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Texas Shootout, IMCA Red River Modified Tour @ Heart o' Texas Speedway, 5/27/18

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Texas Shootout, IMCA Red River Modified Tour @ Heart o' Texas Speedway, 5/27/18

By JM Hallas


Waco, TX.,(May 27th, 2018) It was a big weekend of racing at Heart O Texas Speedway on the ¼ mile, high-banked, dirt, track celebrating the Memorial Day weekend. Friday night along with the regular racing classes was round 9 of the Dirt Dominator series eliminations. Sixteen drivers go head to head for the $1,000 winner-take-all finals. Friday nights winner was Chase Allen.


Sunday it was time for race #2 in the Red River Modified Tour series for the IMCA Modifieds, Southern Sport Mods and Stock Cars. Also on the racing card were the Factory Stocks and 305 Racesaver Sprint Cars.


The tours opening round was held Saturday night at Kennedale Speedway Park with Chase Allen (IMCA Modifieds), Nick Clinkenbeard(IMCA Southern Sport Mods) and Andy Roller(IMCA Stock Cars) taking home wins. Monday the tour heads to 281 Speedway(Stephenville) then after a day off, the tour travels to Devils Bowl Speedway(Mesquite) for Wednesday night action.


Sunday was also the Wall of Fame induction ceremony honoring the past racers and history of Heart o Texas Speedway. This years inductees were David Dulock, Buddy Gunter, Charles Rhodes, Harry Bishnow and Woody Sturdivant.


Stevens Spot On for Modified Main

Tyler Stevens(Searcy, Ark.) made his trip pay off Sunday night with a big win in the 25-car IMCA Modified main. On the second try at a start Matt Guillaume led the way chased by Colin Demming, Stevens, Justin Radcliff and Drew Armstrong. Armstrong took fourth from Radcliff leaving him three wide with Kevin Sustaire and Chase Allen. A caution for JP Dowell stalled on the front stretch saw Allen and Armstrong make contact coming to yellow sending both to the hot pit.


Demming spun from second putting Sustaire and Stevens on Guillaume's bumper for the restart. The top three broke away and put on a show with Sustaire edging out Guillaume for the lead on lap 8. The duo stayed side by side for two laps until Stevens tried to find a hole three wide. Guillame was able to wrestle the lead away from Sustaire on lap 11 with Stevens getting second.


At halfway it was Guillaume, Stevens, Sustaire, Eric Tomlinson and Radcliff in the top five. Stevens would take a look low in turns 3-4, then go up top in turns 1-2. Using those line Stevens was able to get past Guillaume for the top spot on lap 13 leaving Sustaire and Guillaume wheel to wheel again, but now for second. Behind the lead trio Tomlinson, Radcliff and Chad Melton were three wide for fourth.


A late caution set up a green, white, checker finish that saw Sustaire give Stevens a look low as the green waved. Stevens held his line and got a car length or two coming off and was able to hold Sustaire off for the victory in his Sherrills Automotive, Sensations Gentlemens Club, Razors Edge Graphics, Swift Springs, Cade Dillard Racing, War Shocks by CDR, Taylor Electric, crate powered, Shaw by Jackson Chassis



“It got a little interesting,” exclaimed Stevens. “Patience more than anything. I found a little traction on top of (turns) 1-2. I knew I could get a good run off turn 2 and if I got a good enough run I was going to try to slide him in turn 3 because he was where I needed to be. I was finally to get good enough drive to slide Guillaume. Fun racing.”


“I was comfortable in (turns) 1-2 on the top and was moving around the track in turns 3-4. I didn't feel like I found where I needed to be. There towards the end I was entering in the middle and driving off the bottom. I found a little bit of traction. I started hitting my marks from there.”


“I have a base line that I use to unload with based on the size and shape of the track. I may make a few little adjustments to start with. This track is similar to what we run on back home. I had a good idea where we needed to be to start the night off. That made it a lot easier on me.”


“I don't really have a concern running with guys I don't know. I think most racers just want you to race them the way they race you. The majority of people, at this level, you don't have to worry about. I feel if you race people with respect, they'll race you the same way.”


