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  1. WOW sore losser

    Bull shit it's his brother.
  2. WOW sore losser

    Kyle left Kurt to find his own ride home. M&M needs to look for a new driver to spend there money on. https://m.nascar.com/video/franchise/press-pass/kurt-busch-breaks-down-finish-with-kyle-busch-at-kentucky/#1
  3. L87 New Kart Track

    I can't wait to see the changes Lawrence has made. He has put a lot of effort into this deal. This is giving us a place to develop our next generation of drivers and there are some good ones coming along. It also gives old guys like me a place to act like kids again
  4. If I might ask

    Thanks Gina as a fan and racer I have found it very useful. I hope I can make a couple of races at HMP this year but living in Corpus makes for a long pull.
  5. If I might ask

    Would the the track consider using my race pass I find it a very use full tool for the fans and drivers. You can check lineups and results.
  6. South Texas Speedway

    Josh42 thanks for Coming down to Corpus. You guys put on an excellent show. I hope STS brings you guys back. Pass to the rest of your group Thank you and a job well done.
  7. Great looking site so far. Go to the drivers page and click on Larry's and my pics and see what happens.
  8. Starting to see improvements

    The last I heard was the bridge will be done pretty much on time but the removal of the old bridge may be delayed or at least not completed on time. One of us needs to go to one of those side walk talks and get an up date.
  9. Great fun today

    Had an awesome time at L87 today. It was humid but the Sun stay hidden most of the day so it was not oppressively hot. Over 50 Karts in attendance and good racing in all the classes. I learned a lesson during hot laps and that is it not a good thing to have your steering wheel come of. Looking forward to Friday night and finely finish up the winter series. Thank you Lawrence and everyone involved in put this together.
  10. Nascar @ Kansas

    I said this on another post, but what ever they did to the track in Kansas they need to do to more.
  11. I don't Know what all they did to the Kansas track but they need to do it to more of them the truck race and cup race were the best I've seen in a long time. I would have picked a different winner but it was an awesome race.
  12. Dude bring your old car with a for sale sign
  13. Is your car ready
  14. The Dwarf Car series of Texas is at I37 speedway is Saturday night 5/4/19 come out and catch the show.