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USRA Results and recaps

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Heres the USRA stuff, I'll get the quotes, notes and TSRS stuff added and posted on the news page later tonight.



Magnum Trailers 50

With the TSRS Series being given time to regroup, the USRA-AllStar Race Trucks were brought out for their 50 lap feature. After the draw for invert, Colt James and Jason Marshall would have headed the 18 truck field. Due to rookie staus, Marshall was relegated to the back leaving James and Craig Roper on the front row. James and Roper exchanged a little paint going through turns 1-2, with James getting the lead down the back stretch.


James and Roper then began to put distance on the third place truck of Justin Oates on lap 3. The lead duo were still getting away on lap 7 with the best battle between Keith Patrick, Steve Green, Bryan Meredith and Bud Carroll for fourth. Despite running through a group of slower traffic, the lead duet was still nose to tail on lap 13. As the group battling for fourth closed on another four car fight between lap cars, Brett Hall spun but continued on down the front stretch. At the same time Marshall had problems and found the turn 2 wall to bring out the yellow, then red for extensive oil clean up.


On the restart James and Roper ran side by side for the lead, with Roper eking out the top spot on lap 18, while Meredith got by Patrick for fourth. It wasn't long until James was back inside Roper to retake the point on lap 23 as Green challenged Patrick for fifth. Just as the race came to halfway, John Kelly Jr spun in turn 3 to bring out a yellow. On the restart, Roper tried to duck under James but was unable to get the pass made and fell back in line. At halfway the top five were James, Roper, Oates, Meredith and Patrick in the top five.


The Sportsman track champion, Oates then made a bold move on the outside of James to grab second on lap 26. Green moved in on Patrick to fight it out side by side for fifth on lap 27. Meredith joined the lead triad on lap 29 to make a four car battle for the top spot. The fight for the lead really heated up when Oates tried to get inside Roper in turns 4, then again in turn 1. Oates got sideways on the back stretch and fell back. Oates, Green and Meredith then all tangled going into turn 3 to bring out yellow on lap 31.


On the restart, Roper got inside James to reassume the lead on lap 33, while Meredith and Oates made contact fighting their way back up. Oates was forced to pit under green with problems while Meredith was given the black flag for loose body parts. Roper then moved away from James while Patrick, Rusty Mirth and points leader, Shawn Paul Lerhman battled for third.


Roper continued to creep away from James opening up a three second lead with five to go. Patrick, Mirth and Lehman continued to slug it out for third while Roper motored farther ahead. At the checkers it was Roper taking the win by nearly six seconds.


1 40 Craig Roper Vernon, TX 50

2 60 Colt James Buda, TX 50

3 21 Keith Patrick Helotes, TX 50

4 07 Rusty Mirth Austin, TX 50

5 28 Shawn Paul Lehman Manchaca, TX 50

6 3 Neal Rogers Luling, TX 49

7 38 Cameron Moore Jr Buda, TX 49

8 72 Brent Bell Katy, TX 49

9 30 Bryan Meredith Austin, TX 48

10 33 Jon Denham Hutto, TX 48

11 10 Robert Walton Del Valle, TX 43

12 57 John Kelly Jr La Vernia, TX 42

13 23 Justin Oates La Vernia, TX 36

14 54 Steve Green Marble Falls, TX 32

15 18 Bud Carroll Streetman, TX 16

16 42 Jason Marshall Leander, TX 16

17 09 Paul White Buffalo, TX 16

18 32 2








Texas Asphalt Modifieds 50

With a straight upstart, two young guns, Matt Merrell and James Cole lead the 22 car field green for their 50 lap feature. Merrell quickly got the jump on the pack as the flag waved, but yellow was back out as Greg Baber made contact with the turn 3 wall and stopped on track. The next restart was similar to the first with Merrell getting away on the green as the field got sorted out into single file.


By lap 6 Merrell and Cole were starting to pull ahead of Swenson with Mark Chrudimsky getting past Joey Hieneman for fifth. Cole then turned up the heat on Merrell on lap 9 with the two making slight contact on lap 10 as Cole tagged Merrell in turns 1-2. Lap 13 saw the lead duet hit traffic giving Swenson the chance to close the gap. Cole got inside Merrell on lap 15 but going down the back stretch Cole got 'picked' by a lap car falling back into second.


Cole got into the back of Merrell again on lap 16 and got sideways loosing two spots to Swenson and Chrudimsky. But Cole would catch a break when Andy Wojtaszczyk spun into the grass on the back straight to bring out a yellow. This gave Cole his position back, and oppotunity he would capitalize on . Merrell used lap cars to get away on the restart as Cole, Swenson and Chrudimsky took a lap to clear traffic.


Cole was quickly back on Merrell for the lead and was under Merrell to grab the top spot on lap 19. At the crossed flags it was Cole, Merrell, Swenson, Chrudimsky and Heineman running in the top five. Swenson then began topressure Merrell for second as Cole inched out to a ten car advantage. With Cole checking out, Chrudimsky then used the outside to get around Swenson for third on lap 34. Chrudimsky then moved low on Merrell to snag second a lap later.


With ten to go, Cole had built a two and half secong margin on Chrudimsky, while Merrell retired from third place. Jerry Schild and Billy Becka both got past Matt Brune on lap 42 to move into fifth and suxth respectively. The top three had separated out as the race would down to the final five laps. With just three to go, Bob Slezinsky would blow up to bring out the last caution. Once the green waved again Cole was back to building his lead and got a comfortable margin as he snared his third OktoberFast modified feature win in a row.


