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  1. Cleaning shop

    Lowered prices
  2. Wheels

    9 wheels that are 3 inch offset and 4 wheels that are 4 inch offset All are 5x5 All wheels spin straight but some have minor dents on the lips . $225.00 Takes all In the San Antonio area David 210-834-4883 Call or text
  3. 2 bolt main 60 over $40. Tubular Camaro Spindles with aluminum calipers $150.00 pair Pair of Camaro uppers with 3/8 longer ball joints $25.00 pair Pair of metric uppers, bushings are good, no ball joints $20.00 pair Metric 7.5 housing with 4.56 gears, locking blocks, stock axles, complete rear end is in great working condition $250.00 Ford rear end with axles,5×4 3/4, caliper mounts and rotors 59 1/2 wide $50.00 Steel chevy bell housing with side motor mounts $50.00 No line 1.68 2nd gear three speed $125.00 Bolt on leaf spring perches, 1,2,3 inch leaf spring lowering blocks, 3 inch block is adjustable for squaring rear end. $40.00 In the San Antonio area David Sevilla 210-834-4883 Call or text
  4. 2 line muncie. $225.00 Case has broken ears that have been welded back on no line saginaw $175.00 Both in good working condition. In the San Antonio area David 210-834-4883 Call or text
  5. Rule changes 2020 season

    Old CTS rules are the best rules to invite and persuade cars to run Street Stock.
  6. Rule changes 2020 season

    Do the CTS rules. Allow weight breaks for Street Stocks to run with the HMP Street Stocks.
  7. Whats your bottom $$ for the car, turn key? What all does the motor have in it? What heads are on the motor? What trans does it have? What clutch/ pressure plate/ flywheel? What type of rear end is in it? What gears are in the rear end? How much lead does the car have? What kind and brand of shocks are on the car?
  8. Will the Street Stocks be running on the 10th ??????????
  9. Guess the weight change is so the guys that are running multiple tracks don't have to change weight back N forth.
  10. SuperStreet/SuperStock at CCS/CTS

    Warrior27 when are you gonna knock the cobb webs off your car and run it. Its been about 5 years since you last ran right. bring the car out and support some south Texas racing.!!!!!!
  11. question on super street.

    How many Super Streets have shown up for the other races this year?
  12. Carb.

    Competition Carburation, speak to Bob Oliver
  13. Rusty61, Starting the cars by point average is not even half of the lineup equation. How many races make up the point average used? Do DNS's and DNF's races average into the point average? Are there heat races that split the field point average in two halves to make the feature lineup? It's just not that easy. WHERE THERE'S A WILL THERE"S A WAY IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.
  14. PACECAR HAS GOT IT RIGHT. HE NEERLY GOT IT TO A SCIENCE. Since car count varies race to race there needs to be a formula to come up with a reasonable invert and not allow the SLOW cars to be up front where they don't belong. If the track uses a point average system there will be some guys that will use the point average to there advantage (right pacecar). Leave the point average out of the lineup and go strictly on qualifying times and draw a chip to invert the top 60% to 75% of the field. Anyone who does not understand just read the post again. Amen
  15. Draw a number from 75% of the field. No matter how many cars start, there is usually 25% of the field that should not start up front. That way the fast cars will not have to put up with the BS from the slow cars.