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Legacy cars @ TWS


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:D Those pics were great Tom. I love the Texas World sign in the one. We too would like copies. If you ever decide to stop racing, photography is a good route for you! We had a blast this past weekend at World. Thank you Bob and NASA for the exciting experience!



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It takes me a day or two to gather my thought...sorry for the delay.

Dillon Spreen impressed everyone by mastering the track with only one day of practice as he was the man to beat. Posting fast time on both days, Dillon was at the wrong place at the wrong time to win day one; but bounced back to lead everything but the last 5 feet of day two. Paul Costas crossed the finish line maybe 5 foot in front of Dillon.

To loose to an experianced road course champion like Paul and Rege Brunner, first day winner, isn't too bad. Dillon made a very strong impression to everyone and humbled the Houston Legacy drivers who road race 4 times a year.

day one:

1. Rege Brunner (3)

2. Richard Tyra (89) Houston Legacy Extreme w/sway bars

3. John Riley (69)

4. Kirby Caldwell(10) HLE

5. Jay Carley (88) HLE

6. Gary Poole (6) HLE

7. Jeff Weir (86)

8. Dillon Spreen (81)

9. Todd Brady(20) HLE

10. John Martin (58)

11. Jake Kruger (71)

12. Arden Vikre (72)

13. Allen Sampson(1)

14. Dillon Sampson(4)

15. Jason Hollander (6)

16. Eric Brunner (88)

17. Tom Harwell(14)

18. Kirk Markos(27)


Day two:


1. Paul Costas (3)

2. Dillon Spreen(81)

3. Jake Kruger (71)

4. Gary Poole (6) HLE

5. Todd Brady (20) HLE

6. Jeff Weir (86)

7. Kirby Caldwell(10) HLE

8. John Riley (69)

9. Jay Carley (88) HLE

10. Jason Hollander (6)

11. Arden Vikre (72)

12. Dillon Sampson (4)

13. John Martin (58)

14. Allen Sampson (1)

15. Kirk Markos (27)

16. Eric Brunner (88)

17. Tom Harwell (14) DNS

18. Richard Tyrs (86) HLE DNS


The Houston Legacy Extreme's have sway bars and allow a +.030 bore.

Lone Star Legacy's are bone stock and at a slight dis-advantage to the HLE.

Tom Harwell's rear axle let go on lap 5 , day one. Richard Tyra's fire extenguisher went off on day two qualifying; the 60 year old went to the hospital with breathing problems.


Dillon Spreen won the overall, 2-day championship trophy, with Jeff Weir and John Riley tied for second.

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Who says roadcourse races aren't close at the finish line? :o


Thanks to Cherie Spreen for the pic. :) Dillon did a great job posting fast qualifying time for both days. I think an ALE car snuck fastest race lap on Saturday and I eeked out fastest race lap on Sunday.


Bob, what is the Legacy Track record out there and did we beat it this past weekend?


Huge thanks for letting my run with you guys and an even bigger thanks to Rege for letting me try my hand at the wheel. I now have 11 laps in a Legacy car and if I wasn't deep into a roadrace car project I'd seriously consider getting one. Those little cars are a ton of fun! Maybe Rege will let me do a race a THR before the year is out. B)



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I'll tell you something, this young man is NO kid! He can and WILL run with the best of youl Even tho we are in competition we KNOW he is a force to be reconed with. He has talent ad PATIENCE.....which is exattly what it takes to advance to the NEXT LEVEL!!! Mark my words, we WILL be seeing him on national television!!!! And it wiill have been an honor `to have raced with him!


Nothing but respect, Kathie and Jeff

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hey tom,

great pictures,good to see what's going on at the races,haven't been able to go much this year.



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