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Texas Two-Step Flyer

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  • 2 weeks later...


We are already running half-page color ads in Late Model Digest for the Texas Two-Step races. We do plan to get the word out to other regions/drivers on this event.






I know Rick made calls and sent lots of e mails before he left as well. I'm sure he has passed the word in Florida, so hopefully we'll get a good showing and great racing.



Brad Bush


Also, the Texas Two-Step press release ran in most of the racing websites and a couple of the racing newsletters.


The word is getting out that the Texas Two-Step is paying $5,000 to win for each race and a $5,000 bonus if someone wins them both.


Nick Holt


Just to let you guys know, probably already know this. At I-70 they quit running their SLM's, now they run ASALM rules and have them race once in a while on "Super Saturdays", they only had 9 late models show up last time. I'm not sure people sold their stuff or changed over or are probably running other series. Back in the good Oktoberfast days, some of these guys made trips here for the first few years. Maybe we can get them involved again. Their forum is http://www.racinboys.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi, I see Snowball's postings there for their races. Maybe you can post something there. What about the USLMA, they are off on the 10th. Just some ideas.

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I appreciate your helping us out with the flyers. I couldn't seem to get it to attach on TSZ, probably due to the file size.


I will send it to you via your e-mail address. If anyone else wants a copy of this flyer (or the one for June 3), please give me your e-mail address and and I'll be glad to forward it to you.

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