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Poker Night, Pure Stock Meet-n-Greet, Dwarf Cars @ I-37 Speedway by R&M Promotions, 7/14/18

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Poker Night, Pure Stock Meet-n-Greet, Dwarf Cars @ I-37 Speedway by R&M Promotions, 7/14/18

By JM Hallas

Pleasanton, TX.,(July 14th, 2018) After an off week for the Independence Day holiday weekend, I-37 Speedway resumed action with a full slate on tap. Thanks to All in Designs the Pure Stock feature payout was upped to $777 to win the 20-lap feature after the classes meet-n-greet on the entry road.

The track also increased the “to win” in the other classes making IMCA Modifieds $513, Sport Modifieds $521, Limited Late Model $413, Street Stock $411 and Sport Compact $277.

If that wasn't enough, the A-Line Auto Parts Dwarf Car Racing Series of Texas looks to make their first appearance of 2018. Two previously scheduled races have succumbed to rain. Let's hope that doesn't become a trend. The DCRST has seen Ty Paxson dominate this year so far going undefeated at other scheduled dirt tracks. Paxson now has the fortune, or misfortune, as the case may be, of having a bounty placed on him($100) put up by Coyne Trucks Inc.

Carroll Claims Modified Main Again

Chris Carroll(Spring Branch) has been on a roll lately picking up another win in the 20-lap IMCA Modified main. Carroll worked his way past defending track champ Talon Minten a quarter of the way through and pulled off to a good lead. A late caution rebuched the field forcing Carroll to hold off late charges by Minten and current points leader, Rick Green for the win.

The largest field of IMCA Modifieds in years took the green with 19 cars starting. Polesitter Bill Pittaway got off turn 2 first and led lap 1 chased by Minten, Dillon Tindall, Carroll and Green side by side with Chris Morris. Minten got by Pittaway for the top spot on lap 2 with Carroll following second.

After a restart Carroll began looking for his chance while Green took third from Pittaway bringing JP Dowell along to fourth. Carroll got inside Minten with the two side by side at the line on lap 5. Coming off turn 2 Carroll was able to secure the point and lead lap 6 with Cody Leonard taking fifth from Pittaway.

At halfway it was Carroll, increasing his margin, Minten, Green, Dowell and Leonard. Green was able to snag second from Minten on a restart, while Dowell and Leonard, trying the top, ran wheel to wheel for fourth. Leonard finally cleared Dowell on lap 15 and was along side Minten for third.

Jake Henderson and Don Banker brought out a lap 18 caution setting up a shootout to the finish. Minten jumped up top and tried to get second back from Green as Carroll inched ahead. Minten gave up third to Leonard as Carroll in the Carroll Construction, Simpson Racing Products, GM crate powered, GRT Chassis took the checkers.

“At the start of the race I didn’t know what was gonna happen because I was starting outside,” replied Carroll. We were set up for the bottom of the track. I had a pretty good idea that Talon(Minten) was going to get out front quick, he had the preferred line. I did not expect (Bill) Pittaway to hold it up front as long as he did. He did a pretty good job.”

“When we got by him I was pacing Talon, thinking there’s no need in passing right now, we should pull away. But my car was rolling the turn real well. I kept pulling up on him every time I was going into the turn so I decided to go ahead and drive it in. I just showed him the nose and hoped running off into turn 1, that I could get him to make a mistake. We got underneath him and were able to complete the pass coming off of (turn) 2.”

“I was really looking for either Rick Green, Cody Leonard or JP(Dowell) to be coming at some point. I think they just ran out of time. I want to thank my wife Melanie Carroll and my son Colin Carroll for all the help and support.”