IMCA Modifieds

2 Tyler Stevens, 71k Kevin Sustaire, 50 Matt Guillaume, 45t Eric Tomlinson, 71 Chad Melton, 11j Justin Radcliff, 37 Jeffrey Abbey, 5 Kevin Green, 911 Josh McGaha, 915 Chris Elliott, 44 Fred Wojtek, 128 Cory Davis, 9 Pat McGuire, 3c Colin Demming, 94 Chris Morris, 65 Erik Miles, 7g David Goode jr., 15w Dennie Gieber, 60 William Gould, 7 Clay Money, 87x Justin McCoy, 11Matt Martin, 01a Drew Armstrong, 91 JP Dowell, 130 Chase Allen


IMCA Modified B-mains(top 4 to A-main)

B-main 1; 44 Fred Wojtek, 128 Cory Davis, 60 William Gould, 15w Dennie Gieber, 27d Mark Carrell, 37h Garrett Higgins, 711 Larry Adams, 9h Brint Hartwick, 19m Mike Moore, 811 Brent Gilliam,13 Jerry Frydrych


B-main 2; 94 Chris Morris, 11 Matt Martin, 87x Justin McCoy, 7 Clay Money, 17 Cody Tidwell, 52 John Gober, 7g David Goode jr., 97 Jeff Hoegh, 14 Travis Bragg, 260 Erik Thorne, 87 Ryan Wilkins, 52h Jason Hunter---dns


B-main 3; 71 Chad Melton, 37 Jeffrey Abbey, 9 Pat McGuire, 911 Josh McGaha, 02 Danny Rodgers, 75r Shawn Ritter, 27 Rodney Twardeski, 87d Dalton Knox, 57 Mark Shipman, 89t Danny Turner, 48 Raymond McSpadden


B-main 4; 130 Chase Allen, 91 JP Dowell, 915 Chris Elliott, 65 Erik Miles, 24b Chris Bragg, 15c Chris Carroll, 21 Joe Gomez, 03 Treven Geter, 86 Dillon Tindall, 184 Chance Brown, 19Robert McKinney, 15 Matt Lynch


IMCA Modified heats

Heat 1; 5 Kevin Green, 44 Fred Wojtek, 128 Cory Davis, 60 William Gould, 13 Jerry Frydrych, 15w Dennie Gieber, 19m Mike Moore


Heat 2; 2 Tyler Stevens, 94 Chris Morris, 17 Cody Tidwell, 260 Erik Thorne, 7g David Goode jr, 87Ryan Williams, 52 Jason Hunter


Heat 3; 50 Matt Guillaume, 71 Chad Melton, 27 Rodney Twardeski, 57s Mark Shipman, 89t Danny Turner, 911 Josh McGaha, 87d Dalton Knox


Heat 4; 71k Kevin Sustaire, 91 JP Dowell, 21 Joe Gomez, 915 Chris Elliott, 19 Robert McKinney, 15 Matt Lynch, 86 Dillon Tindall


Heat 5[ 45t Eric Tomlinson, 9h Brint Hardwick, 27d Mark Carrell, 37h Garrett Higgins, 21r Riley Simmons, 811 Brent Gilliam, 711 Larry Adams


Heat 6; c3 Colin Demming, 11 Matt Martin, 87x Justin McCoy, 97 Jeff Hoegh, 7 Clay Money, 52 John Gober, 14 Travis Bragg


Heat 7; 11j Justin Radcliff, 37 Jeffrey Abbey, 02 Danny Rodgers, 75r Shawn Ritter, 9 Pat McGuire, 48 Raymond McSpadden, 29 TJ Lackey


Heat 8; 01a Drew Armstrong, 130 Chase Allen, 65 Erik Miles, 15 Chris Carroll, 24b Travis Bragg, 184 Chance Brown, 03 Treven Geter---bf


Melton Gets Money in Sprint Shootout

The 305 Sprint Car feature saw four young ladies take the green and at the checkers it was Michelle Melton(Flower Mound) taking home the victory. Melton, who started on the pole, would lead the way at the start followed by Gary Floyd, Casey Carter, Bryan Debrick and Kevin Ramey. Floyd pressured Melton as they quickly caught lapped traffic while Debrick and Ramey got by Carter.


Melton got a little breathing room as Floyd lost ground in traffic with his brakes glowing. Debrick took second from Floyd while Ramey slipped and lost fourth to Chad Melton. Debrick caught Melton in heavy traffic and snuck past for the lead, but a spin by Trey Schmidt erased the pass. Melton now had to run three perfect laps, which she did, to hold off the pack for the win in her Pro Tech Service Company, Express Care, Abilene Power Coating, Simpson Racing Products, Kaiser Wheels, Wells Race Engines, JR1 Chassis.


“I got lucky and drew a one to start on the pole,” replied Melton. “It rubbered up real quick and you just had keep your line in the rubber. I had to pass those lapped cars quickly, it almost cost me the race. You want to find the rubber first. If you can't find it, you have to hope that someone messes up after they pass you and you know where to go.”


“If that caution hadn't come out I had fallen back to third, so it saved me. My car a little tight when the slower car hit me. If that caution hadn't happened I'd have ended up third.”


