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OK hot rodders

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 A FRIEND OF MINE  i  work for  for four years building motors and every thing else bumper to bumper tim knows his stuff   has a deal i wished i could afford  or even  had a car to bolt into .. 

 HE IS selling a 632   DART big m block  brodex big duke tripple spring heads correction  rockers are t&d   rockers. adding  more here    has the headers .high  torque starter  billet flywheel  belt driven vacume pump   belt system bellet pulleys  bracket for ac and alt  alot to list .. tim is sending me more pics while it was  being refreshed with cam  stamped numbers  to look it up and more  photos that are coming in .. this motor is set to be installed hooked up and running  with out  buying much  .it s purty  much   all there nearly complete  for that price .. i would not put this out if i didnt trust the man ..i saw the motor in person




millidon gear timing cover lunati crank eagle rods flattop pistons  FAST FUEL INJECTION WITH COMPUTER AND HARNEES .. HE REFRESHEbilletD  the motor and found nothing  wrong with it .. not sure on the cam spec , i believe it   has the headers to go with it  and other parts   and what i gathered  awhile back was in a 68 camero something like that and from memory  i dont trust  lol it  dino at 980 hp or just under. nearly 30 grand with all the parts ready to bolt in  if u bought it all new  , my brother wants it bad but just spent  nearly 30 grand  buying and  getting his jet boat  re done ..

asking $13000..  

 . i have pics  just text me at 361 290 2096 





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