1 14 James Cole San Antonio, TX 50

2 55 Mark Chrudimsky Hutto, TX 50

3 48 Chris Swenson Comfort, TX 50

4 71 Joey Heinaman Robstown, TX 50

5 18 Bruce Beddoe Robstown, TX 50

6 75 Matt Brune Giddings, TX 50

7 36 Jason Boyd Hockley, TX 50

8 5 Jerry Schild Katy, TX 50

9 81 David Machen Del Valle, TX 50

10 89 Ray Doyon La Coste, TX 49

11 97 John Witzsche Corpus Christi, TX 49

12 70 Milton Krauss Bulverde, TX 48

13 6 Jim Myers Corpus Christi, TX 48

14 29 Billy Becka San Antonio, TX 46

15 26 Bob Slezinsky Beeville, TX 46

16 45 Clare Randell Portland, TX 46

17 03 Matt Merrell Portland, TX 39

18 4 Andy Wojtaszczyk Spring, TX 16

19 04 Brad Hudak Kingwood, TX 16

20 91 Steve Grantz Aransas Pass, TX 15

21 87 Newton Barta Lytle, TX 1

22 78 Greg "Doc" Baber Uvalde, TX 0







Shell Xpress Lube 125, Bendele Bags Oktober”Fast” Cash

After the drawing for the top six invert, Bradley Reithmeyer and 2005 SAS Track Champion, Robert Barker paced the 18 car field to green. Reithmeyer was first into turn 1 to get the point ahead of Barker, Eddy Wallace, Brandon Bendele and Chris Davidson. Reithmeyer was getting pressured from Barker early until he would blow the rear end on lap 5. John Kelly would spin, possibly in the fluid, and collect Tommy Grimes. Greg Davidson and Cory Roper also got a small piece of the action.


Barker would take over the top spot as the race went back to green. Bendele was trying to get by Wallace taking looks inside on lap 13. Five laps later, Bendele was able to get the pass made going down the backstretch. The Premier Minerals Motorsports teammates of Barker and Bendele then started to put some distance on Wallace, C. Davidson and John Heil.


T. Wade Welch moved around Tom Grotheus on lap 30 for eighth after starting at the tail. Welch’s charge to front hit a snag when he spun by himself on lap in turn 3 on lap 35. When the green waved again the top seven cars stayed together, with the leader Barker starting to show some sparks from under the car. Bendele got under Barker on the back straightaway to get the lead on lap 45, as Barker slowed and fell back to fifth.


Just as Bendele was pulling away from the pack, Jason Smith would spin on lap 50 between turns 3-4. Welch would pit under the caution, ending his night and putting the second place points man on the trailer. After the restart, Bendele wasted little time flexing his muscle again and rebuilding his lead over Wallace, who had a gap back to C. Davidson, Heil, Todd McLemore and Barker.


At the halfway point, Bendele had a little over a second on Wallace, with C. Davidson, Heil and McLemore rounding out the top five. Heil’s top five run ended on lap 68 when he had problems and tagged the turn 1 wall. Heil was then drilled by Smith to bring out a red flag. Both drivers were alright after the hard contact. Back under green, and Bendele was getting away from from Wallace, C. Davidson and McLemore. As the top four separated out, the battle for fifth was on between, points leader Heath Stewart, Jason Young and Barker.


Barker then slowed on lap 82 allowing Tuffy Hudson and Roper to pick up spots seven and eight. Barker would be forced to pit under green on lap 85, putting a damper on a good run in first Super Late Model start. By lap 90, Wallace was beginning to cut into Bendele’s lead, despite starting to show a little smoke from under the car. Wallace cut Bendele’s lead in half within two laps and down to car length by lap 95. Wallace got under Bendele down the back stretch and was side by side with Bendele in the corner, only to spin in turn 4. Wallace would pit with rear end troubles ending his night.


The restart with 25 to go saw C. Davidson try to hang on to Bendele, but Bendele quickly motored ahead, leaving C. Davidson in the grasp of McLemore. McLemore made the pass on lap 101 for second, with Stewart moving in on C. Davidson for third. On lap 110, Bendele had gotten out to over a two second advantage over McLemore. Stewart seemed content to run behind C. Davidson and pick up a good points night after Welch and Grimes both had problems. As the checkers waved it was Bendele grabbing the victory by a comfortable three second margin.


1 81 Brandon Bendele San Antonio, TX 125

2 54 Todd McLemore Austin, TX 125

3 41 Chris Davidson Pearland, TX 125

4 14 Heath Stewart Del Valle, TX 125

5 27 Jason Young Houston, TX 125

6 04 Cory Roper Vernon, TX 125

7 7 Tuffy Hudson Portland, TX 125

8 8 Robert Barker San Antonio, TX 121

9 22 Tommy Grimes San Antonio, TX 97

10 5 Eddy Wallace Round Rock, TX 96

11 30 John Heil Floresville, TX 68

12 28 Jason Smith San Antonio, TX 67

13 96 Greg Davidson Pearland, TX 55

14 13 T. Wade Welch Houston, TX 51

15 11 Tom Grothues San Antonio, TX 32

16 29 Thad Felton Woodlands, TX 19

17 57 John Kelly La Vernia, TX 7

18 49 Bradley Riethmeyer Hutto, TX 5

19 61 Cory Lovell Lockhart, TX DNS

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