“We changed front ends, put the wings on and did some maintenance after running the non-wing show last night at 281 Speedway. I actually hit one of the big white tires there so we checked everything over to make sure it was all still good.”


IMCA 305 Racesaver Sprint Cars

21 Michelle Melton, 10 Bryan Debrick, 7m Kevin Ramey, 20 Chad Melton, 58 Gary Floyd, 74e Claud Estes III, 33c Casey Carter, 57 Chase Parsons, 97 Reagan Reed, 09 Mark Klis jr., 45b Casey Burkham, 74 DJ Estes, 52 JD Fry, 14b Robert Byrom, 48m Marshall McKelvey, 12 Trey Schmidt, 27 Andy Shouse, 99b Britney Bryant, 13m Chance McCrary, 55 Kenny Elwood, 11k Katelynn Dixon, 72d David Bauser, m1 Taylor Courtney


305 Sprint heats

Heat 1; 7m Kevin Ramey, 57 Chase Parsons, 58 Gary Floyd, 27 Andy Shouse, 74e Claud Estes III, 52 JD Fry, 12 Trey Schmidt, 13m Chance McCrary


Heat 2; 20 Chad Melton, 33c Casey Carter, 97 Reagan Reed, 09 Mark Klis jr., 14b Robert Byrom, 11k Katelynn Dixon, 48m Marshall McKelvey, 72d David Bauser---dns


Heat 3; 21 Michelle Melton, 10 Bryan Debrick, 74 DJ Estes, 55 Kenny Elwood, m1 Taylor Courtney, 99b Britney Bryant, 45b Casey Burkham


Pirkle Picks Up Payday in Sport Mods

Midlothian's Jacob Pirkle went home with the IMCA Southern Sport Modified feature win but it wasn't easy. At the start of the 24-car Sport Mod event Justin Nabors got out front trailed by Robert McCutcheon, Pirkle, Chris Cogburn and Robert Scrivner. It was quickly three wide for second between Pirkle, Scrivner and Cogburn. Pirkle and Scrivner sorted out second and third and ran down Nabors for the lead.


Coming to the crossed flags Pirkle got by Nabors for the lead with Blaine Shives, Rodney White and Scrivner, who fell back after a half spin. Scrivner then worked his way back up to second and was pressuring Scrivner as the final laps clicked off. At the checkers it was Pirkle in the CRS Suspension & Fabrication, JL Racing, C&P Pump Services INC., TruForm Race Products, Raider Graphix, Vato Racing Chassis holding on to take the pay day, his first ever at Heart o Texas Speedway.


“The car was really good tonight,” explained Pirkle. “I jumped out front a little early and tried not to make a mistake. I was very blessed tonight just had everything go my way. I have raced at HOT Speedway quite a few times and have gotten second probably 10 times but this was my first win at Hot Speedway.”


IMCA Southern Sport Mods

141 Jacob Pirkle, 71k Robert Scrivner, 84 Rodney White, 43b Blaine Shives, 28j Justin Nabors, 11r Trevor Raney, 58 Sid Kiphen, 21 Chris Florio, 4g Garett Rawls, 24 Jake Upchurch, 85 Gabe Tucker, 37 Kaden Honeycutt, 601 Chris Cogburn, 17s James Skinner, 9l David Lege, 21t Taylor Florio, 62 Kamera McDomald, 11g Eddie Grmala, 77 Robert McCutchoen, 521 Casey Capps, 24t Tyler Bragg, 7mk Kyle Wilkins, 5m Dustin Mooney, 58h Tyler Honeywell, 26 Devin Chambers---dns


IMCA SSM B-mains(top 6 to A-main)

B-main 1; 95 Gabe Tucker, 9l David Lege, 11g Eddie Grmala, 17s James Skinner, 21t Taylor Florio, 521 Casey Capps, 75 Wesley Warren, 44r Ray Smith, 41t James Craig, 20r Riley Dickson---dns, 21s Rookie Smith---dns


B-main 2; 37 Kaden Honeycutt, 24t Tyler Bragg, 7mk Kyle Wilkins, 21 Chris Florio, 62 Kamera McDonald, 11r Trevor Raney, 11 Donnie Hix, 21f John Freeman, 26 Devin Chambers, 4j Joseph Doremus, 91 Scot Raney---dns


IMCA SSM heats

Heat 1; 43b Blaine Shives, 71k Robert Scrivner, 4g Garett Rawls, 17s James Skinner, 95 Gabe Tucker, 9l David Lege, 75 Wesley Warren, 44r Ray Smith, 521 Casey Capps


