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  1. 2018 Destroyer factory stock Won the 2019 Championship at CBS https://www.facebook.com/694576273/posts/10157936932386274/ there is more details on Facebook Steve Sims car.
  2. Please keep one of our fellow racers in your prayers! Jim Albert lost his wife LeAnn Albert last night! She has been battling a sickness for 9 years! She’s the strongest person I’ve ever known! All the arrangements will be posting when I know more!
  3. 2014 Official Central Texas Speedway Rules

    After reviewing the truck rules, I have a couple questions. 1. I don't see an option for a 500cfm 2 barrel carburetor 2. Is it only going to be a 650cfm? 3. If trucks choose to run a 500, and automatic trans. Will there be a weight break from the standard trans trucks with mini clutches and the 650 carb? (If the 500 is allowed)
  4. Speedfest Photos

    Great pictures!
  5. Missing Longacre air tank.

    Thanks SpeedZone, all the stuff has been found and is being returned. Wasn't stolen, just picked by accident. Thanks for the responce.
  6. I'm missing a Longacre air tank, with the airchuck with gauge attachted and also a Longacre 0to60 psi air gauge. We left them by one of the power poles during the heat races, and intermission. after the races were over we to get them and someone has picked them up. I hoping just because they didnt want them to get stolen. Please contact me if you have seen them or would like to return them. Thanks 512-801-8692 The tank is easy to recognize, the legs are missing off of it.
  7. rip frank torres

    I am shocked to hear this very sad news!! Frank was a great man and a devoted race fan and father to his kids. Our family will have the Torres family in our prayers. Frank will be missed. I love you Frank, R.I.P. my friend!
  8. A Special thanks..

    Outlaw it was nice to have you there again too..
  9. A Special thanks..

    I would like to thank Thunderhill Raceway and all of the officials for putting on a great Spectacular this 2012 season, it was a nice turn out of cars and trucks. I would also like to extend a thanks to few people for helping me make my weekend so successful. I couldn't have asked for better results! Broke the track record with a 16.234 and won the race on Saturday with a truck not as good as Friday First I want to thank my BIGGEST supporters..Courtney and Amber my two colorful girls, Always awaiting my return from the shop on those long nights. For always doing what they do..a long list of things. "H" for a nice place to do the work on the truck. Its always a pleasure spending time and talking around the shop with you. Heath and Russell for the conversation and helping hands you both offer up. Jason Marshall for normally spotting for me and all the laughs we have around the track, you're a good dude! Team Teague (Jim and Mason) for loaning me what I needed for a great weekend. Mark Chrudimsky for the enviroment next to my pit area (HAHA) and some shocks to try. 41 shocks, I know you guys didn't even know I had some on my truck but I did, and they work great. I am sure I am missing someone and I am sorry if I did. Thanks again to everyone that made it a good season for me and an even better spectacular. Robert And one more important person I didn't forget.. Tiffany thanks for the kisses of luck. I couldn't have done it with out you..

    Nick they tried running Longhorn on Friday and THR on Saturday a few years ago, didn't work out very well. I don't think there is enough local support to run them both on a weekly basis. It's hard enough to for one local track to make it..But good luck to all.
  11. thunder hill july 28th trucks

    LOL Lynn glad you made it to THR yesterday! Had a nice time chatting with you. Glad to see you made a good run out of the race, huge improvment from practice! My daughter loves hanging out with your son Lawrence. You have a baby sitter anytime you guys come back. I had also just learned about the spring rubber Saturday after the race, I was told by Jack that trucks can no longer run them, does this mean the front only or the rear also? HUMM
  12. Congrats on your win Jeff!! You and your crew did a good job, and you drove a clean race. I wanted a couple more laps to race you for the win. LOL It sure is going to be a tight race for the Championship! Lets have some fun. Robert
  13. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Rick Pollaro

    Rick I am sorry about your loss, Our family is sending you and your family our thoughts and prayers. From the Stewart/ Leonard family.
  14. I would like to extend a BIG THANKS to Mark Chrudimsky for loaning me his race truck. He heard that I had some engine issues on my truck and called me to offer me his truck to race. Not only that, he also told me to drive it as if it was my own and run the truck hard and do the best I can with it. I would have been thankful for just staring the race, but to race it was cool. That was a really nice thing for him to do! I ended up with a 3rd place finish and started at the end of the field. Thanks Mark.