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texasspeedzone.com 50(TAMS) @ THR Spectacular

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Texasspeedzone.com 50

Merrell Mauls Field for TAMS Tally

At the start of the 50 lap USRA/Texas Asphalt Modified Series main event, Matt Brune and Matt Merrell stayed wheel to wheel through turns 1-2, with Merrell getting out turn 2 leading by a nose. Brune was able to fight back and be first across the line to lead lap1. Brune’s lead was short lived as Merrell quickly flexed his muscle and took over the top spot on lap 3. As Merrell began to distance himself from the field, Ray Doyon slid high letting Joey Heinaman get by for sixth. Mark Chrudimsky got by James Cole for seventh leaving Cole and Doyon side by side for eighth.


Merrell continued to run away, while Brune, Jerry Schild, and Chris Swenson ran nose to tail for second. Caution came out on lap 14 when John Schultz and Jim Myers got tangled between turns 3-4. Under the yellow Heinaman, the 2004 TAMS champ, pulled off. Merrell, who had lost a big lead, wasted little time rebuilding it as he a good jump with help of lap cars between he and Brune. Swenson and John Heil both got by Schild on lap 20 to take third and fourth, respectively.


At the crossed flags it was Merrell, by full straightaway, over Brune, Swenson, Heil and Schild rounding out the top five. Yellow came out on lap 30 for a tangle in turn 3 between David Sevilla and Brad Hudak. Merrell again used lap cars to pull off to pull out to a big lead, while Heil got past Swenson. Swenson got stuck in the high groove allowing Schild to get by also. As Swenson came up to a lap car, he had Mark Chrudimsky trying to get under him at the same time. Swenson tried to squeeze between the two but made contact and spun, collecting Chrudimsky in the process.


As Merrell took off Heil was trying to get inside Brune for second. The two made contact on lap 33, with Schild getting caught up in the melee. Brune and Schild slammed the front stretch wall with Cole, having no place to hide, plowing into them to bring out a red. With Heil, Schild and Brune done for the night, Beddoe tried to hang with Merrell on the restart, but to no avail.


Merrell continued to put a good ol’ fashioned whoopin’ on the field as he put a huge gap back on Beddoe with ten to go. David Machen tried to close on Beddoe as the laps wound down, but never able to get close enough to mount a challenge for second. As the white flag waved, Merrell had rebuilt his straightaway lead and was easily able to take the checkers for his second win of his rookie season.


USRA/Texas Asphalt Modifieds

1. 03 Matt Merrell

2. 18 Bruce Beddoe

3. 81 David Machen

4. 22. John Paul Kliewer

5. 48 Chris Swenson



I'll get quotes/notes added and posted later on front page.

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