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A Fan Club for the Kids

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I grew up on a dirt track in CA. When I was a kid they had a "Junior Fan Club". This was not a club for Dale Jr. It was a club that the kids could get into with a booth just for them. It was great. Every week you would pay a quarter (maybe a dollar today)and get a ticket. During the evening prizes would be given out. The top prize would be a ride wound the track with your favorite driver. This would be the "junior fan club member" for the night. This could be done with the ride along car at the track now. Drivers and sponser could donate things for the booth at an affordable prices for the kids. Things like stickers or pictures for a quarter(a dime back then) and such. Prizes throughout the night could also be donated by drivers (like t-shirts)or bought through the fan club fund made by dues from each week. It's a great way to get the kids involved. Something for them to look forward to throughout the night. They would have to fill out a card stating they're favorite driver and have permission slip from the parents. I'm sure with today's laws we could get some type of release from parents for liability and such. I wanted to run this idea passed a few of you and see what the response was to it. So let me know. I loved it as a kid and I think our kids would love it too.

Last note....did yall see that flagger this weekend.......WOW!!!!

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Ford 27.. Join us April 15th at Thunder Hill Raceway..

See if the experiece will bring back memories from your childhood.


Aaron Brungot


Junior Racers of America

aka "JRA Kids Club"

Thunder Hill Raceway/River City Quarter Midgets


P.S. you might see our Orange shirts out and about..

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