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  1. Thank You

    Yes and I hope everyone did. But I'm wasn't the one standing there with his hat out looking for go cart donations. Good to see you again Mike.
  2. Thank You

    Had a blast and the track came in nice and smooth and you can't beat the price of the food. You guys are wesome.
  3. At least I showed up. You going to be running the go cart tomorrow?
  4. My car is not very big but it is loaded and ready to go.
  5. Watch for MAVTV to replay the Tulsa shoot out also.
  6. yard kart

    What HiTech said LOL But nobody has droped of any carts in the front yard yet.
  7. Very classy young man and one heck of a race until Kyle's motor went. I Love what kyle said that winning the Chile Bowl would mean more to him than the Daytona 500. Going to this show is on my bucket list.
  8. yard kart

    LOL when you go begging you do it on any corner you can. This looked as good as Ayers and SPID
  9. yard kart

    If anybody has another they would like to donate to the cause I'm looking
  10. Weather to delay First Race Night At L87

    Good call thank you for the early heads up.
  11. December 16th Race Schedule

    See you their.
  12. Facebook and Lone Star Speedzone

    I look at it that this is the place to get the inside skinny from the racers/promoters point of view. Face book is for the advertisement angle.
  13. Facebook and Lone Star Speedzone

    The 3 South Texas dirt tracks have their schedules up on face book but not here this is where I for one come firsts the see what is happening. I don't understand not using this site.
  14. South Texas 7th Annual Shootout

    Is practice an open practice? I'd like to get some laps in my dwarf car as I made a big change and want o try it out while I have the chance.
  15. Hans - SOLD!

    I'll take it.