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Unofficial Top 5 from 'Fall Brawl'


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Here are the unofficial 'Fall Brawl' results - Top 5


1st USRA SLM Twin 75


1. (52) JC Unscheid

2. (79) Joe Aramendia

3. (5) Eddie Wallace

4. (13) T. Wade Welch

5. (3) John Heil



2nd USRA SLM Twin 75


1. (8) Brandon Bendele

2. (3) John Heil

3. (21) John Buescher

4. (12) T. Wade Welch

5. (14) Heath Stewart



USRA SLM 10-lap Shootout


1. (52) JC Umscheid

2. (57) John Kelly

3. (14) Heath Stewart

4. (03) Matt Merrell

5. (5) Eddie Wallace




1st USRA ARTS Twin 35


1. (60) Colt James

2. (54) Steve Green

3. (28) Shawn Paul Lehman

4. (5) Bill Hamilton

5. (10) Robert Walton



2nd USRA ARTS Twin 35


1. (60) Colt James

2. (09) Josh Cheek

3. (5) Bill Hamilton

4. (10) Robert Walton

5. (40) Craig Roper



USRA ARTS 10-lap Shootout


1. (60) Colt James

2. (22) Jody Brazos Buzbee

3. (09) Josh Cheek

4. (5) Bill Hamilton

5. (10) Robert Walton



Sportsman/Street Stock/Super Stock 50-lap feature


1. (31) Keith Garrett

2. (16) Frank Johnson

3. (3) Clint LaFont

4. (09) Clint Montanio

5. (10) Robert Stewart


Nick Holt

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SO can abyone give us the Truck Championship final? Seems I can't get that qnswer.


:blink::o another question - Isn't Colt James Crazyhorse's brother? If so, why then did he race his brother and knock him outa the front? Is it a little jealosy going on?


<_< last question - did 30 (Meredith) make the race? wish I could've been there - too many questions here - never missed a truck race before this - had a bad family situation. But wasn't it 60 (James) that caused 30 to wreck and now not able to keep up the awesome clean & great racing between those top 4 or 5 trucks we've seen this past year?


I would appreciate someone giving us some points listing so the rest of us can see how the season ended. This bad idea of split races & mixed up points and odd racers coming in kinda confuses the end of a season...........shamne... :angry:


Without knowing, still congrats to those guys that worked hard all year to put on a great show. Thsi has definately been the year to watch the trucks. Great job guys - hope ya'll all come back next year! 28, 30, 10, 5, 7 - ya'll are all champs to the crowds! :rolleyes:


Hpe I get some answers by the time I get back to town tonight............ :angry:

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Dang GB, woke up a little fiery this morning?


It's a little early to come on here and start demanding results. I'm sure they'll be out in due time.


...and you know, if only the top 5 points runners showed up to race, the race would be a pretty boring one. Give Colt a break. He races when he can, and he's always a factor no matter what he's in. He and Crazyhorse have raced together for most of their lives. I'm sure their used to it by now.

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BG77 why would you think there is jelousy between colt and shawn. colt has nothing to be worried about he is a 2 time national champion in the trucks and in my opinion is the most dominant person the truck series has seen nationally. colt came to the fall brwl to kick butt and that is what he did. congratulations to Colt on a awesome run last night and congratulations to CRAZYHORSE THE TRUCK CHAMP.

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Yea, I think Colt and Shawn Paul would take offence to that......COLT won the battle, BUT Shawn Paul won the war....Good job by two very good racer's..... BUT that Ford was HOOKE'D UP....good job Terry James!!!!

Shawn and Junior and crew CLASS ACT enough said!!!!!

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Yea, I think Colt and Shawn Paul would take offence to that......COLT won the battle, BUT Shawn Paul won the war


They may be brothers, but they are also competitors; I've seen them race each other many times, and they probably race each other harder than they do others.

Congrats to Pony for the sweep, and Shawn and Junior and crew for the championship.

Hoss, has it sunk in yet?!


And what can you say about Heath's championship? Probably the worst looking championship car since Benny Parsons won his cup title. There were folks all over that car after the first race ended, and half of the repair pieces seemed to come from McLemore"s car.

It wasn't pretty, but David slewed Goliath Saturday night.

Congrats to Heath and his gang.

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Congrats to Brandon and the 8 team. That car was strong.


If not for one itty bitty incident in the first race, I think we may have had a different SLM champion. Had there not been two itty bitty incidents in the first race as well as in the shootout, I think we also would have had a clean sweep in the SLM's as well as the trucks, I think everyone knows the incidents I'm talkin about. But hey, thats racing, those guys will keep digging like they have for years now. Watching Brandon come from the back last night was like the old Nascar Latemodel days when there was always some reason to put Brandon to the back, just to have him come from the back and win just as he did last night. Damn good job in that second race guys. Just remember the incident that the same driver was involved in back in the USRA season opener in April that blamed you of intentionally dumping him last night. Last night was a pure racing deal and was nobody's fault. And as somebody elses saying goes "win it or weld it", looks like there'll be alot of welding this winter for some teams.


And congrats to Heath and crew on the championship.

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Congrats to the series champions, a lot of 2, some times 3 wide racing in the trucks, from second on back. It was cool to see them work on Heath's car and get it back in racing shape and even T Wade, coming in and making adjustments, just needed one more car to pass. People can speculate, if this and that happened, there could have easily been a diff champion, that's how close it was. I think all these teams pulled together like champions do and did their best, now that's what makes champions.


In that first race, the 29 must have spun the tires or some thing, he slid all the way up to the outside wall and caused the 81, 22, and 54 to wreck, it could had been a lot worse, good driving to the rest of the pack to avoid these other cars. JC clearly had the fastest car in that race. In the second, Brandon possibly could have passed the 52, but he sure wasn't going to be easy. It looked like JC might have just let up a little coming out of the turn as Brandon was flying through the turns, I guess it was just a racing deal, what a shame would had like to see those 2 battle it out. That was still a hell of a show as Brandon worked his way back to first and at the same time watching Heath and T Wade race their hearts out. I think that was a great format, it was kind of like a half way point and got 150 lap show versus a 125 with a 1 or 2 car break-away, boring show, plus the shoot out. JMO

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Great Job Clint! Great job by JC and Heath congrats on your wins! Also great job by Colt you drove the crap out of that truck and it showed! Awesome job Crazyhorse! Congrats on your Championship! It was a great night of racing and I look forward to another great show by USRA and SAS.

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It looked like JC might have just let up a little coming out of the turn as Brandon was flying through the turns


i dont think jc let off, i just think that brandons car is just that much better thru the center of the turn and off.......it must be a bendele thing........tehehe........those bendele cars are always best in the center of the turn and off, they always get the best run there.......and unfortunately it looked like he had a run and no where to go it was just a racing deal...........


as far as heaths car, i have never seen so much duct tape used on a car ever.........and props to those guys for still taken care of their sponsors by writing them on on the duct tape, that was a nice touch.........

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Colt isn't jealous he came down to race and believe me Shawn could care less he wants the chance to beat the best and apparently with what Colt showed saturday night he has just about that! So why wouldn't Shawn want to run against him!


COLT did not cause that wreck with Bryan this was another discussion somewhere else and we are just calling it racing incident!

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