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SUS Spint Cars and TDTS Trucks at Cotton Bowl this Saturday, 9/10/2022


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There was a good battle for the lead in the Factory Stock feature between Kowalik (29K) and Maupin (91) - Maupin was right on Kowalik's tail most of the race. I saw on MyRacePass that Kowalik was DQed - does anyone know what for? My wife (who rarely goes to the races with me but did this time) picked Kowalik during hot laps, so I was sad to tell her he was DQed...  She also picked Duane Toyne (a familiar name from Thunder Hill days) to win in Street Stock, which he did fairly handily - and he passed tech, so her picks were not 100% jinxes. 😀  Great field of 27 cars!

Apparently one of the SUS sprint car drivers got tossed for bad conduct during the feature.  The only semi-significant incident seemed to be when one driver spun in turn four but kept going, and another spun in three to avoid him and bumped the wall (I'm leaving out names, car numbers, and alleged actions since the SUS results aren't on MyRacePass or on here and I'm not sure of the second SUS car number).  I went to Corpus to see the SUS sprints there on July 23 and a SUS driver got expelled there too for unacceptable behavior.  No SUS drivers got tossed when I went to Texana/Edna earlier in the year,  so I'm not jinxing them and the sprint cars didn't bring rain with them (re. Top_Shelf_12's comment about scheduling sprint cars and rain in another thread, and the rainouts at S TX Race Ranch).  Good field of sprint cars and it was interesting to see that the winner was someone not at the top of his heat race, so he apparently judged well where the track condition was going.

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