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  1. friday night madness

    New clutch installed today looking forward to Friday should be fun.
  2. Someone needs to collect the bounty on Ty this Saturday at STS.
  3. Congratulation guys and yes it was a fun but challenging race. Looking forward to the 18th back at STS.
  4. Coyne wins at I-37

    Congratulation Dillon awesome job. That was not a normal A line auto parts DCRST show we will do better next time.
  5. Racing Sunday Evening May 27th

    62 Karts
  6. Racing Sunday Evening May 27th

    Lart Racing? See you there.
  7. OK one of you guys put him in your car for some hot laps.
  8. Charlie Give me a call I need go cart advice. 361-443-Zero761


  9. Sweet track

    I have enjoyed every event I have attended awesome folks all around. hope make the rest of the races. NO BODY HAS DROPPED OF A YARD CART FOR ME YET!!!!!!!
  10. I was at the track good call it would have been a mess.
  11. Comments, Concerns, Questions

    Good post probably the best post I've seen on here for awhile.
  12. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Westhold-Hardwire-Transponder-RACEceiver-Hardwired/232307426928?hash=item36169a0670:g:LOwAAOSwRUhY9-zj&vxp=mtr