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Night 2 Jerry Whiteaker Memorial 3


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The 2021 race season will conclude tonight with the feature events being the $5000 to win Topless Limited Modified and $2000 to win Factory Stock races. Also on the bill are the growing and competitive EMods and the usually entertaining Pure Stocks.

Two drivers have dominated the Pure Stock class this year and both drivers put themselves in great position to do so again tonight. Jerry Walters won all but one race this season. The only driver to beat him would love nothing more than to honor his family name tonight, Steven Whiteaker III can honor his Great Grandfather tonight and prove to Walter's his win was not a fluke and Walters will have his hands full.

The EMods feature the perennial favorites with Gilbert Perez III and JD Legg pretty much winning every race but Brianna Witzsche looked strong last night and has a few wins under her belt as well. The field is loaded with up and coming talent and former champion, Nathan Rachui is back driving his brother's car. Factory Stock champion Hector Aguirre and longtime Limited Mod driver, Roly Rodriguez will look to teach the kids a lesson too. Daniel Preston, if he made repairs from last night's incident, will no doubt be charging through the field as well. Chris Dudley has the ability to put a good race together and be taking pictures on the front stretch too.

There's no doubt the Factory Stocks and Limited Modifieds are two of the most competitive classes in the country and especially in Texas. Several talented drivers will be gunning for those top 8 in both classes and claim their $5000/$2000 checks as well. Speaking of the Top 8 so far, here are those drivers locked in (Thank you Matthew Villareal for the info):

Factory Stock:

1. 27 Dalton Faulkner 

2. 8S Johnny Torres 

3. 30 Memphis Villareal 

4. 154 Brian Rye

5. 24 Donald Cain 

6. 741 Cameron Starry 

7. 50 Josh Ellender 

8. 41 Dylan Elasko/88M Jesse Meazell 

(Elasko and Meazell were tied in passing points last night, not sure who won the tiebreaker.)


Limited Mods Top 8:

1. 26 JJ Jennings 

2. 25 Cody Smith 

3. 15 Tracy Denby 

4. 87 Lawrence Mikulencak 

5. 79 Marcus Mikulencak 

6. 33 Ray Allen Kulhanek 

7. 4$ Kris Rye 

8. 14 Trent Beaver 


Should be a great way to end the season and start looking forward to 2022. A lot of talent here tonight and a lot of hungry and capable drivers ready to get at it and be crowned Jerry Whiteaker Memorial Champion. 

All Results are Unofficial and commentary is based on my observations from the stands and I have no contact with track officials during the event. 

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Format notes for Limited Modified and Factory Stock: Top 4 will qualify for the A in Limited Mods, top 6 in Factory Stock, remainders go to a LCQ taking Top 2 in Limited Mods, top 4 in Factory Stock. Top 8 qualifiers from last night will redraw to determine top 8 starters for A Main. 

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