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Congrats to David Hassinger and the whole 83 street stock team. After the year you guys have had, you definately deserve last night's victory. David led flag to flag and was in awesome form at the end of the race. Nobody had anything for him.


Also congrats to the three drivers that broke the old track record in qualifying - in order starting from the fastest - Bobby Teer Jr., David Webster, and Cary Stapp. All three broke the record, but Teer holds the new one of 16.45.


There should be several THR cars at CC next weekend. Looking forward to the trip!

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Did a hell of a job David. Now you need to come to CCMS with us. That win was well over due. Hey, tell Mark a highway lightpole ain't got jack on him. :D

Not much left of the roof of David's Camaro after Mark Chrudimsky got done using it as a trampoline!


Nick Holt

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Absolute congratulations to David and the entire #83 SS team, awesome job that was, as you well realize, OVERDUE.


Also congrats to Bobby Teer #2 SS and family for the new track record, good job.


Cary...what can I say...we'll keep on truckin', good job as usual.


Chase...there's nothing I can say except you & Cary are the BEST in my opinion, but then, what would you expect a father to say.

Thanks for an outstanding season.


Hope to see everyone at Corpus next weekend.




Ed Stapp

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