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Well.. this idea started on here so i figured we will see if it is wanted to live....


Should we have another swap meet? I am willing to work on it with others to get it out there..


Feb... Rain or Shine.... I think it can be even bigger than the last time...


Vote yes or no please..

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you won't get that response in a month and a half after people have started thrashing for next year and have shituff they want to get rid of.....+ they'll be hard up to just hang out at a race track all day.

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I am getting the don't waist the time feeling..


Just get it together and as the time gets closer, everyone will get after it. right now you have people with their attention elsewhere. Some guys are spending a bunch of time with the spouse doing honey doos and/or other things to stave off the divorce proceedings.J/K


By the time everyone gets their cars tore down for rebuild and take stock of what they can sell to get rid of it and what they need , this will be a valuable event to go to.


so, get r done.

we will be there.

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Its time to plan the Swap-N-Shine for this year and get the word out....


Looking at this...


Pit Space: $10.00

Gate Fee: $1.00 Donation...


The money raised goes to 2 things. The creation of a Drivers Appreciation fund, and The Kids Club Events Account..


Drivers Appreciation Fund: A fund set up thru the kids club that will allow financial rewards to drivers that help promote the track via Appearances, and Car Shows.


Kids Club Events Account: Account that will help pay for events for the kids. Example is Campout expenses, Movie Nights.. Kids NewsPaper..




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Count me in.

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Ok.. Here is an update on the Swap Meet...


I have not gotten a final Yes from the track.. I have sent a email to the powers to be for that.


2nd part.. My wife and I have our plates extreamly full... We are buying/moving into a house by the end of Feb/Beginning of March.. So... #1 I don't have the funds to advertise. and #2 I don't have a lot of time to work on it...


Anyone willing to step up and help is appreciated... I want to see that happen.. Many teams had some impressive sales last year...



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