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Unofficial USRA SLM Results at SAS, 8/5/06


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Unofficial USRA Super Late Model Results at SAS, 8/5/06


1. (18) Brandon Bendele, 150

2. (13) Tommy Grimes, 150

3. (52) J.C. Umscheid, 150

4. (41) Chris Davidson, 150

5. (11) Tommy Grothues, 149

6. (7) Tuffy Hudson, 149

7. (02) Matt Smith, 146

8. (36) Jonathan Beason, 145

9. (16) Danny Pike, 141

10. (11S) Brent Seeley, 98

11. (29) Thad Felton, 92

12. (03) Matt Merrell, 64

13. (96) Greg Davidson, 51

14. (23) Larry Bendele, 33

15. (9) Casey Smith, 20

16. (04) Cory Roper, 5

17. (57) John Kelly, Crashed in Time Trials

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Question to the peanut gallery? Im sure Txtom has the answer to this..... When was the last time in a TIDA/ROMCO/USRA race that the leader was passed on the outside? To me it was awesome watching Tommy and Brandon battle it out those last 70-80 laps but like it was said above there was easily 5 cars that under the right circumstances could have won this race... Props to JC Umshied as well working his tail off and leading the start of the race and also to Chris Davidson who for a moment there was probrobly giving Terry heart palpations (sp) when he got the lead after the second yellow...


Marc Roy

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what happened to the selley driver i didnt see that

Brent Seeley ended up in the front straight wall on lap 99 after a strong run.


I didn't see what started it, but after the race I talked to Brent for a while and according to him, he and Tuffy Hudson made contact coming off turn four and he ended up in the grandstand wall.


Perhaps someone who actually saw what happened can add some details.


Nick Holt

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Anyone know what happened to Tommy's(#13) motor?

According to Tommy and Denny Burton, the crew chief on the car, the engine probably lost a valve. They expect to find a hole in the top of a pistion when they have a look inside.


Nick Holt

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