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Chase Hyland No. 5 was the $750 to win POWRi 600's Lonestar Mini Sprint winner at Heart O Texas Speedway

5Chase Hyland was the 600’s Mini Sprint feature winner. 

By Don Cook

Heart O Texas Speedway (Elm, Mott, TX)
Auguat 9 (Friday)

The POWRi Align Pro Lonestar 600’s Summer Showdown, presented by No Limit Graphics, returned to Heart O Texas Speedway, in Elm Mott, TX, Friday night! This was the first of two nights of racing for the exciting 600’s Non Wing Mini Sprints and the 600’s Restrictor Mini Sprints! The Lonestar 600’s Summer Showdown Series continues Saturday night at Super Bowl Speedway in Greenville, TX! Along with the exciting 600’s Mini Sprints, were the IMCA Modifieds, IMCA Southern SportMods, IMCA Stock Cars, Street Stocks, Factory Stocks, and Jr. Limiteds. Also, several kids received School Back Packs! Thanks to everyone who brought Back Packs for the kids! Check out all the exciting racing action and family fun from Friday night below: 


600’s Non Wing $750 Feature Winner: Fourteen year old Chase Hyland, No. 5, was your feature winner! Mike Walling, No. 29w, was second, Chase Randall, No. 9, was third, Christopher Larson, No. 2l, was fourth and Preston Perlmutter, No. 42p, was fifth. Cody Price, Jaylon Brown, Dustin Robinson, Jason Tyer, and Karson Battarbee, rounded out the top ten. Twenty-four cars started the feature. Thirty-three cars were in the pits.

29Mike Walling had a solid second.


To view a video of the 600’s Non Wing wreck, click below:

To view a video of the 600’s Non Wing feature, click below:


600’s Restrictor Feature Winner: Thomas Hall Jr., No. 114, was your feature winner! Conner Thomas, Evie Dean, Jaylon Brown, Shelby Price, Kamirin Cook, Rylie Yates, Stephen Yates, Kinsley Cook, and Hailey Taylor, rounded out the field. 


Modified Feature Winner: Chris Morris, No. 94, was your feature winner! Justin Radcliff, No. 11j, was second, Raymond McSpadden, No. 48r, was third, Eric Tomlinson, No. 45t, was fourth aand Kevin Green, No. 5, was fifth. Donald Banker, Derek Scott Jr., P.J. Egbert, David Goode Jr., and Cody Daniel, rounded out the top ten. Thirteen cas started the feature.

707P.J. Egbert, No. 707, keeping it in the family.

To view a video of the Modified feature, click below:


SportMod Feature Winner: Eddie  Grmela, No. 11g, was your feature winner! Taylor Florio, No. 21t, was second, Austin Moore, No. 88, was third, Damon Hammond, No. 116, was fourth aand Garett Rawls, No. 4g, was fifth. Chris Cogburn, Sid Kiphen, Robert Scrivner, James Hanusch, and Jeff Shepperd, rounded out the top ten. Fourteen cars started the feature.

To view a video of the SportMod feature, click below:


Stock Car Feature Winner: Jason Batt, No. 9, was your feature winner! Westin Abbey, No. 12, was second, Andy Roller, No. 63, was third, Dillon Smith, No. 03e, was fourth and A.J. Dancer, No. 5, was fifth. Buck Owens, Ray Vann, Travis Normn, Eddie Thompson, and Ranger Shipman, rounded out the field. 

To view a video of the Stock Car feature, click below:


Street Stock Feature Winner: Brandon Hood, No. 1b, waas your feature winner! Wade White, No. 68, was second, Jerry Frydrych, No. 13, was third, Kevin Smith, No. 57, was fourth and Eddie Thompson, No. 181, was fifth. Tommy Kirkpatrick, David Khoury, Billy Rupert, Joe Williams, and Nathan Sykora, rounded out the top ten.

To view a video of the Street Stock feature, click below:


Factory Stock Feature Winner: Jeffrey Abbey, No. 77j, was your feature winner! Will Carter, No. 8c, was second, Brett McMillin, No. 61, was third, Tracy Harris, No. 18h, was fourth and Brant Wollam, No. 26, was fifth. Westin Abbey, Doug Andrews, Melvin Kemp Jr., James Schoenrock, and Trevor Hudson, rounded out the top ten. Fifteen cars started the feature.

To view a video of the Factory Stock feature, click below:


Jr. Limited Feature Winner:  Corbin Willett, No. 3, was your feature winner! Jesse Shepperd, Trevor Cogburn, Kaleb Emerson, Wyatt Sexton, Haley Moore, and Hope Gaston, rounded out the field.


BackThanks to everyone that donated back packs to the kids!

600s Poster

For the latest information, go to: www.superbowlspeedway.com


Candy Pic

Friday, August 16, Heart O Texas Speedway will host a full racing program plus the Mars Wrigley Confectionery Night! Candy for the Kids plus the Kids Silver Rush. The Lonestar Dwarf Car Club will also be a part of this exciting racing program! For the latest information, go to: www.heartotexasspeedway.com

Dwarf Car Pic

For the latest information, go to: www.heartotexasspeedway.com

HOT Logo


Stacy Kolar is the OFFICIAL Photographer for Heart O Texas Speedway!

For all your photo needs, see Stacy at: southernsassphotos.com

To view a photo slideshow from Heart O Texas Speedway, click on the link below: 

HOT Photos


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