Heat 2; 5m Dustin Mooney, 601 Chris Cogburn, 58 Sid Kiphen, 7mk Kyle Wilkins, 21f John Freeman, 24t Tyler Bragg, 42 Kamera McDonald, 11 Donnie Hix, 91 Scot Raney


Heat 3; 24 Jake Upchurch, 141 Jacob Pirkle, 58h Tyler Honeywell, 11r Trevor Raney, 21t Taylor Florio, 41t James Craig, 20Riley Dickson, 21s Rookie Smith


Heat 4[ 28j Justin Nabors, 7m Robert McCutcheon, 84 Rodney White, 37 Kaden Honeycutt, 21 Chris Florio, 4j Joseph Doremus, 26 Devin Chambers, 11r Trevor Raney


Abbey Aces I-Stocks

Young Westin Abbey continues to make his own name for his racing family adding another win to his already impressive total. The Comanche High School student had a spirited battle throughout the 20-lap feature with Caleb Crenshaw and Dillon Smith. Taking the lead on green Abbey got out front with Crenshaw, Andy Roller, Travis Norman and Smith on his tail. After a four wide fight for third Roller pulled off after contact leaving the top three to fight it out.


At halfway the trio were nose to tail up front. Smith would give Crenshaw some looks, but a rash of cautions kept slowing the action. As the laps wound down Shelby Williams would get past Smith and Crenshaw, but it was Abbey in the Don Wilde Racecraft, Abbey Farms, Berta Built Bodies, Tumbleweed BBQ, KSE powered, B&B Chassis snagging the victory.


IMCA Stock Cars

12 Westin Abbey, 03e Dillon Smith, 6c Caleb Crenshaw, 52 AJ Dancer, 35 Jason Riddle, 116 Damon Hammond, 69 Gary Williams, 121 Roman Garcia, 29 Markiss Harcrow, 163 Charlie Brown, 717 Trevor Egbert, 03 Justin Roberts, 3x Travis Norman, 22d Duain Pritchett, 63 Andy Roller, 88 Billy Lindsey, 17f John Frydrych, 21 Bryce Pritchett, 9 Shelby Williams---dq(tech)


I-Stock heats

Heat 1; 12 Westin Abbey, 6c Caleb Crenshaw, 03E Dillon Smith, 163 Charlie Brown, 17f John Frydrych, 88 Billy Lindsey, 22d Duain Pritchett---dns


Heat 2; 116 Damon Hammond, 63 Andy Roller, 9 Shelby Williams, 69 Gary Williams, 717 Trevor Egbert, 29 Markiss Harcrow


Heat 3; 03 Justin Roberts, 121 Roman Garcia, 21 Bryce Pritchett, 3x Travis Norman, 35 Jason Riddle, 52 AJ Dancer


Falkner Fastest Factory Stock

Dalton Faulkner(Conroe) took home the Factory Stock feature win in convincing fashion. Falkner got by early leader Cecil McCrary on lap 2 while fromer IMCA National Champion Keith White, Phillip Smith and Shannon Dulock battled for third. White eventually took the spot and got by C. McCrary for second. By halfway Faulkner had built a half straightaway advantage on White who left Dulock, C. McCrary and Smith in his wake. Faulkner in the KMO Racing, Knowles Performance Engines, Ronnies Auto Sales, Lonestar Waterwell, Chevy increased his margin in the closing laps for the victory.


Factory Stocks

127 Dalton Faulkner, 7g1 Keith White, 75m Cecil McCRary, 630 Phillip Smith, 46 Shannon Dulock, 76m Wayne McCrary, 88j Jeff Blackwood, 10 Nate Dixon, 8 Justin Van, 54 Melvin Kemp, 58 Daniel McClelland, 20k Kevin Sexton, 4d4 Blaime Simcik, 7m Dylan Ramey, 21 Clint Howard, 55d Terry Dumas, 41m Frank Lackey, 9 Chad Roebuck, 41 Dylan Elasko, 117 Damon Hammond---dns


Factory Stock heats

Heat 1; 7m Dylan Ramey, 630 Phillip Smith, 8 Justin Van, 9 Chad Roebuck, 55d Terry Dumas, 41 Dylan Elasko, 117 Damon Hammond


Heat 2; 41m Frank Lackey, 47 Shannon Dulock, 21 Clint Howard, 54 Melvin Kemp, 76m Wayne McCrary, 58 Daniel McClelland, 4d4 Blaine Simcik


Heat 3; 127 Dalton Faulkner, 7g1 Keith White, 10 Nate Dixon, 75m Cecil McCRary, 88j Jeff Blackwood, 20k Kevin Sexton

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