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IMCA Modified Grudge Race @ I-37 Speedway by R&M Promotions, 7/13/19

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IMCA Modified Grudge Race @ I-37 Speedway by R&M Promotions, 7/13/19

By JM Hallas


Pleasanton, TX.,(July, 13th, 2019) Tonight was round three of the four-class Grudge Races, featuring the IMCA Modifieds. The four top vote getters were defending I-37 Speedway track champ, Rick Green, Chris Carroll, Jamie Campbell and two-time winner, Chris Morris who drives with hand controls. Also added was GW Egbert IV as a sentimental favorite.


You may remember that Egbert was seriously injured early in the season when a large dirt clod or something flew up striking him in the face shield. Egbert suffered major facial injuries and breaks that have seen him go through many hours of surgery and rehab before returning to the area tracks a few weeks back.


Already qualified from the two previous Grudge Race events were Tommy Grimes(Limited Late Models) and Trent Beaver(Sport Modifieds). The final driver from the Street Stock class be added the following race, with the class shootout coming later this season.


Besides the IMCA Modified Grudge Race that class was also running for $650 to win, with extra money added to the Sport Modifieds as well.


Money for Morris in Modified Main

To say Chris Morris(Taylor) has got this track dialed in would be an understatement. Three trips this year has garnered him three wins. Morris, who started eighth quickly made his presence know as he worked forward grabbing the lead before halfway.


From there he pulled ahead only slowing for lapped traffic as he cruised to victory in the Volvo of Austin, Tina Reagan Realty, ACM Services, Opifex Equipment, Eightfold, Five Star Concrete, Bet All Racing, Austin Cutting & Coring, five1seven designs, crate powered, Lethal Chassis by David Stremme.


As the IMCA Modified feature fired off it was Ryan Childress into turn 1 first, but off turn 4 Rick Green snuck past to lead. Childress fell in line second trailed by Chris Swenson, Chris Carroll and Jamie Campbell. Coming fast from mid-pack were Morris and Greg Dinsmore, with Morris getting fourth from Swenson and Dinsmore taking sixth from Campbell then fifth from Swenson. On a restart for a spin by Shawn Obannon, Morris and Dinsmore continued to pick off spots moving up to second and third, respectively.


A multi-car tangle on the front stretch ended Justin Delgado's night and set up a battle for the lead. As green flew Dinsmore got by Morris on the bottom, but Morris powered back around the outside to retake the spot and get along side Green for the lead. After a lap going wheel to wheel, Morris got the top spot on lap 8 with Dinsmore following to second.


At halfway it was Morris, Dinsmore, Green, Dillon Tindall and GW Egbert in the top five. Morris and Dinsmore then eased ahead with Dinsmore staying within a few car lengths. Lapped traffic didn't slow Morris down, but Dinsmore had to force his way three wide through traffic losing ground to Morris who ran the final circuits unchallenged for the win.



This is win number three here for the year,” replied Morris. “I started on the outside and found a groove my car was liking about three-quarters of the way up. I got around Rick(Green) right before that caution and knew I'd have to go around the outside. I felt like that was going to be the ticket to stay out front. I could carry more momentum on top. We ended up staying out front and picking up the win.”


It was in the back of my mind stay low enough to stay out of the dust up top. This car stuck like I needed it to. This chassis' been awesome and David(Stremme) has been a lot of help. Super thankful for him and building this car for me. Hopefully we can keep the ball rolling and pick up some more wins this year.”


I like this place for sure. I feel like the size and shape of the track suits my driving style. It's a momentum track. It's got a lot of speed, pretty flat and racy. We like coming down here.”


I knew Greg(Dinsmore) was back there. On that restart I saw him restarting inside me. I knew I had to get around Rick quickly because I knew it would be tough to keep him behind me. This certainly wasn't an easy one, I had to earn it tonight.”


We're throwing around the idea of trying to make it up to Iowa this year. Marshalltown has a big $10,000 to win we're looking at going to. We're going to do Batesville for sure again this year and “Duel in the Desert” in Vegas at the end of the year.”


Simpson Race Products IMCA Modifieds

94 Chris Morris, 8g Greg Dinsmore, 82 Rick Green, 86 Dillon Tindall, 717 GW Egbert IV, 48 Chris Swenson, 81 Ryan Childress, 21j Jason Borlace, 16 Carson Bednarz, 141 Rob Sanderson, 420 Shawn Obannon, m31 Marlin Samford, 729 Jamie Campbell, 15c Chris Carroll, 27 Justin Delgado, 2j James Samford


W” for GW in Grudge Race

Coming back to kick the horse that threw him, metaphorically speaking, GW Egbert picked up the victory in the 8-lap IMCA Modified Grudge Race. Jamie Campbell got out front at the start chased by Egbert, Green side by side with Morris and Carroll. Campbell slipped off the bottom in turn 2 giving Egbert the opening to get by on lap 4. From there Egbert checked out the final four laps for the win.