Simpson Racing Products IMCA Modifieds

15 Chris Carroll, 82 Rick Green, 12 Cody Leonard, 14t Talon Minten, 17 JP Dowell, 136 Matt Banker, 94 Chris Morris, 137 Bill Pittaway, 29 Jamie Campbell, 58 Rowdy Flanagan, 86 Dillon Tindall, 5r Ryan Doyon, 44 Marcus Berndt, 125 Jason Borlace, 88 Robert Jack, 3 Jeremy Davenport, 377 Don Banker , 163 Jake Henderson, 92 Jake Rollins, 55 Mike Morris---dns

IMCA Modified heats

Heat 1; 15 Chris Carroll, 94 Chris Morris, 17 JP Dowell, 163 Jake Henderson, 86 Dillon Tindall, 3 Jeremy Davenport, 5r Ryan Doyon, 92 Jake Rollins, 377 Don Banker, 29 Jamie Campbell----dq(unsportsmanlike conduct)

Heat 2; 14t Talon Minten, 82 Rick Green, 12 Cody Leonard, 44 Marcus Berndt, 137 Bill Pittaway, 125 Jason Borlace, 136 Matt Banker, 88 Robert Jack, 55 Mike Morris

Leonard Lays it on Sport Modified Field

Cody Leonard(Sinton) added another I-37 Speedway trophy to his impressive collection going flag to flag in the 20-lap Sport Modified feature. Leonard grabbed the lead holding off an opening charge by Johnny Torres who fell in behind Leonard with Robert Stewart, Talon Minten and Eddy Ross in tow.

Leonard and Torres pulled away from the pack while T. Minten got by Stewart for third and Ryan Doyon got fifth from Ross. At the crossed flags it was Leonard with a big lead, Torres, T. Minten, Ry. Doyon and Stewart in the top five. Jared Maupin, in his first trip to I-37 Speedway, made his way to the top five just past halfway.

The races only caution came when Stewart spun off the back stretch. On the restart, Leonard got a good jump leaving Torres and T. Minten side by side for second with Maupin getting fourth from Ry. Doyon. At the checkers it was Leonard by a half straightaway in the CD Electric, KR Compressors, Coastal Diesel, Swenson Racing Shocks, Ace Transmission, Rachel Plant Picture Taker, Wells Racing Engines, 09 Express Chassis.

“I'm worn out today.” exclaimed Leonard. “Running the Modified race helped me some. When I tried the high line in the Mods there was something there for a few laps, but after that the bottom was dominant. I had to go down there. I do constantly worry if someone figures something that I don't know. Their car may be faster than mine on top. They can be better on the bottom and bump me or wait until I make a mistake. There's always something to worry about.”

“I had no idea how big of a lead I had on Johnny(Torres). I kept messing up in (turns) ¾ with the ruts. I felt like I was killing my momentum. I could have sworn I kept hearing him, but people told me that I had a good lead on him. I wish I'd have known that.”

“I was able to get a breather with a class in between. I got some water and caught my breath. It gets really hot and tiring running three classes.”

Swenson Racing Products Sport Modifieds

12 Cody Leonard, 66 Johnny Torres, 2 Talon Minten, bd2 Jared Maupin, 5r Ryan Doyon, bd3 Eddy Ross, 30 Chris Swenson, bd4 Cheryl Gray, 32 Robert Stewart, 24r Robby Minten, 9 Ray Doyon III, 48 Tom Grothues, 2b Robert Boyd, 84f Dude Farris---dns, 03 Marcus Mikulencak---dns, 31 Chase Havely---dns

Sport Modified heats

Heat 1; 12 Cody Leonard, 32 Robert Stewart, bd3 Eddy Ross, 84 Dude Farris, bd4 Cheryl Gray, 03 Marcus Mikulencak, 31 Chase Havely, 24r Robby Minten

Heat 2; 66 Johnny Torres, 2 Talon Minten, 5r Ryan Doyon, bd2 Jared Maupin, 9 Ray Doyon III, 2b Robert Boyd, 30 Chris Swenson, 48 Tom Grothues

Votion Back in Victory Lane with Last Lap Pass

After a strong start to the 2018 season, former track champ Trey Votion(San Antonio) went 1-for-3 in June, but rebounded in the 20-lap Limited Late Model feature. At the start it looked like Votion might start off July the same way falling in line third behind last race winner, Tommy Grimes and polesitter Quentin Henderson.

Votion was able to get by Grimes after a debris caution and catch Q. Henderson at halfway with Grimes, Cody Leonard and Howie Marcx rounding out the top five. Votion began putting pressure on Q. Henderson, who was looking for his first win. A couple yellows slowed the pace and Votion's efforts.

After contact last race, Votion was careful trying to get under Q. Henderson and finally got the nose inside coming to the white flag. Votion was able to get the advantage off turn 2 and hold off Q. Henderson in (turns) 3-4 for the win in his Nogalitos Gear, SRC Performance, Mission Race Engines, Kelly Racing Chassis.

