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TSTRS - Sponsor Package


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Below is a sponsor package for the track.  Please share with a business that may be interested in promoting.  If a racer sells or sends me a lead that purchases the Big 3 Package, we will add $200 to his class purse at the race immediately following payment in full of the sponsor package.

(I do have payment plans for sponsors if needed.)  


Big 3 Package  $1750* for all three locations - Drive-up, Walk-in, and On-track.  (Individual signs can be purchased at the prices listed below.)

  This package includes three large signs at Houston Motorsports Park.  All signs are put together to last, and the package cost does include a change out if ever needed.  We will change out any banners that tear or fade as needed.  

Drive-up Sign (Placed where fans come into the track and wait in line to purchase tickets.  We recommend this sign contain the company info and logo.)   4' x 10'       $275

Walk-in Sign (Placed where fans walk into the track.  We recommend this sign to contain the company info and logo.)  4.5' x 7'    $275

On-track Sign (Placed on the inside perimeter of the race track.  We recommend the company logo as big as possible with little info.  A logo or some form of recognition that ties to the other banners.)     8' x 12.5'     $1350*


Signs will be up for the following races:

 2019 Races

Aug 31st

Sept 28

Oct 19

Nov 9

 2020 Races

March (1)

April (2)

May (2)

June (1)

July (1)

August - OFF    All sponsor deals up for renewal.  All signs taken down will belong to the sponsor if they want them.


ADDITIONALLY -  If they purchase an individual track sign ($1350) OR the Big 3 package they get:


- Added exposure at race events when the announcer talks about track sponsors in downtime.  His script or verbiage comes directly from the sponsor when they fill out a sponsor sheet.  We place this sheet in the Announcer Binder that Rodney takes to his announcing throne each race day.

- Featured Sponsors at specific races that we share more detailed company info on.  The sponsor can use this at any race he may want to promote specific things, entertain specific vendors or reward specific employees.  

- Our Announcer Rodney Rodriguez is not shy on the mic in thanking our sponsors.  Rodney is a nationally respected motorsports personality, co-founding MC on the Revved Up Sports Show and a Sports Personality on 104.9FM The Horn in Austin.

- A 1/4 page ad in the race day programs coming in the fall. (Sept - Aug 2020)



Please share guys - let me know of any interest or questions you have!  If you would like more info on other packages we have, please let me know. We are pushing the signs to get the track dressed up and looking fine!


Gina Schild Knowles :) 

(713) 907-0906


Texas Asphalt Racing Promotions LLC dba Texas Short Track Racing Series




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11 hours ago, RodneyRodriguez said:

Thanks Nick, anyone that steps up to help a track operate deserves a whole lotta love!

Been there, done that along with many others.... Debbie Williams comes to mind as someone who has always stepped up and contributed in a major way.



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