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Knock the Dust Off Bracket Race @ Alamo City Motorplex, 3/14/20

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Knock the Dust Off Bracket Race @ Alamo City Motorplex, 3/14/20

By JM Hallas


Marion, TX.,(March 14th, 2020) With nearly every other thing in the state postponed or canceled, Alamo City Motorplex held a 'Knock the Dust Off' bracket race on the 1/8 mile speed plant, just outside San Antonio. As the regular points season is scheduled to begin on March 28th, the show gave drivers a final chance to shake down their cars. It also attracted several racers from the Houston area giving them the opportunity to race.


It was nearly an ideal day weather-wise with temperatures in the mid 80's and a track surface that was nearly perfect. I can't recall seeing so many drivers hit their numbers, just still end up on the losing end a race. It all came down to the crucial starting line advantage.


Besides the NHRA Super Pro, Pro and JR. Dragster, a street class and motorcycle class was added to the racing card. With a good number of Super Pro cars on hand a Quick 16 Shootout was included.


Wilson Wins Super Pro

It was a given that the money up for grabs in the Super Pro finals would be going back east to the Houston area with Kevin Wilson(Magnolia) and Bart Nelson(LaPorte) going at it in the finals. Wilson, in his K2 Motorsports, 2020 Miller Chassis picked up the inaugural victory for his new car, getting a break at the start when Nelson, in his 2015 American Chassis went .006(6/1,000th) red.

Whether or not Wilson pressed his luck at the stripe was moot, barely going under his index.



Kevin Wilson(4.76) 4.756 @ 144.97 defeats Bart Nelson(4.74) 5.606 @ 85.11(red light)


Wilson got to the finals taking out Kip Sharf in the semis, M. Collier, Kendal Little, Gabriel Hernandez, and Gilbert Sanchez. Nelson had a semi round bye, and bested Jarod Wilson, Jay Fitzgerald, Greg Meuth and C. Bamilleaux.


Robinson/Ball Split Quick

It came down to two friends and semi-sort of teammates in the Quick 16 Shootout. Scott Ball(San Antonio) in his Scott Ball Racing, 2014 TNT Chassis was slated to go against Todd Robinson(Corpus Christi) in his Rehrer-Morrison powered 2019 Elite Chassis, both opted to split the money and save equipment.


Ball took out Gilbert Sanchez, C. Bamilleaux and K. Whitaker while Robinson knocked out Kevin Wilson, looking to double up, Leroy O.Bryant and Mike Atkinson


Herbold Hustles to Pro Pay Day

Former track champ Cole Herbold(Seguin) in his Herbold Brothers Drilling, shorty Dragster chopped the tree down on Gabriel Hernandez(San Antonio) in his FTP 68 Camaro to take home the win in Pro. Herbold used a blistering .004 light to run down Hernandez then still stay within his number.


Cole Herbold(5.09) 5.119 @ 129.24 defeats Gabriel Hernandez(7.36) 7.41 @ 90.16


Herbold trailered L. Hobbs, Vince Hernandez, Lee Miller and R.Taylor with a bye in the semis. Hernadez ousted K. Harlan, D. Koepsel, Gene Herbold, a round 4 bye, and caught a huge break when Jamie Longoria went .0007(7/10,000th) red in the semis(Ouch!).


Farris Finds Fast Lane

Dwayne Farris(Round Rock) in his 2016 Mustang GT was squared off with announcer John Villanueva(San Antonio) in his 2020 Ford Fusion in the street class finals. Villanueva cut a better light, but took too much of the stripe and broke out giving the win to D. Farris.


Dwayne Farris(8.19) 8.203 @ 86.51 defeats John Villanueva(10.00) 9.970 @ 67.27(break out)


Villanueva got called out for a grudge match with Brandon Garcia(San Antonio) in his Toyota Camry. Garcia got the win on the starting line with his 10.14 to Villanuevas 10.12 with both on 10.00 dial ins.


Baugh Bags Bike Bucks

Casey Baugh(West) took home the motorcycle money with the win over James Marlett(Austin) Marlett on his 2008 Kawasaki went red at the line handing the win over to Baugh on his Baughs Out Racing, 2004 Hayabusa GSXR.


Casey Baugh(6.26) 6.253 @ 111.88 defeats James Marlett(5.64) 5.654 @ 121.75(red light)


Baugh got a round 1 bye then beat W. Keele and T. Thomas. Marlett rebought after a round 1 loss to D. Hrometz, then avenged the loss to Hrometz in round 2 and got a bye in the semis.


Rufenaeht Races to Jr Dragster Dough.

It was two young heavyweights, figuratively speaking, in the Jr. Dragster finals with Graeme Rufenacht in the McGee Cams, Brando Custom Paint, Sock Posse Racing, Halfscale Jr Dragster going head to head with Cody Garceau in his Terminator powered 2004 Hardens. Rufenacht cut a .020 light and needed every bit of that as he edged out Garceau at the stripe by .0023.(Yikes)


Graeme Rufenacht(7.90) 7.945 @ 80.20 defeats Cody Garceau(7.90) 7.902 @ 80.96


Rufenacht bested H. McGary, Gracie O.Rourke and Cheyenne Flowers while Garceau rebought after losing round 1 to O Rourke, then beat H. McGary in buy back round and Emma Heidkamp

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