**Note; Votion's brother, Patrick Kelly took a wild ride in the heat after clipping an infield tire and rolling twice, going over the top of Howie Marcx. Both drivers were alright, but sore this morning, Marcx made repairs for the feature.

“It was tough,” replied Votion. “It was a tight track. I was doing everything I could to be fast, and clean. It was fun. I didn't race any way other than I normally do with Quentin(Henderson). It was really out of the norm for me to get into anybody like the last race. Racing with Quentin we were both trying the same place on the track. I didn't want to get into him.”

“I tried to get even lower once and it cost me. I ended up hitting one of those tires. It knocked the front end in, but fortunately it wasn't enough to effect the car obviously. The car was good. It was great to get back in the Winners Circle. I think Quentin and I put on a good show. I'm just happy it worked out the way it did.

“I really wish they'd get rid of those tires. Some type berm would be good. As far as I know my brother(Patrick Kelly) is good. He was starting to feel pretty sore before he left. The car is done! Hopefully all the drive train is good, but the rest is done.”

Nogalitos Gear Limited Late Models

99 Trey Votion, 44 Quentin Henderson, 22t Tommy Grimes, 5 Cody Leonard, 57 Jason Kelly, 13 Howie Marcx, 57sr John Kelly, 15 John Owens, 22 Abraham Mares, 18 Shane Moore, 84 Patrick Kelly---dns, 86 Bob Henderson---dns

Limited Late Model heats

Heat 1; 44 Quentin Henderson, 22t Tommy Grimes, 18 Shane Moore, 86 Bob Henderson, 84 Patrick Kelly, 13 Howie Marcx

Heat 2; 99 Trey Votion, 5 Cody Leonard, 57sr John Kelly, 22 Abraham Mares, 15 John Owens, 57 Jason Kelly

Out With the Old, in With New for Jones

The debut of Wade Jones'(Jourdanton) new car last week went south with mechanical issues. So Jones jumped in his old car and won. Tonight the new car was dialed in as Jones put it in Victory Lane. On the first try Jones caught a break after a half spin, but Jeff Rabedeau, Shawn Moore and Cody Henderson tangled for a complete restart, giving Jones his starting spot back.

Anthony Gordon got the lead on the second try but was challenged by Jones who got the lead on lap 3. Jones then pulled away until a mid-race yellow slowed the pace. At halfway it was Jones, Gordon, Frank Okruhlik, Mike Lyon and Jacob Crow. Once back to green, Jones in his Opiela Mechanical, SABFI Transportation, Mission Auto Parts, Vato Chassis, easily pulled away for the win.

“It's nice to get back in the groove,” said Jones. “Starting on the front row paid a big dividend. It helped out a lot. I just had to make sure I knew which way my brakes were. With no rear brakes it turns the wrong way. I went the wrong way on my bias and almost spun. I had no rear brakes, all front. You learn your lesson pretty quick. That caution saved me.”

“I can't thank everyone enough for all their help on the new car, especially my grandpa who does everything while I'm at work. This new car is all different. They work totally different. One works good on one type track, the other on a different track. We just play it by ear. It was all good.”

“Here, pretty much the low line is dominant. I think maybe one time it was the high line. Ninety-percent of the time the low line is there. If you stay on the bottom someone's going to have to wreck you to get by or you make a mistake. You just have to stay on the bottom. Hopefully that changes. It's always fun to move around, work the car and find different stuff.”

SABFI Transportation Street Stocks

41 Wade Jones, 22m Anthony Gordon, 36 Frank Okruhlik, 20 Mike Lyon, 14 Lynn Fox, 2x Dennis Hilla, 8 Jacob Crow, 95s Sterling Tausch, 18 Shawn Moore, 33h Cody Henderson, 69j Jeff Rabedeau

Street Stock heats

Heat 1; 22m Anthony Gordon, 36 Frank Okruhlik, 8 Jacob Crow, 69j Jeff Rabedeau, 95s Sterling Tausch, 18 Shawn Moore

Heat 2; 41 Wade Jones, 20 Mike Lyon, 2x Dennis Hilla, 33h Cody Henderson, 14 Lynn Fox

Johnny Tops of Torres Brothers

In a race that featured all three Torres brother, Johnny, Allen, Adam, it was J. Torres, driving his wife Brandy's car, taking home the $777 win, plus $100 from a side bet with Al. Torres. J. Torres(San Antonio) led all 21 laps having to fend off Al Torres throughout most of the event. Al. Torres gave J. Torres a shot on late restart, but fell back giving J. Torres the run to the checkers.

