and snagged the top spot on lap 17. Maupin would then slow dramatically and be forced to pit with problems leaving Hudgeons with a large lead.


Hudgeons caught two slower cars running side by side for position, but undaunted, Hudgeons again went three wide to get around them despite having about a half track lead over Helms. The final laps saw Hudgeons keep the hammer down, increase his margin and take the easy win in the Hudgeons Paint & Body, Ace Transmissions, Pflugerville Engine & Machine, Swenson Race Products Limited Modified.


Limited Modifieds

1 68 Aaron Hudgeons

2 174 Mickey Helms

3 66 Johnny Torres

4 17x Devin Adler

5 911 Russell Salinas--docked one spot for jumping restart

6 17 Jerry Majek

7 x11 Mark Salinas

8 2 Darrell Kennemar

9 46 Todd Evans

10 20 Daniel Norvell

11 77 Bobby Maupin

12 47 Sean Feely

13 88 Steve Whiteaker

14 02 Robert Williams

15 41 John Hienaman

16 83 Lawrence Mikulencak

39 Miguel Mendoza---DNS




Gavlik Grabs Hobby Stock Honors

Bill Stephens got the point at the start of the 20 car Hobby Stock feature with a three wide scramble for second. Coming out of turn 4 Stephens got sideways with Mark Gavlik getting the top spot on lap 1. In the pack Ziggy Reusser, Stephens and Jim Myers were three wide for fourth on lap 2. Z. Reusser, Myers then caught Andy Anderson in a fight for third.


Stephens, Myers, Z. Reusser and Anderson swapped those spots on lap 5-7 almost corner for corner until Myers spun on lap 8 erasing Gavlik’s nice lead over Tom Carlisle. On the restart, Stephens got around Carlisle for as the race came to halfway with Gavlik still holding the point, Stephens, Carlisle, Z. Reusser and Myers rounding out the top five.


David Terrell brought out yellow on lap 10 with a solo spin in turn 4. Stephens took a look inside once back to green, then again on lap 11, while Z. Reusser was looking low on Carlisle for third. Lap 12 saw Carlisle slip high giving Z. Reusser, Myers, and Anderson the chance to pick up spots. Stephens charge back to the front ended on lap 14 when he spun and collected Myers.


Gavlik got out on green from Z. Reusser and began pulling away until Myers wounded car spun in turn 4 on lap 17. Z. Reusser tried to stay with Gavlik as green waved again but Gavlik inched away. At the checkers it was only fitting that Gavlik in the All American Car Wash, Gavlik Automotive, Quality Power Washing, Clearvision Window Repair, Valvoline Express Care, Absalute Detailing, CC Collision, Cesar Fleet Service car would win on All American Car Wash night at the races.


Hobby Stock

1 07 Mark Gavlik

2 5 Ziggy Reusser

3 113 Andy Anderson

4 28 Tom Carlisle

5 47 Jim Myers

6 21g Steve Grantz

7 10 Daniel Duncan

8 4 Cliff Reusser

9 07x Rusty Mirth

10 214 David Terrell

11 13 Bill Stephens



Hyde Hustles to Pure Payday

Polesitter Gene Hyde got out front at the initial start of the 16-car, 20 lap Pure Stock feature, but a several cars in the pack got turned, spun and brought the yellow back out quickly. Hyde again jumped out into the lead while Bobby Jack and Curtis King battled for second. Adam Stehle and Brad Brockman got tangled on lap 2 to bring out a yellow. Hyde got away with Jack and King still at it for second. Jack got spot on lap 6 as Hector Aguirre followed to third.


King lost another spot on lap 8 as Scott Deim got by. As the race neared halfway, Hyde was approaching traffic, with King now trying to hold off Jimbo Myers and Sam Meyers for fifth. Stehle brought yellow on lap 11 with a solo spin allowing Jack to close up on the restart.


Hyde got a good jump on green while King and Deim swapped fourth. S. Myers got turned around in turn 1 by J. Myers on lap 13 to bring out caution and send J. Myers to the tail. Jack was able to hang with Hyde on the restart, but got into him sending him spinning from the lead. Hyde was given his spot back and Jack went to the back. No sooner than the green waved, yellow was back out after Jimmy Reagan found the turn 2 wall.


The flagman caught all but Hyde napping as green came back out, and Hyde getting a huge lead on Hector Aguirre. S. Myers and Deim were side by side for third as King and Brad Titzman ran door to door for fifth. Titzman got that spot then took forth from Deim a lap later. With Hyde running uncontested for the lead, S. Myers and Aguirre were fighting it out for second. Hyde snagged the win by a comfortable margin as S. Myers got by Aguirre for second.


Pure Stock

1 44 Gene Hyde

2 46 Sam Myers

3 6 Hector Aguirre

4 56 Brad Titzman

5 2 Scott Deim

6 8 Eric Shanen

7 42 Curtis King

8 41s Jimbo Myers

9 88 Bobby Jack

10 93 Adam Stehle

11 68 Billy Kinsel

12 95 Brad Brockman

13 49 Paul Vogt

14 9 Dan Reagan

15 5 Robert Elizondo

16 119 Mike Gilman

19 Darryl Proseck---DNS



Furia Fast in Dwarf car Dash.

The Texana Classic Dwarf Car Series rolled out 14 cars to take the green for their 20 lap feature.

Mike Christians held the lead through turns 1-2, but it Frank Furia getting advantage as they came to the line on lap 1. Furia had just started pulling away from Andrew Cline jr in second and the fight for third between Gary Hanson and Christians, when Joseph Snow, Joshua Hunt and Ryan Watkins piled up in turns 1-2.


