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Xtreme Super Nationals Modified race coming soon


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The Xtreme Super Nationals $25,000 to win Modified race is approaching quickly. The event taking place at State Fair Speedway in Oklahoma City, OK will present three days of racing action, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, October 13th-15th, 2005.


Early entry deadline is September 15th!


For entry form & event flyer, click here! (requires Adobe reader) or call Raquel Collings at (405) 942-6950 for a faxed entry form.


The A main is 30 laps! This may be the best A-main purse of the year per lap!


A-Main: 1. $25,000 2. $10,000 3. $7,000 4. $5,000 5. $4,000 6. $3,000 7. $2,800 8. $2,600 9. $2,400 10. $2,000 11. $1,900 12. $1,800 3. $1,700 14. $1,600 15-24. $1,500


B-main: 1-16 transfer 17. $850 18. $800 19. $750 20. $700 21. $650 22. $600 23. $550 24. $500


C-main: 1-16 transfer 17. $425 18. $400 19. $375 20. $350 21. $325 22. $300 23. $275 24. $250


D-mains (2): 1-8 transfer 9. $200 10. $175 11. $150 12. $125 13. $100 14. $75 15-24. $50


Practice will be held Wednesday October 12th from 5-11 PM


ATTENTION! -- Mufflers are required for this event!.


State Fair Speedway has a paved pit area and is centrally located near the downtown area of Oklahoma City. Hotels, shopping, restaurants and tourist attractions are only minutes away from the track. Some attractions that visitors can enjoy are Oklahoma City’s Bricktown and canal area, the Bass Pro Shop, Frontier City Theme Park and much more. XSN will even be providing a live concert in the pits after the Friday night races. The track features a huge, covered grandstand overlooking a very racy -- especailly at night!! -- 3/8 mile oval.


These races offer a fun, exciting time not only for drivers and fans but also their families and friends.


XSN organizers like making all of the races about the drivers. At past races this year, every entrant received a token of appreciation including tools, event t-shirts and hats. 24 cars will be included in each of the D-A features, and more than $10,500 will be paid out in the B, C & D features alone. The Saturday night A feature pays $1500 to start, B main pays $500 to start and the C-main, $250 to start!


The early entry fee is only $250 for all entries postmarked by September 15th. Drivers do not have to have participated in any of the previous Xtreme Super National races this year to enter or qualify for this event. For For an entry form, click here! or register today by visiting the event website, www.xtremesupernationals.com or by calling (405) 942-6950.


# # #


If you would like more information about this event, or would like to schedule an interview with a member of the Xtreme Super National Promotion staff, please feel free to contact me, Raquel Collings at (405) 942-6950 or email me (click here) -- raquel@xtremesupernationals.com. Thank you.

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Thank you Nick for posting this information. The staff from Xtreme Motorsports I am sure appreciate this.


It is my pleasure to be the lead announcer of this event. I ask any and all drivers that have plans to enter this event to PLEASE complete a drivers profile form. This profile form is NOT the same form that you complete for race entry. This profile form is for the use of the track announcer to announce information about you and your race team, sponsors and history to race fans. Please take advantage of this free promotional effort by going to the following web site.....




Simply click on " ANNOUNCERS DRIVER PROFILES " and go from there. It is quick and easy.


I thank you in advance and good luck!

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Hey Doug,


If you see any entries from the South Texas area, and you need info, PM me and I will see if I have anything you can use.


Congratulations on getting that gig! Do you need an assistant? LOL


Hope it all turns out well for ya.


Bill "Sarge" Masom

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Yes. I do need some info. I need info on John Whittington and Howard Willis. I am expecting these two drivers to enter this event. Although I no concrete evidence of this. But this is a big money race and these two are a serious threat to win in any event. So if you have information on them I would appreciate it. You can mail it to me or complete a drivers profile on the web site I mentioned in my above posting. Just message me if you want my postal mailing address.


Do I need a assistant? I would love to have the chance to finnally have the opportunity to co-announce with you. I have been told you are a great announcer. Xtreme Motorsports has us covered with announcers. I will be up stairs. One more will be in the pit area and victory lane. But as always. I have a open door policy when I do announcing. A track announcer is always welcome to visit me in the booth and to even do a few races if they would like. I never turn down a chance to co-announce with my comrads. We could have some fun. The bad part is that you would be on your own as no pay would be available.


This event will be a VERY GOOD event. Hope to see many of fans in attendence as well.

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