A multi-car tangle aborted the first start and then it was J. Torres, from the pole, leading lap 1 with Al. Torres and Mason Casteneda side by side for second while Johnny Westfall and Tryton Temple ran door to door for fourth. Numerous cautions dotted the first half of the race coming to the crossed flags with J. Torres, Al. Torres, Casteneda, Temple and Westfall in the top five.

Jared Maupin made his way up to battle with the lead quintet going three wide with Westfall and Temple. After taking those spots, Maupin got by Casteneda for third. A lap 18 caution set up a fight to the finish. Al. Torres tried the top, got a good run on J. Torres and gave him a shot in turn 3. J. Torres held on while Al. Torres gave up spots falling to sixth as J. Torres in the Scott Ball Racing, All in Desgns, Alamo Hot Rod Parts, crate powered, homemade chassis scored the win.

“I didn't think he'd hit me as hard as he did,” commented Torres. “I'm going to have to spank him when we get home. I don't think I had the fastest car. I just protected the bottom. I should have made our side bet $200 like he wanted to do.”

“After the Sportmod race I knew starting on the pole with this car that I was just going to protect the bottom and they'd have to drive around. Our car didn't take off very fast. But once it got wound up it did pretty good.”

All in Designs Pure Stocks

88 Johnny Torres, bd1 Jared Maupin, 28m Mason Casteneda, 93 Aaron Leddy, 91 Johnny Westfall, 94 Allen Torres, 6 Daniel Preston, 43 Clint Montanio, 9s Jarrett Payton, 9c Caitlin Leonard, 66 Adam Torres, 48 Robert Kelm, 2x Zach Courtney, 5 Dillon Gaither, 15d Jamie Dear, 58 Cheyloh Brodnax, 127 Jerry Walter, 99t Tryton Temple, 40 Dakota Hurley, 44k Mike Keylich, 182 Ben Mikulencak, 57 Les Bettis, 33 Charles Earnhardt jr., 36 George Quintanilla

Pure Stock B-main(top 8 to A-main)

43 Clint Montanio, 48 Robert Kelm, 15d Jamie Dear, 127 Jerry Walter, 57 Les Bettis, 58 Cheyloh Brodnax, 36 George Quintanilla, 33 Charles Earnhardt jr., 39 Jim Blevins, 13m Jeremy Watson, 7x Janel Duncan, 15 William Cavender, 82 Bill Pittaway, 17 Casey Lowe, 92b Bobby Keylich, d68 Julio Reyes, 98 William Saunders, 19 Justin Todd, 4d Dustin Hurley, 51 Albert Medellin---dns

Pure Stock heats(top 4 to A-main)

Heat 1; 88 Johnny Torres, 91 Johnny Westfall, 6 Daniel Preston, 182 Ben Mikulencak, 48 Robert Kelm, 127 Jerry Walter, 58 Cheyloh Brodnax, 33 Charles Earnhardt jr., 36z George Quintanilla

Heat 2; 94 Allen Torres, 40 Dakota Hurley, bd1 Jared Maupin, 2 Zach Courtney, 43 Clint Montanio, 15d Jamie Dear, 17 Casey Lowe, 39 Jim Blevins, 4d Dustin Hurley

Heat 3; 28m Mason Casteneda, 93 Aaron Leddy, 9s Jarrett Payton, 9c Caitlin Leonard, 98 William Saunders, 82 Bill Pittaway, 7x Janel Duncan, 57 Les Bettis, 19 Justin Todd

Heat 4; 99t Tryton Temple, 66 Adam Torres, 5 Dillon Gaither, 44k Mike Keylich, 51 Albert Medellin, d68 Julio Reyes, 13m Jeremy Watson, 15 William Cavender, 92 Bobby Keylich---dns

Coyne Collects Coins in DCRST

Dillon Coyne(Boerne) went home with the feature win in the scheduled 20-lap DCRST event, but no bounty. Billy Groff led lap 1 but gave up the spot to Colby Ubanovsky on lap 2 while Coyne and Ty Paxson were on the move forward. Paxson would exit on lap 3 negating anyone's chance at the bounty money.

