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Super late model winter series


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It is a good idea.

I am sure you would get a gew cars, but if a cold front blows in you will not get many fans to come out in the cold.

You would be competing with Deer & Football season.

Most teams rebuild their cars , and make major changes to the cars during this time frame as well.

There reasons may keep the car count down.


Victory Lane

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It's a good idea, for sure...


However, to push the point that Victory Lane made, you're competing with FOOTBALL, deer season, FOOTBALL, guys and gals tearing their cars down, FOOTBALL, cold weather (which willl keep the fans away)....and did I mention FOOTBALL????


Believe me, if anyone has an idea of what football means in Texas--as per my experience with KVET-AM radio---it's me. Football is TOO HUGE in Texas, and that doesn't even take the NFL into consideration!


But, every idea can be successful if plotted out right. There's just a lot of obstacles facing the idea...

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I really don't think you'll find anyone with deep enough pockets to cover the financial risks involved in running an off-season series. I think it would be really fun to run a winter series on the floor of the AlamoDome. But you can only imagine the overhead that would be associated with such a series...


Nick Holt

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Ok this series would be on sat. afternoon with a practice fri. night. the points would pay the top five. The purse will pay everyone that is in the feature.If there is a B main it will pay to.The race it self will be broke down into two seperat races 50 laps of all green flag laps . Then there will be a support race in between. Then we will invert the whole field on how they finished the first race. The last 50 laps will be all green flag laps. The first 50 laps will pay its own purse & the last 50 laps will pay its own purse. There will be bouns money not points for the driver who finishes the best in both races . As for the pay outs we are still figuring that out.We will say if this hapens the points over all purse is $21,000.00 with $10,000.00 going to the winner.

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Texas football teams- You know, High School football. The only real football in Texas, other than maybe a little college.

I wouldn't walk across the street to watch pro ball, but have driven as much as 800 miles round-trip to watch a high school game. Lived in Fort Worth, and drove to Corpus (Buccaneer Stadium) to watch my old school play Gregory-Portland.


Seriously though, You have to keep High School ball in this state in mind for anything you try to run during that time. Ask any current Friday night track how much their gate changes this time of year. And with games played from Thursday to Saturday, you better have a good show and advertising plan to run a Saturday.

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You're right, Reb, but if you look at some of the changes this year, the number of playoff teams will increase by about a third, due to the number of teams making the cut from each district. They will have a bunch of games, and last until Xmas.

You could basically throw December out of a potential race schedule--Several teams will be in Pensacola for the Snowball (If that track gets it's legal issues solved), and then everyone is tied up with Xmas/New Years holidays.

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Five flags is the center of a conflict between the property owners, and Wade MacNaughton, who has leased the track for the past few years.

There is a lot of rumor and speculation on the problems, but later this month, a hearing is scheduled to to determine if the owners can break the lease held by MacNaughton. A previous five flags promoter, Don Grassman, is doing a lot of this; he also is step-son of the owner.

There is also evidence of financial problems related to Mac Naughton.

All this affects this year's Snowball. Mac Naughton's lease runs through the Snowball, Grassman is trying to gain control of that race.

If you look closely, there are currently TWO websites for that track. They each have their own phone number to call to order Snowball tickets. Yet BOTH list the racetracks address for mail.

The original site, [www. fiveflagsspeedway.com]--has been taken back by the owners. It has not been recently updated. You also cannot get anyone to answer that phone number.

The new site, [www.fiveflagsspeedway.us]--was started by MacNaughton.

It lists the original track phone number, and is fairly current.

MacNaughton's site seems to imply that everything is normal, and on schedule.

Now for the disclaimer--I read a lot of this on various forum boards in that area. They included Mobile and Pensacola, which have both discontinued their boards. There is another local Pensacola forum-[www.ninemilemachine.com], but all negative postings about the track have been removed, and the moderator is deleting anything new that is negative against the track.


My reason for not getting tickets already is --say I order them from the usual number,(MacNaughton), and the owners and Grassman win control

of the race. Are they going to honor the tickets sold by MacNaughton?


We've (The group I go with) have about decided to skip the Snowball this year until all this crap clears up. We are thinking about that north-south shootout at Nashville Oct 18, or the World classic at Mobile on Nov 1. Or maybe both...

If I find out anything else, I will post it here.

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