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South Texas Shootout Conclusion Presented by Three17 Awards


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The night has finally arrived to conclude a record breaking South Texas Shootout. B Mains and big money races for Limited Mod and Factory Stock as well as a full night of Heats and Features for Late Models, IMCA Modified and Micro Mod and the EMod Feature. 

Here are the top 8 locked in to the Limited Mod and Factory Stock A Main:

Limited Modified 

21T Ray Allen Kulhanek 

1T Nathan Titzman 

211 Chase Hatton 

87 Marcus Mikulencak 

72 Dean Abbey 

25C Cody Smith 

14 Trent Beaver 

4$ Kris Rye 


Factory Stock 

BD3 Ray Allen Kulhanek 

27 Dalton Faulkner 

H2 Johnny Torres 

28C TJ Evans 

91 Jared Maupin 

50 Joshua Ellender 

41S Joey Heinaman 

451 Brandon Martin 


EMod Top 16 locked in 

6" Daniel Preston 

44V Caden Valenta 

4K David Sheffield 

L87 Parker Titzman 

27 Zach Freeman 

13K Kyle Jackson 

26 Mitchell Johnson 

21S Sommer Nave 

75H Mickey Helms 

57 Charles Flanagan 

149 Kenneth Canales 

59B Brianna Witzsche 

34W Brad Waddups 

4 Jude Allgayer 

51 Charley York 

95 Tim Thompson 


210 cars ready to duke it out for a chance to be the South Texas Shootout champion. $5000 to win Limited Modified, $3000 Factory Stock, $2000 Late Models, $2000 IMCA Modified, $1000 Pure Stocks and EMods. Should be a great show and awesome way to end the 2023 Season. 

All Results are Unofficial and commentary is based on my observations from the stands and I have no contact with track officials during the event. 

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