IMCA Modified Grudge Race

717 GW Egbert IV, 729 Jamie Campbell, 94 Chris Morris, 82 Rick Green, 15c Chris Carroll


IMCA Modified heats

Heat 1

717 GW Egbert IV,15c Chris Carroll, 729 Jamie Campbell, 81 Ryan Childress, 420 Shawn Obannon, 2j James Samford


Heat 2; 8g Greg Dinsmore, 86 Dillon Tindall, 21j Jason Borlace, 141 Rob Sanderson, 27 Justin Delgado, 55 Rick Talley---dns


Heat 3, 94 Chris Morris, 82 Rick Green, 48 Chris Swenson, 16 Landon Bednarz, m31 Marlin Samford


Gordon Grabs First of Two

Anthony Gordon(San Antonio) picked one of his two feature wins for the night going wire to wire in the 20-lap Sport Modified feature. Gordon got off turn 2 with the lead with Ryan Doyon, Johnny Torres side by side with Joe Aramendia and Trent Beaver in pursuit. Sherrill Lewis, Robby Minten and Frank Okruhlik got tangled in turns 3-4 for an early caution.


Once back to green Gordon jumped ahead quickly with Aramendia diving in low to retake third from Torres. Cade Obannon looped it on lap 5 to bring out a yellow that saw a major highway-type chain reaction on the restart as everyone tried to dive for the bottom in turn 1. Everyone sorted out and continued without caution, only bent sheet metal and bruised egos.


By the midway point Gordon was pulling away from Doyon, Torres, Aramendia and Talon Minten. In the waning laps Torres tried to pressure Doyon for second, but couldn't find a way by. Up front Gordon was cruising to the victory in his Alamo Hot Rod Parts, All in Designs, Dewalt Tools, 8T1 Construction, IRP Chassis.


Swenson Racing Products Sport Modifieds

22m Anthony Gordon, 5r Ryan Doyon, 66 Johnny Torres, 79 Joe Aramendia, 9 Talon Minten, 14 Trent Beaver, 94 Allen Torres, 30 Chris Swenson, 08 Frank Okruhlik, 55 Rusty Head, 12 Roly Rodriguez, 31L Sherrill Lewis, 57 Rowdy Flanagan, 24r Robby Minten, 82 Cade Obannon, 79L Julian Lopez---dns


Sport Modified heats

Heat 1; 22m Anthony Gordon, 66 Johnny Torres, 57 Rowdy Flanagan, 24r Robby Minten, 31L Sherrill Lewis, 08 Frank Okruhlik


Heat 2; 5r Ryan Doyon, 14 Trent Beaver, 9 Talon Minten, 12r Roly Rodriguez, 82 Cade Obannon


Heat 3 ; 79 Joe Aramendia, 30 Chris Swenson, 94 Allen Torres, 55 Rusty Head, 79L Julian Lopez


'Texas Tornado' Tops in Limited Late Models

The Limited Late Model feature saw Tommy Grimes(San Antonio) go flag to flag in the 20-lapper. Grimes was quickly out front as green waved with Jason Kelly, Howie Marcx, Frank Okruhlik, and Ron Sprayue in tow. Okruhlik got loose off turn 2 and got clipped by Sprayue for an early yellow that saw Okruhlik pit with a flat.


Back under green, Grimes and J. Kelly got away while Patrick Kelly took third from Marcx. Caution was right back out a lap later when Sprayue spun and had DJ Schroat drive over the nose. Finally back under green again, Grimes edged away from J. Kelly and Marcx door to door for second. J. Kelly held him off and Jacob Crow snuck past Marcx for third.


Sprayue's bad night continued as he flew over the turn 3 hill for a caution at halfway that saw Grimes, J. Kelly, Crow, Marcx and Bob Henderson in the top five. The final half saw Grimes motor away for the win in his Tracy Rail Service, Howell Crane & Rigging, All in Designs, PRC Carburetors, Longs Race Engines, Shaw Chassis.


