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Good morning automotive enthusiasts,I am a representative from Speed Network. I am frequenting automotive message boards searching for true motor sport enthusiasts. PINKS’ is offering a one-of-a-kind opportunity check this out.






PINKS: ALL OUT Is Coming To Texas Motorplex September 2, 2006 and we don't care how HOT it gets!


Gates open at 7AM - Bring your friends, family, trailers and RV's and don't plan on leaving until after midnight!


ALL OUT Qualifying begins at 8AM (It's like a test & tune on steroids!) Don't be late! You get atleast 2 runs! ALL OUT Qualifying ends at 3 PM and things are just getting started!


Rich Christensen and Team PINKS will select 16 killer racers from ALL OUT Qualifying to compete for $10,000 in a Heads-Up, Run-What-Ya-Brung, Let's-Get-Ugly, Shootout, Showdown! You might get picked just because Rich likes the color of your car or the grease stain on your wife beater! Plus, 8 racers will receive $1000 CASH!


Yes, there will be chaos. Yes, there will be screaming. Yes, there will be crying. And if you sandbag at this competition - You're going HOME Big Dog!


Will there be title racing? THIS IS PINKS! Bring your title and we'll find you a race!


It's $10 bucks for racers and $10 bucks for spectators. Not one dime goes to PINKS! We're the ones giving the money, remember?


Look, Rich wants to give $18,000 away and watch some hardcore, no bullsh#T racing! It's that simple.


So show up and get ready to push your car like it's never been pushed before. Oh yeah, you might just have one of the best times of your life!


- Street cars that pass tech inspection only.

- No titles required

- No sandbaggers allowed.


Learn more on their web-site: http://www.speedtv.com/pinks

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Ya never know till you try Gundog. How about that F-650 of yours? They could spot ya.... say.... 3/4 of the track. :lol::lol: My fiance could put her Honda Accord up against it. She wants that F-650.......Bad!!!!! LMAO


In reality, I think it's great that a rep from Speed Network has even heard of Texasspeedzone.com. Remember someone saying........."watch what you say on here because you never know who might read the stuff.




You never know where a rep from there could lead either. May be a good start for racing in Texas to get some national exposure. Drags or circle track! Everyone always wants to complain that they get no exposure.......well here's a chance to do something positive for racing in Texas. That is, of course, providing you get off your butts and do something about it. JMO---and you know I'm not shy about sharing my opinion, one way or the other.


Labor Day weekend is pretty much an open weekend for pavement racing and you could end up on TV. Interesting!


Hey Tommy/Josh, you got any nitrous systems that would hook up to 6-banger Mustang? Bet that would void my warranty!! :o:lol:

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heads up??????, i know some 7 second 1/4 mile bad boys that love heads up-we going to check this out-usually Pinks doesnt want real heads up stuff-we already asked before-this could get interesting-my buddies wont like that bald headed boy standing in the middle about 60 ft out,cause he might get wiped out himself with these wild Sum@#%&*$% I got

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