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San Antonio Raceway results 9/17/05

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Winner: Brent Ritter from Cibolo, TX

DI: 8.25; RT: .0108; ET: 8.2638; MPH: 150.00


Runner Up: Scott Ball from San Antonio, TX

DI: 7.74; RT: .0142; ET: 7.7534; MPH: 173.14




Winner: Wayne Baker from San Antonio, TX


Runner Up: Scott Ball from San Antonio, TX


Semi: Allen Mathews from Austin, TX and

Bob Gregory from Corpus Christi, TX



Winner: Jimmy Sickles from New Braunfels, TX

DI: 9.97; RT: .0269; ET: 10.0101; MPH: 122.98


Runner Up: Hector Aguilera from Atascosa, TX

DI: 11.25; RT: .0665; ET: 11.2740; MPH: 117.34


Semi: Carlos Carrasco Jr


Junior Trophy

Winner: Chris Pearson from San Antonio, TX

DI: 11.80; RT: .7105; ET: 11.9054; MPH: 51.59


Runner Up: Jenna Pyle from San Antonio, TX

DI: 9.96; RT: .8125; ET: 9.955; MPH: 63.63


Junior Dragster

Winner: Michael Zampese from Fair Oaks Ranch, TX

DI: 7.91; RT: .0602; ET: 7.9435; MPH: 80.59


Runner Up: Alesi Gerthe from Rockdale, TX

DI: 8.10; RT: .1165; ET: 8.1059; MPH: 79.48


Semi: Danny Davila from San Antonio, TX and

Ayrton Gerthe from Rockdale, TX

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