Nogalitos Gear Limited Late Models

22t Tommy Grimes, 57 Jason Kelly, 13 Howie Marcx, 8 Jacob Crow, 5 DJ Schroat, 95 Jerry Jones, 86 Bob Henderson, 42 Ron Sprayue, 84 Patrick Kelly, 99f Frank Okruhlik


Limited Late Model heats

Heat 1; 22t Tommy Grimes, 57 Jason Kelly, 42 Ron Sprayue, 95 Jerry Jones, 86 Bob Henderson


Heat 2; 13 Howie Marcx, 8 Jacob Crow, 84 Patrick Kelly, 99f Frank Okruhlik, 5 DJ Schroat


Green for Gordon, Part Deux

Anthony Gordon snagged the second checkers for the night in the 15-lap Street Stock feature, but this wasn't as easy. Gordon was first to turn 1 on green with Wade Jones, Robby Minten, Mike Lyon and Kyle Speer in pursuit. Jones got a run off turn 4 to briefly sniff the lead, but Gordon held the preferred groove back into turn 1 to stay out front.


The two rivals, Gordon and Jones, then pulled away to settle it between themselves. At the crossed flags Gordon still had Jones on his bumper with Minten, Lyon and Speer in the top five. Jones then began to take some peeks trying to get under Gordon.


The final half saw Jones keeping the pressure on Gordon hoping to force a mistake and taking an occasional peek inside. The two made slight contact as Jones got the nose under Gordon in turn 3, but Gordon held the spot. It was still anyone's race as the white waved with Gordon in his Alamo Hot Rod Parts, All in Designs, Dewalt Tools, 8T1 Construction, crate powered, Dog House Chassis holding Jones off at the checkers.


Alamo Hot Rod Parts Street Stocks

22m Anthony Gordon, 41 Wade Jones, 48 Robby Minten, 20 Mike Lyon, 69s Darin Blevins, 81 Tony Bernal, 52 Kyle Speer


Street Stock heat

Heat; 22m Anthony Gordon, 48 Robby Minten, 41 Wade Jones, 52 Kyle Speer, 20 Mike Lyon, 69s Darin Blevins, 81 Tony Bernal


Gaither Golden in Pure Stocks

After finally getting the monkey off his back last month with his first ever Pure Stock win, Dillon Gaither(Floresville) got win number two in the 20-lap Pure Stock feature. Gaither took the lead just past halfway from race-long leader Riley Heil, who is on the edge of breaking through for her first win coming soon.


At the start it was Heil getting out front trailed by Gaither, Tryton Temple, Robert Kelm and Aaron Leddy. The top three then broke away from the pack with Gaither taking looks low as Heil moved up half a lane. AJ Wernette stopped on the back stretch after trying to avoid Chad Miller who was heading to the pit exit for a quick caution.


On the restart Temple got past Gaither for second leaving him door to door with Leddy for third as they came to halfway. Heil got a little breathing room up front while Temple, Gaither and Leddy battled for second but that was erased on lap 12 when Jerry Miller looped it for a caution.


Gaither took advantage on the restart and got inside Heil to take the top spot on lap 13. Kelm was able to grab third from Temple and pressured Heil for second. As Gaither eased away, Heil drifted up into the dust and spun on the last lap shaking up the finish order. Up front Gaither had clear sailing in his J&J Stucco & Masonry, No Limits Graphics, Dohogen Claim Services, Howie’s Lawn Service, Race on Texas, D & D Performance, Spreen Racing, Kruger Motorsports, Rachel Plant Picture Taker, Whestone Family, Dynamic Pro Shop, BMF Shocks & Chassis, Greg Hubbell Race Cars to the checkers.


All in Design Pure Stocks

5 Dillon Gaither, 48 Robert Kelm, 99t Tryton Temple, 49k Michael Keylich, 4d Dustin Hurley, 98 William Saunders, 9c Jamie Fuller, 75 Jerry Miller, 36 George Quintanilla, 30 Riley Heil, 63 Joe Dee Johnson, 128 Aaron Leddy, 51 Albert Medellin, 37 AJ Wernette, 28 Chad Miller, 19 Daniel Miller---dns


Pure Stock heats

Heat 1; 30 Riley Heil, 99t Tryton Temple,48 Robert Kelm, 98 William Saunders, 128 Aaron Leddy, 51 Albert Medellin, 28 Chad Miller, 75 Jerry Miller


Heat 2; 5 Dillon Gaither, 4d Dustin Hurley, 9c Jamie Fuller, 36 George Quintanilla, 49k Michael Keylich, 19 Daniel Miller, 37w AJ Wernette, 63 Joe Dee Johnson


Russ Parker Construction Go-Karts

Senior Division: Peyton Jones, Charles Flanagan, Hanna Miller, Cayton Nesloney, Austin Majek, Tanner Griffin


Junior Division; Cody Clegg(ran with Seniors)


Youth Division: Blaine Markgraf, Cheston Markgraf, Berkley Keylich, Gabriel Solis

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