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Which Track Has the Best.....


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even during the time... somtimes its nice to keep our mind off of the real world for al ittle bit - especially those of us in houston :-D.


So what track in your opinon has the best




Track Lighting:


Pit Area:


Corner Workers:


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SAN ANTONIO RACEWAY-NO DOUGHT-PUT THAT TRACK UP AGAINST ANY-I Know we arent a circle track -but if you havent seen it-multi million $$ track-acres and acres of paved pits-lites every where-seating for 10's of thousands-put the concessions against anybodies-bathrooms the best,always clean and stocked-corner workers,dont have any,but one of the best damn starters in the business-ME(just this year 137 races and an estimated 54,800 side by side runs and less than 10 clean ups for the year-beat that anybody,anywhere-why-you leak- you dont run,i've backed out the best in the business)-parking we have acres for spectators-hate to toot the horn but the ? was ask and I will blow the horn for my track-SAN ANTONIO RACEWAY, HOME OF THE IHRA DIVISION 4 2002/2004 RENEGADE TRACK CHAMPIONS AND SOON TO BE 2005 TRACK CHAMPIONS COMING UP IN A FEW WEEKS and also HOME OF THE IHRA TEXAS AMALIE NATIONALS

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