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Josh Leonard Wire-to-Wire for First NCRA Late Model Victory!

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Josh Leonard Wire-to-Wire for First NCRA Late Model Victory!
Belleville, Kansas – July 3, 2018 - Josh Leonard of Gibbon, Nebraska took the lead on the start and never looked back to claim his first-career National Championship Racing Association of Park City, Kansas presented by Precise Racing Products crate late model victory in a special Tuesday night pre-Independence Day event atop the Belleville High Banks Speedway in Belleville, Kansas.
Josh Leonard and Adam Schrag started on the front row for the fifteen-lap-feature with Leonard taking the lead as the green flag fell. Only one lap was complete before the first caution of the feature waved when Bobby Eubanks, Eddie Tidwell, Tony Foster, Les Siebert and Tracy Harr all got together.
On the restart it was all Josh Leonard up front and not even approaching slower cars on lap nine could detour him from capturing his first series victory and become the 97th different NCRA late model feature winner.
Cory Dumpert York, Nebraska worked his way up from the fourth starting position to finish second while fifth-starting Dusty Leonard of Marysville, Kansas finished third. Daniel Smith of Beloit came home fourth and took over the series points lead while veteran Delbert Smith rounded out the top five.
The three heat races for the twenty-one-car field were won by Schrag, Dumpert and Josh Leonard.
A rules infraction following his third heat race found early-season series points leader Brandon Givens with a heat race disqualification. He was unable to make proper changes and would not start the night’s feature finale. 
Next up for the National Championship Racing Association crate late model division will be on Saturday night, July 25, at Thunder Hill Speedway in Mayetta, Kansas where Daniel Smith will take a slim five-point lead over Delbert Smith and Dusty Leonard in their quest for the 2018 series championship.
NCRA Late Models
Belleville High Banks/Belleville, Kansas
July 3, 2018
21 Cars
1st Heat: 1) 199-Adam Schrag, [4]; 2) 7D-Dusty Leonard, [3]; 3) 92-Delbert Smith, [5]; 4) 6-Alex Humphrey, [6]; 5) 1-Eddie Tidwell, [1]; 6) 30Jim Melton, [2]; 7) 5T-Tracy Harr, [7]
2nd Heat: 1) 77-Cory Dumpert, [2]; 2) 55-Chris Kratzer, [3]; 3) 104-Adam Popp, [1]; 4) 7C-Jimmy Segraves, [6]; 5) 51X-Les Siebert, [5]; 6) 03Jeremy Bishop, [4]; 7) 94-Dustin Huehl, [7]
3rd Heat: 1) 85J-Josh Leonard, [6]; 2) 92S-Daniel Smith, [5]; 3) 36-Tyler Davis, [4]; 4) 18-Tony Foster, [3]; 5) 16-Jack Snoberger, [7]; 6) 28 Bobby Eubanks, [1]; 7) 2G-Brandon Givens, [2]
A Feature (25 Laps): 1) 85J-Josh Leonard, [1]; 2) 77-Cory Dumpert, [4]; 3) 7D-Dusty Leonard, [5]; 4) 92S-Daniel Smith, [3]; 5) 92-Delbert Smith, [7]; 6) 55-Chris Kratzer, [6]; 7) 199-Adam Schrag, [2]; 8) 6-Alex Humphrey, [9]; 9) 36-Tyler Davis, [8]; 10) 7C-Jimmy Segraves, [10]; 11) 104-Adam Popp, [11]; 12) 5T-Tracy Harr, [18]; 13) 16-Jack Snoberger, [14]; 14) 1-Eddie Tidwell, [15]; 15) 30-Jim Melton, [17]; 16) 03-Jeremy Bishop, [16]; 17) 18-Tony Foster, [12]; 18) 51X-Les Siebert, [13]; 19) 28-Bobby Eubanks, [20]; (DNS) 94-Dustin Huehl, ; (DNS) 2G-Brandon Givens
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