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$1,000 "Pick the top finishers" contest


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Terry Dickerson is putting up some BIG money for any Texas Speed Zone member who correctly predicts who will finish up front in the ASALM race this Saturday, April 1, 2006.


Here’s the deal:


Simply post who you think the top 5 finishers will be in the ASALM race. You must list all five at the same time in the same post.


If you:


Pick the Top 5 in the correct order you win $1,000


Pick the Top 5 in any order you win $500


Pick the Top 3 in the correct order you win $500


Pick the Top 3 in any order and you win $250


1) It works like this. Suppose you pick all 5 top ASALM finishers in the correct order. You win $1,000.00. You do not win the $500.00 for also picking the top 5 in any order, the $500.00 or $250.00 for picking the top 3. In other words, you get to win one of the prizes for your correct predictions.


2) All predictions must be posted in this TXSZ thread before ASA qualifying begins (which is scheduled for 4:00 p.m. CST on Saturday).


3) Only one entry per person no matter how many screen names that person may have.


4) In the event of ties, the money will be pro-rated among the winners.


5) All predictions must clearly show the driver’s name and be listed in the order you are predicting they will finish.



6) Winners will be notified by email using the email address provided by the member in their membership data. All prizes, unless otherwise specified, will be mailed to the contest winners by U.S. Postal Service. It is the responsibility of the contest winner to notify TXSZ of their correct U.S. Postal Service address within thirty (30) days of the end of the contest. TXSZ is not responsible for the failure or tardiness of prizes delivered via US Postal Service. TXSZ is at liberty to award any unclaimed prize at the end of the thirty-day grace period as they see fit.


7) In the event that a winner chooses not to accept a prize or does not claim a prize, he or she forfeits all claims to that prize. TXSZ then has the right, at its discretion, to award that prize as they see fit.


8) Odds of winning will depend on the number of qualified entries.


9) TXSZ reserves the right to terminate any contest at any time.


10) In the case of disputes over contest procedures, rules or the determination of winners, the decision of TXSZ is final.


11) Additions or deletions to these rules may be made at the discretion of TXSZ, and may be enacted at any time.


12) TXSZ, its agencies, affiliates, sponsors or representatives absolve themselves of any liability, financial or otherwise, resulting from any contests staged by TXSZ.


13) All contestants acknowledge, as a condition of entry, that TXSZ has a right to publicize, or broadcast the winner’s name, character, likeness, voice or all matters incidental herein.


14) All prizes are non-transferable and void where prohibited by law.


15.) Winners understand and agree that they are responsible for any and all taxes incurred on prizes received.


16) All decisions made by TXSZ regarding this contest are final.

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Here goes...


1..96 Greg Davidson Pearland TX

2..811 Brandon Bendele San Antonio TX

3..2 Chad Wood Madison WI

4..8 Eddie Hoffman Wheaton IL

5..29 Brian Campbell Grand Rapids MI



If I win will you please send it to Kevin Suberg?

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1st: Brandon Bendele


2nd: Colt James


3rd: Greg Davidson


4th: Lloyd Alexander


5th: Chad Wood


Will not make the race. So I told Kev about this and he picked the top 4 good luck to all. Go racing:


God Bless

Dorothy mom to Kevin Suberg

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4. Brandon Bendele

5. Eddie Wallace





Since the Millers won't be in the pits this weekend I have moved them out of my top 5.


{still voting for Miller to be #1 in the stands}...lol



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1) 19 Jake Ryan

2) 13 Charlie Menard

3) 811 Brandon Bendele

4) 7 Landon Cassill

5) 96 Greg Davidson

(These don't count just for fun)

6) 52 JC Umschied

7) Eddie Hoffman

8) Hunter Robbins

9) Kelly Bires

10) Chad Wood



Mel I think Butch Miller is signed up to race at Martinsville this weekend and I don't see Bo Miller on the list. I think anyone should be able to play, even TD, it will be tough to get them right. :rolleyes:

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Not a lot of support for the local guys, with even Brandon Bendele seeming to get more of a "favorite son" vote than serious consideration.

I don't know, but except for the local guys maybe not being used to the tires, I'd think they'd show better. Eddy Wallace has been pretty strong at SAS the last year or two, and Colt James is no slouch.

Should be interesting.

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