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  1. South Texas 7th Annual Shootout

    Is practice an open practice? I'd like to get some laps in my dwarf car as I made a big change and want o try it out while I have the chance.
  2. Hans - SOLD!

    I'll take it.
  3. Maybe form a group like the Dwarf car series of Texas is. Make your own set of rules. Isn't that what the late models did.
  4. Interesting! and I like the brake check under yellow.
  5. Racing Saturday July 22

    Don't forget the A-line auto parts Dwarf car series of Texas will be there also.
  6. June 10th races

    wind should be around 14 mph that should help keep the skeeters down (hoping)
  7. June 3rd Rained Out

    Sucks but thanks for the early call.
  8. the plot thickens.... #bashcar vs cota

    A road course with out elevation changes is just a fancy cone course.
  9. South Texas Limited Modified Championship

    What's the latest Cody?
  10. Yes, We are Racing May 20th!

    Mandatory over time on Saturdays suck . Won't make it tonight you guys have fun and be safe.
  11. E mod

    Go to stxspeedwayracing.com and look up the rules is probably your best bet.
  12. South Texas Limited Modified Championship

    Hey Cody are you going to have a rookie of the year for anyone in their first year in the limited modifieds.
  13. Totals for Race 4/8

    Chase Havely (31) was not in a modlite/dwarf just the limited. But the kid can drive the wheels off a dwarf car!
  14. A Beautiful Day For.....

    Loaded up and ready to head your way.