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IHRA Summer Super Series Hot Rod Bracket Race @ Alamo City Motorplex, 5/8/21

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IHRA Summer Super Series Hot Rod Bracket Race @ Alamo City Motorplex, 5/8/21


Marion, TX.,(May 8th, 2021) Happy Mothers Day


Saturday night it was time for another round of the IHRA Summit Super Series Hot Rod Bracket Race under partly cloudy skies, near summer like temperatures in the 90's and a stiff south wind. The partial cloud cover helped keep track temps down with the biggest issue being a strong cross wind once clearing the end of the spectator side bleachers.


One hundred and twenty five cars signed in with fields of 40 in Top ET and Modified ET, 20+ in Sportsman and 10 each in Motorcycle and Jr. Dragster


Coming into the nights action, defending Top ET(Box)track champ Candace Ritter, held a slim two point lead over Jamie Longoria with Mike Pearson, past champ Cole Herbold and Kip Scharf in the top five.


In ET(No-Box) it's Wendell Dockery holding the advantage over Cole Herbold, Miguel Montoya, Corky Weeks and Gene Herbold.


Sportsman points break down with Harold Shimek out front of Ronald Gordner, Jackie Hibbard, Rhett Floyd and Trenton Johnson.


Defending track champ Don Hrometz heads the Motorcycle points ahead of James Marlett, J. Monaco, William Keele and Robert Orta.


For the Jr. Dragsters it's Jordan Suckow out front with Cameron Nelson, Ty Janousek, Cracie O'Rourke and Addyson Rogers.


Hernandez-Schneider Split Top ET

In the early morning hours with a heavy dew and occasional rain drop falling Paul Schneider(San Antonio) and Jonathan Hernandez(Pleasanton) opted to split the money, forgo the run and save on equipment.




On his way to the final round, Schneider in his 74 AMC Hornet beat former track champ Brent Ritter, J. Longoria jr., Sonny Garza, Gabriel Hernandez with a round 4 bye.


J. Hernandez in his Rehrer Morrison powered Mullis Dragster bested Mike Pearson, Jeff Rabedeau, J. Longoria, Gilbert Sanchez, and D. Decker.


Vontur Victorious for Modified ET Money

In the Modified ET finals it was Laurie Vontur(China Grove) going up against Chris Pearson(San Antonio). The young Pearson, in his BBC, 72 Chevy Nova went .012(12/1000th) red giving the victory to Vontur in her Beer Belly Racing, SBC 66 Chevy II, who briefly spun the tires on launch.


Laurie Vontur(6.71) 6.738 @ 102.16 defeats Chris Pearson(6.27) 6.281 @ 109.78(red)


Vontur took out Billy Janousek, Miguel Montoya, Mike Zampese, T. Rawson and Debbie Schnedier.


Pearson had to rebuy after a round loss to Daniel Cleveland then knocked out D. Schnedier, A. Garcia, Friedeck jr., Ryan Aguilera and Anthony Montoya.


Gordner Grabs Sportsman Gold

The Sportsman finals between Ronald Gorner(Schertz) and Vince Hernandez(San Antonio) came down to a brake check at the stripe. With nearly identical reaction times, Hernandez, in his 78 Chevy Malibu left first with Gordner in his 2015 Challenger Scat Pack on his heels. At about 600' Hernandez slowed abruptly hoping Gordner would sail past and break out. Gordners brake lights lit up almost immediately as he eased past Hernandez for the win.


Ronald Gordner(7.73) 7.790 @ 82.30 defeats Vince Hernandez(8.51) 8.570 @ 70.10


Gordner, who lost round 1 to Rhett Floyd then rebought, outran Trenton Johnson, S.Day and got revenge on Floyd.


Hernandez ousted R. Santosky, Allen Freeman, John Villanueva and Aaron Tschope in the semi's.


Now I've been around drag racing since I was old enough to ride my bicycle to the local track, but tonight I watched the brake pedal being used almost as much as the gas throughout Sportsman Eliminations. “Com'on man!”


William Keele(San Antonio) used a .024 reaction and nailing his dial-in to snag the win in the Motorcycle final over points leader Don Hrometz(Temple). Hrometz, on his Suzuki Hayabusa tried to take the win but took much stripe, breaking out and giving the victory to Keele on his Kawasaki in a round 1 rematch won by Hrometz.


William Keele(5.74) 5.747 @ 117.49 defeats Don Hrometz(5.87) 5.820 @ 199.71


Keele trailered Gene Hudel, James Marlett, and got a bye in the buy back round.


Besides Keele in round 1, Hrometz took down S. Jones and Whitworth


Banduch Best in Jr. Dragsters

Logan Banduch(Schertz) and Hunter McGary(Bryan) squared off in the Jr. Dragster finals with Banduch taking home the win. Banduch, in his Thundercat Jr. Dragster hit an .030 reaction with the early leave. McGary in his Lee & Barrier Builders, Shop Outfitters, Waterboy Racing, Blossom race Engines tried to trim the tree but went .006 red handing the win Banduch.


Logan Banduch(9.01) 9.048 @ 71.32 defeats Hunter McGary(7.93) 7.927 @ 81.49(red)


Banduch beat Cheyenne Flowers(twice), and Reilly Garceau in the semi finals.


McGary bettered Gracie O'Rourke, Ty Janousek and Jordan Suckow

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