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In Need of an OEM 1980s GM G-Body Drive Shaft


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If any body has one laying around,  I need a good used 1978-1988 GM Intermediate G-Body Drive Shaft.   this good used drive shaft must be an oem 52,1/2" from u-joint to u-joint....with the internal style of retainer clip type of u-joits ( S-44, 534-G, or the Mech-3R u-joints ) and the 27 spline x 5,1/2" front slip yoke as well.  other GM type drive shafts with 1310 style outer retainer clip u-joints other lengths wont do.

so if have a METRIC Cutlas, Regal, Malibu, Monte Carlo, or Grand Prix just setting around....I need an oem Drive Shaft from one that is 52,1/2" from u-joint to u-joint only plus w/ the 27 spline front slip yoke along with it as well...

oem Nova, & Camaro style drive shafts have 1310 style of universal u-joints …..those wont do !!!

let me know what you have...I don't want to have one made up !!!!

Thanks in advance....

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