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ASALM admission price.

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We're in the process of working out the details on the ASA race. I will post an answer to your question soon. I'm glad to hear that you're bringing a "big crowd" to the race!

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I would have been cool if there was a 2-day event ticket, or ticket and pit pass in one price like they have in several other tracks that I've visited. I understand if it's not possible because they are different events. The ASALM website I'm sure will have a entry list posted once the Nashville race is over, just in case you can go there.


"MOVE THIS THREAD TO THE MAIN FORUM!" There might be more people interested in this topic and might have questions. I'm saying this, because I usually don't read the other track forums and some others might do the same.

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I just spoke with Terry Dickerson regarding your questions about the starting field, pit passes, etc.


First of all, the starting field for the ASA Late Model Series Alamo 200 will be 28 cars.


Pit passes will be $30/day for both Friday and Saturday. A two-day pit pass will be available for $55.


Here's a recap on the grandstand admission charges:


Friday, March 31

Adults - $15

Senior/Military (with ID) - $8

Children 7-12 - $3

Children 6 and under - Free


Saturday, April 1

Adults - $25

Senior/Military (with ID) - $15

Children 7-12 - $5

Children 6 and under - Free


Advance tickets may be purchased by visiting the San Antonio Speedway office at 14901 State Highway 16 South, San Antonio, TX 78264, or by calling 210-628-1499.


Information about lodging can be found on the SAS Website.


The NASCAR Late Model and Sportsman feature races on Friday night (March 31) will be points' races for San Antonio Speedway and the NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series.


We're working on the final details for the schedule for both days and hope to have information posted on the TSZ and SAS websites soon.


We're currently scheduling a Press Conference on Thursday, March 30, at 2:00 p.m. Additional details will be released soon.


We're also working on radio & TV ads, etc.

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Thanks Debwill! Here's a link to the ASALM website for the Alamo 200 event, it has an updated entry list. Check it daily.


Click on the top.(TidBits) There were some penalties handed out at the Nashville race. I think I remember the #6 getting wrecked, that's why there was probably a retaliation.



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Hello Debbie, just a few questions....


1. Does SAS sell season passes?? If so, how much.


2. Any Bristol Parties this weekend?? If so, where!! had a blast at Firehouse Grill.


3. Is Terry Dickerson related to Eddie Dickerson? I think Eddie lives in SC or NC.. not sure.


Let me know,



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1. We did try to get a season package together for this season. However, we weren't able to finalize all the details to make it happen. We do hope to have a season package available for the 2007 season.


2. I also had a great time at the Firehouse, but SAS doesn't have any plans for the Bristol race. To be quite honest, we've been so busy getting ready for the ASA race, we don't have time to think about a party. I think Terry will be partying under the grandstands on Sunday . . . picking up trash to get ready for the race . . . with one eye on the TV . . . oh, and talking on all of his cell phones at the same time! You're welcome to join him.


3. I checked with Terry, and he's not related to Eddie Dickerson.


When we get past next weekend's ASA race, we really want to put more focus on our marketing efforts, including group discount tickets, corporate nights at the races, Driving Experience, etc. We've been trying to find someone qualified to help out with the marketing piece, but without much success. So, if you or anyone else knows someone who's interested, please let us know. I'll be glad to forward their resume to Terry. My e-mail address is debwill@sanantoniospeedway.com.

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So far, it looks like 34 drivers have signed up for the ASA race at San Antonio Speedway. Texans include Colt James, Jeff Bedell, Eddy Wallace, Kirby Caldwell and Brandon Bendele. It looks like the competition will heat up quickly as the field narrows down to 28 cars for the the Alamo 200. I don't see the Davidsons or Grimes yet . . . thought they would also be entering this race.


j.j.&s. - I'll have to ask Terry about Eric.

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