Coyne took over the top spot on lap 6 with Dylan Budnik getting second from Ubanovsky. The final half saw several cautions forcing officials to shorten the race on time. On the green, white, checker restart Coyne got a good jump on the field and went on to win in his Coyne Trucks Inc., Matrix Concepts, Fuel Clothing, ZX10 powered, 87 Arizona Chassis.

“New front tires,” said Coyne. “Those old tires were stamped 2004. I got them out of an attic. You put new tires on it and goes where you point it. It's pretty nice. I know Dylan, he, Ty and the Spreens are all from Boerne, and he's a bottom feeder. If I stay on the tires he's not going outside. The grip was on the tires anyway.”

“I didn't know he(Ty Paxson) pulled off. I was wondering where he was. The first caution I saw him mid-pack. I knew he'd be there eventually. At the second caution I didn't see him back there. I had $100 bounty on him starting tonight. I was thinking I was going to get that, but he pulled off.”

“This was a little bit more like a demolition derby than a race though.”

A-Line Auto Parts Dwarf Car Racing Series of Texas

1 Dillon Coyne, 25 Dylan Budnik, 96 Colby Ubanovsky, 88 Rusty Young, 30 Billy Groff, 37 Drew, Simental, 42 Tyler Folkerts, 50 Jerry Book, 85 Chris Silvas sr., in 51 Jeremy Hernandez, 84 Sammy Silvas, 27 Butch Havelka, 17 Brayden Becker, 6 James Fitzgerald, 66 Dwain Groff, 15 Ty Paxson, 64 Larry Carwin---dns


Heat 1; 96 Colby Ubanovsky, 30 Billy Groff, 6 James Fitzgerald, 51 Jeremy Hernandez, 42 Tyler Folkerts, 27 Butch Havelka, 50 Jerry Book, 84 Sammy Silvas, 85 Chris Silvas sr

Heat 2; 15 Ty Paxson, 25 Dylan Budnik, 1 Dillon Coyne, 37 Drew Simental, 64 Larry Carwin, 17 Brayden Becker, 88 Rusty Young, 66 Dwain Groff

Carter Cashes Again

GB Carter(Harlingen) went home win with the hardware once again in the20-lap Sport Compact feature. Carter chased down early leader Kirk Ball and team mate Jamie Garner getting the spot on lap 5. Lapped traffic played a part in the results once again when Cody Earnhardt spun in front of Ball and Garner battling for second. Garner was forced to pit after the contact.

On the restart Carter got a good advantage when Ball and McCall made contact for second allowing Gordon Dowdy to get by both for second. As Carter cruised away Ball and McCall retook their spots, but Carter in his Don Wilde Racecraft, Margaret Felps, VW Rabbit 'Thumper' was well on his way to win # 241.

Brown Chevrolet Sport Compacts

77 GB Carter, 38 Kirk Ball, 14 Brandon McCall, 63 Gordon Dowdy, 57 Trevor Bettis, 16 Ronnie Schoenfeldt, 23 Kasey Krauss, 7L Loryn Noah, 11 Alex Foley, 01 Randy Frautschi, 30 Billy Cox, 33 Jamie Garner, 4 Cody Earnhardt, 13 Chad Miller, 11b William Cass

Sport Compact heats

Heat 1; 38 Kirk Ball, 33 Jamie Garner, 63 Gordon Dowdy, 7L Loryn Noah, 57 Trevor Bettis, 01 Randt Frautschi, 11 Alex Foley, 13 Chad Miller

Heat 2; 23 Kasey Krauss, 14 Brandon McCall, 16 Ronnie Schoenfeldt, 77 GB Carter, 4 Cody Earnhardt, 30 Bill Cox, 11b William Cass

Russ Parker Construction Go-Karts

Senior Division; Hannah Miller, Ryker Hernandez, Faye Bettis

Junior Division: Cody Clegg, Peyton Jones

Youth Division; Blaine Markgraf, Aubrie Moore, Hayes Bettis, Berkley Keylich

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