On the restart, Cline and Hanson ran side by side for second as Furia got away. Cline got the spot then tracked down Furia for the lead. Cline got by Furia on lap 2, while Greg Sexton took fourth from Christians. Furia would fight back and retake the top spot on lap 8 before a spin by Hunt slowed the action. Back to green, Sexton took a side trip through the infield grass, losing several spots. Hanson lost his top three spot when he looped it, but was able to continue.


At halfway the top five were Furia, Cline, Christians, Stew Savage and Sexton, until Easy Casey spun on lap 11. The restart saw Sexton jump into third then move in on Cline to battle for second. The Sexton, Cline scrap came to head on lap 15 when got hooked together and spun in turn 2. Furia got away clean on green leaving Christians and Hanson to fight it out for the runner-up spot. Furia was first to the finish line, with Christians holding off Hanson for second.


Texana Classic Dwarf Cars

1 3x Frank Fruia

2 13 Mike Christians

3 54 Gary Hanson

4 4 Stew Savage

5 79 Douglas Schmidt

6 19 Andrew Cline jr

7 01 Joshua Hunt

8 36 Joe Rodriguez

9 15 Gary Faris

10 01s Joseph Snow

11 51 Bill Cotton

12 2ez Easy Casey

13 1 Greg Sexton

14 40 Ryan Watkins



Ford Finds Flag First

At the start of the Texas Thunder feature it looked to a Gilpin shootout for win as EJ Gilpin got the lead with Tim Gilpin on his bumper and pulling away. EJ. Gilpin would do a half spin on lap 3 handing the lead to T. Gilpin on lap 4. EJ. Gilpin would repeat his feat on lap 7, before retiring on lap 11, leaving T. Gilpin with nearly a full lap lead on Brian Updike, Randy Smith and Bubba Ford.


Ford was just getting lapped when Smith and Updike tangled collecting the leader, T. Gilpin. Under the yellow T. Gilpin pulled off putting Ford back on the lead lap and Smith in the lead. Once back to green, Ford found new life and got past Smith in the final laps to snare the victory in the Vega Trucking, Lalos Auto, Ford.


Texas Thunder

1 17 Bubba Ford

2 6 Randy Smith

3 33 Brian Updike

4 12 Tim Gilpin

5 21 EJ Gilpin



Sullivan Scores first ever win in Bomber Bash

Eleven cars started what would turn out to be a slam, bang Bomber feature. At the original start a multi-car melee on the back stretch left a bumper on the track to bring the yellow back out. Polesitter, Karen Jack was unable to make the second try, so that left Pete and Joe Arce to battle for lead, which P. Arce got. P. Arce, Justin Jackson and TJ Sullivan went three wide for lead on lap 3, with J. Jackson getting the spot on lap 4.


Sullivan then began stalking J. Jackson and would take looks low for the top spot. On lap 7 the duo traded a little paint in turn 4, with Sullivan getting the lead on lap 8. Cory Collier worked his way to battle with first, J. Jackson for fourth, then Arce for third in the final laps. At the checkers it was Kevin Sullivan waving the flag for his sons’ first ever win.



1 TJ Sullivan

2 13x Pete Arce

3 93 Cory Collier

4 55 Fred Koch

5 85 Chris Silvas

6 52 Tom Thrower

7 13 Justin Jackson

8 55A Joe Arce

9 07 Ralph Postell

10 113 Kyle Jackson

11 38 Karen Jack

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(From what I heard)After doing well on the dry slick at Tri-City on Friday, I think Rusty found the wet/tacky surface just a little trickier. Looked like he had a BIG push in hot laps and heat race. Started at the back of the main, just kind of hung around and stayed out of trouble most of the race.


BTW, just got home and starting on stories......hope no one was holding their breath this long. LOL

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In response to the comment concerning Me Russell the driver of the 911 not my son Mark who is the driver of the X-11. My back bumper says all the story of me jumping the start. I had help from behind but who is to argue with the owner of the track that has his own mind and sees what he is told to see. I admit my bumper was along side of the car ahead of me but like I said I had some help from behind. Guess that was not seen.... Either way it was a great race and I have better things to do that argue a bad call. Just my opinion....


Russell 911 :D

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hey Russell;of coarse i was watching that as it happened.it was fun watching you and Johnny go back and forth.it was good racing!but if you watch a tape you wont be so upset.you were not being pushed coming out and you did pass johnny before the cone.Owen and i argue calls,but its becuse i feel i got a bad deal.i have had to say i was wrong and he was right.thats a tough deal from someone like me!.but i hope we can watch this class grow and continue on.because we have one thing in commen for sure,WE SPEND BIG BUCKS FOR THE GAME WE LOVE....see you at STS again i hope.and other tracks that both our teams meet up at...frank t

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If I am wrong I will be the first to admit it. Things happen when racing is involved. I accepted the outcome and look forward to racing at STS for a long time to come. Owen and the Crew of STS your doing a fantastic job of setting up the track and managing the racing. Keep up the good work.


Russell 911

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Texana Classic Dwarf Cars

1 3x Frank Fruia

2 13 Mike Christians

3 54 Gary Hanson

4 4 Stew Savage

5 79 Douglas Schmidt

6 19 Andrew Cline jr

7 01 Joshua Hunt

8 36 Joe Rodriguez

9 15 Gary Faris

10 01s Joseph Snow

11 51 Bill Cotton

12 2ez Easy Casey

13 1 Greg Sexton

14 40 Ryan Watkins


Is the # 40 Ryan Watkins the same Ryan Watkins of East Central High School fame????? Man I hope so......Not near as well as the Tedford....

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