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Race recap and current points standings


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Another race is in the books! We had 12 cars this weekend, with two new drivers (Mike Knotts and Austin Bean) and two drivers returning to the class (Alexis Sampson and Kit Leslie).Tough break for Austin Bean, his car broke before the heats.

We started the racing off with two heat races and unfortunately lost another one in the first heat due to mechanical failure that put him in the wall hard. Thankfully, he was fine but the car was not.

When racing resumed, Brett Mitchell took the win in the first heat. The second heat was caution free with Peyton Michel taking the win.

Brett started on the pole in the feature, but on the first lap the 01 and 34 had a misfortunate incident that knocked both cars out of the race.

Once the green dropped on the restart, it was all green flag racing. Brett Mitchell jumped out front with Colt Mize running close behind. They were separated by two car lengths for majority of the race with Colt gaining on Brett as they started to lap other cars. The hot spot on the track was between the 3rd, 4th and 5th place cars. All three were separated by a car length or two for most of the race.

All in all, it was a great entertaining race!

Congrats to all the podium winners as well as the rest of the field. We look forward to seeing everyone in July!!

Heat 1:
1- #82 B. Mitchell
2- #15 C. Mize
3- #63 B. Harden
4- #34 C. Chadwick 
5- #19 V. Mize
6- #48 M. Knotts

Heat 2:
1- #23 P. Michel
2- #01 A. Sampson 
3- #37 J. Simental 
4- #8 K. Leslie 
5- #35 D. Smith

1st #82
2nd #15
3rd #23
4th #37
5th #63
6th #8
7th #35
8th #19
9th #01 DNF
10th #34 DNF
11th #48 DNS
12th #44 DNS

Congratulations to Brett Mitchell on your victory and to Colt Mize 2nd and Peyton Michel 3rd.

1st Brett Mitchell - 200

2nd Brad Harden, Peyton Michel, Jaida Simental - 182

3rd Colt Mize - 173

4th Camryn Chadwick - 170

5th Vince Mize - 158

6th Dooley Smith - 155

7th Kit Leslie, Rusty Reed - 85

8th Rocky Mize - 82

9th Alexis Sampson - 76

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