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Texas Auto Racing History


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Hello, I just wanted to introduce myself to this group. My name is Lyle Graham. I race VW ministocks. I started researching old race tracks in Texas several years ago. I think this is a great topic to have on this web board. I have several tracks that I would like to find more information about, and would like to share what I have found with others.

Here are a few I'm looking for.


BlueBonnet Speedway South of BenBrook, Texas


Track outside of Luling, Texas


Track that was located toward Lillian, Texas


Old Fort Worth tracks


I'm just doing this research for fun/hobby.


Look forward to talking with others.

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I have a little info, as follows:


Bluebonnet- Only listing I have is a 1/4 mile dirt track that was open a very short time about 1987, and my source doesn't state where it was. I was stationed at Carswell AFB in '87, and don't remember anything about a track located in Benbrook. But I will dig deeper.


I have no listing for a track outside Luling, except for a small dirt oval right off I-10 east of Luling a few miles. Don't know if it ever ran organized races; Jean Nesser may have some information on this place.


Lillian, I have no listing. The only thing I ever saw out there was an asphalt oval for quarter-scale rc cars.


In Ft Worth, besides Cowtown and Kennedale Speedway Park, and the Texas Raceway Dragstrip, which are all next to each other in Kennedale,

You can add:

Arlington Downs, a mile horse track that was located roughly under the current Texas Rangers Ballpark. Ran AAA big car races from '47 to '51.

Carswell AFB Dragstrip, ran two events on the south end of the taxiway in 1990. Runway was the return road.

1/2 mile dirt oval in 1920, location unknown

Fort Worth Speedway, 1/2 mile dirt oval, '35 to '36, and 1/8 egg shaped oval from '38 to '41. Location unknown.

Green Valley Raceway, in Richland Hills, 1/4 dragstrip and road courses, open about '61 to '89.

Mansfield Speedway, 1/4 mile oval, '65 to '72, again in '82. Located near Mansfield.

Jeff-Davis Speedway, 1/4 Mile oval, ran '45 to '47. Location unknown.

Riverside Drive Speedway, 1/4 mile dirt oval, ran '49 to '55. In the 80's, this location was a bicycle (BMX) Track. Some racetrack evidence was still there. Was on Riverside Drive, as the name implies.

Sportsman Park Speedway, a 1/2 mile oval '37 to '38, a 1/5 mile speedway '38 to '41. Location unknown.

Will Rogers Auditorium, 1/10 mile indoor oval, two races in November, 1937. The same Will Rogers Auditorium in the Stockyard area.

This is a short list, sorry my references don't list locations for most of them.

Here are a couple names you can contact for info:

Bo Rawdon, the promoter at Cowtown Speedway in Kennedale. He knows about some of these.

Jim McElreath in Arlington, lives on N. Cooper Street. A Texas Legend, and a wealth of knowledge.

Ted McWhorter, Owns a sprint car that runs at Devil's Bowl in Mesquite; that track can get you in contact with him.

Also Marc Madison on this board, he's been in that area for years. goes by marc200mph here.

Maybe that will get you going, and welcome to the forum


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geez, you are a walking factoid. did uncle sam know what kind of information you were capable of lodging when unleashed unto the worlds population....? j/k that's cool stuff. but where the hell do you get all that information, and how do you remember it?

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but where the hell do you get all that information, and how do you remember it?


I got a book called "The History of America's Speedways" written by Alan Brown who did the Speedway Directories.

Has a lot of info, but does not have complete info on everything. I also have a few websites here and there I can get stuff off, and a couple other things.


How do I remember it?, Just forget the other stuff, like kid's birthdays, anniversary, what the wife asked me to pick up on the way home, that promise to paint the house and weed the flower bed, and so on. Ya just gotta remember the stuff that counts!

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Big D speedway used to be somewhere across from Sportsdrome speedway which used to be next to what is now Grand Prarie speedway.

Yellowbelly dragstrip next to the above mentioned.

Buffalo Park speedway

Used to be one in Duncanville,I think called 67 speedway.

Oh yes North Texas Motor speedway,Stateline speedway.

heard of one at Navasota

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txtom you didn't mention the tracks that were located close to Austin, the old club track that was off of S. Lamar (was called Fredrickburg hiway back then) was on Brodie property about where Porter midldle school is now, the Capitol speedway off Jolleyville road, Oakhill downs in Oakhill, a track off Airport blvd and Springdale, Clyde Adams track behind the Star club north of Roundrock, the gravel bowl speedway south of midway between Belton and Temple. Suicide bowl in Waco before Heart of Texas and others at Belton, Round Mountain, Thorndale, Gordon Wolley and Bill White both ran at the Gravel bowl in the early 50's before Gordon went on to be the IMCA sprint car champion.

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Thanks for the information. I have the same Alan Brown book.


I went out to BlueBonnet Speedway a few years ago, need to go again, since the pictures I took did not turn out. You can make the track out, and there is still a wood wall, and a couple of light poles.


I think the Lillian track and Mansfield are one in the same.



The Luling track, just happened upon it one day when we were traveling. It still had a wall and can be seen on terraserver.


The Hillsboro/Peoria track is still there, with stands, light poles and small tin press box. I took some pictures from the road, but none of the track itself.


There used to be another track in Cleveland, a long time ago that supposedly the stands fell, and that is what closed the track.


I show the Suicide bowl close to Lake Waco. Correct?


There was a track in Bronte called Dead Cow Speedway. The image is still viewable from terraserver.

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Didn't forget about Austin; Lyle wanted a list of Ft Worth tracks. I also didn't go as far as Dallas, that would be a bunch of tracks. We don't have enough room on this forum board for all the tracks that have been in this state.


I have a listing Bruce Mabrito made up several years ago that lists over 40 tracks that have been in Bexar County (San Antonio) alone. I need to contact him before posting his work.


For tracks close to Austin, you could add:

A 1/4 mile dirt track in Buda,

San Marcos Airport (SCCA Road Racing)

Georgetown Raceway, a 1/4 mile on the I-35N Frontage road, about exit 268.

A 1/2 mile track in Lockhart in 1929,

and on and on...........................


Hi Brad,

Finally finish the coloring books? Got Mommy to turn the computer on for you and read all the new posts to you?!


Are you cheeks still that embarrassed shade of red they were at Kyle in the driver's meeting?

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It has been 20years or so since I was out in that area,but if I remember right it was on 157 on the south side of Mansfield,seems like I took 287 around mansfield to get to that part of 157. I have or had a old racing paper talking about it going to re-open,and tried to keep up on it,but not sure if it had any races back then or not.

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